BOSTON (CBS) – OK I admit it. I was wrong…

I thought perhaps that Monday’s frustrating Game One loss to the Orioles is when and where the Red Sox would hit “rock bottom” in their September slide.

I was wrong. The hits keep coming…

Josh Reddick can’t hang on to a line drive and Jonathan Papelbon blows just his second save of the season as the Sox drop a 7-5 decision to the Orioles at Fenway.

Make Boston’s record 5-15 in the month of September. No one, no one could have predicted this.

Terry Francona is trying. He managed Tuesday night’s game as if it were a playoff game. He brought in Daniel Bard and Papelbon early. And, like everything else lately… it didn’t work.

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Amazingly, the Sox got some help from the Yankees. New York bested Tampa Bay 5-0 so the Boston lead remains at two games with seven to play.

What now?

Well, you appreciate Pap taking on all comers post game. He took all the blame and then got on reporters about this team lacking passion.

Good. Nice to see guys angry.

And, amazingly, the Red Sox still control their own destiny.

It doesn’t matter what their record is from here on out as Josh Beckett takes to the mound in Wednesday’s 2011 home finale. All that matters is that they finish ahead of Tampa Bay. Period.

But it sure doesn’t feel good right now…

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  1. jjb90 says:

    Every year the Red Sox go through this. From where I sit, either the team gets complacent, gets lazy, players are happy with low goals or they get distracted, and the coaching for both pitchers and hitters leaves much to be desired.

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