JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) – A dog from Brockton injured in an apparent attack by a skunk has a new face, thanks to reconstructive surgery.

The dog, a tan-and-white boxer named Toto, suffered a gash on his face as big as a human hand, according to Dr. Mike Pavletic.

“This particular dog lost a large amount of skin over the facial area on the left side of the face behind the eye, above the eye, going down to the lower lip,” said Dr. Pavletic.

Dr. Pavletic, who has been doing veterinary surgery for more than 30 years, took some skin from another area, and reconstructed the dog’s face.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports.

“The skin on the lower part of the neck, I was able to raise to close the lower half of the wound. Cosmetically, I think this dog, and functionally, will do quite well,” said Dr. Pavletic.

So what has been done for people, can also be done for their dogs.

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  1. bob winters says:

    and who paid for that surgery, what a waste of time money
    i have had dogs all my life im now 70,Sure its hard to put the animal down, but its not as if there aren’t an abundant of other dogs to be adopted. why doesn’t the mcpca tell us who paid for this dog only to be put up for adoption

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