The Patriots head into Buffalo 2-0 to battle the Bills who are also 2-0.

Bert Breer called to talk with Toucher & Rich about this weekend’s matchup with the Bills, C.J. Spiller, the Patriot defense and Michael Vick’s concussion.

During the third quarter of the Eagles game against the Falcons, Vick got thrown into his linemen and suffered a concussion. The guys discussed whether he’ll start on Sunday. The guys then moved on to discuss the Patriots and the Bills game coming up on Sunday.

Last week the Bills came back in dramatic fashion to beat the Raiders even with injuries at the receiver position. There have been talks that they plan to move C.J. Spiller over and line him up as a receiver. Does this cause a big matchup problem for the Patriots?

“They’re going to do some of the things for Spiller that they do for Parish, which is work to get him in the open field and try to get him locked up on a linebacker, try to get him locked up on a safety. You get that type of player in that type of situation, it could mean trouble for the defense,” Breer said.

The Patriots defense has given up a bunch of yards over the past 2 weeks and Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a lot of success in the first 2 games. Should we be worried about this Patriots defense this week especially since they’ll be without Patrick Chung?

All this and so much more with the NFL Network’s Bert Breer.


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