BOSTON (CBS) – The race for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts just became more exciting.

The first poll since Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy shows her beating Scott Brown by two points.

Massachusetts is a place where Republican victories are few and far between, and the GOP in Washington is always a handy boogie-man. And that, even more than any potential opponent, could be Scott Brown’s biggest problem.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller Is At Large

Brown has been eager to define himself as an independent voice since he first ran for the Senate, and the new poll shows he’s persuading nearly half the voters of that, despite voting with his party most of the time.

But the survey also carries a warning sign for Brown: A distinct upward trend since the last major poll in the percent of voters who see him as too conservative.

Why is this bad news for Brown, and an opportunity for Elizabeth Warren or whoever the Democratic nominate? Republicans in Washington have long been hated by Democrats and Democratic leaning independents in Massachusetts.

Consider the 1996 Senate race, where moderate GOP Governor Bill Weld challenged shaky incumbent John Kerry, who fought back by tying Weld to unpopular D.C. Republicans.

A preview, perhaps of Brown’s nightmare scenario.

Don’t forget, Scott Brown used an unpopular Democratic establishment as his foil when he won the Senate seat. Now it’s his turn to carry party baggage, if Warren or another challenger can manage to hang it around his neck.

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  1. blackbear1 says:

    Sen. Brown has got to stop trying to be the “independent voice”. That is a ticket to nowhere. All that happens is that both parties get mad at you. If you are a Republican, be a Republican!! Democrats certainly do not have any problems being democrats, especially around here. Republicans are always expected to reach across the aisle, democrats do not appear to be required to carry that expectation.

  2. tsal says:

    First, it’s far too early to be writing anyone off. I think Warren’s popularity is simply due to the fact that she has a history of fighting for the every day, average American. She is not a career politician. I listened the other day to someone say she’ll have trouble because she isn’t a politician and doesn’t know how to play the political games. I wondered if that person has had his head in the sand for the past year. I don’t think the majority want a politician who can play the games.

    I don’t agree that seeing two sides has hurt Brown. I tend to think it’s what got him elected and what will give him the chance to be re-elected. As an independent I like to see someone who can vote middle of the road. One of the things hurting Brown, IMHO, is the fact that he is supporting the continuation of perks for the wealthy and for big business. Hes also allowing the tea party to dictate what he wants by agree never to raise taxes which of course is idiocy. Those are very far right concepts. I will not vote for anyone who supports the wealthy to the detriment of the average American. I know a lot of people saying the very same thing.

    Either way I’ve already donated to her campaign and will be supporting her completely.

  3. Dianne says:

    I agree with tsal. Will not support anyone who gives the wealthy perks and middle class gets the brunt of taxes etc. I am hopeful this will be a hint as to what is ahead for the Republicans and the Teaparty. Obama and the Democrats need more back bone, that is for sure but I do believe they are more in line with what the vast majority of people want.

    1. tsal says:

      I absolutely agree with your comments including the need for more backbone – which we may be seeing.

  4. blackbear1 says:

    All this fear of the wealthy and never any maintenance of entitlements, overgrown government, etc. The middle class is being sqweezed from ALL directions, not just one. The wealthy, .02% of the population pays 21% of the federal income taxes. In America, are we not supposed to seek wealth and success? Don’t fall for this cheap ad, look all around and follow the money trail.

    Better still, run for office, selectman, school committee. get in on the local budgeting process and stop thinking you are a knight on a white horse and are going to save your selected good from your selected evil.

    1. tsal says:

      the wealthy will pay more $$ in taxes for the simple reason they have historically high wealth at the moment. But in too many cases they pay a smaller percentage in taxes than the middle class while still receiving double digit income gains every year – middle class is virtually receiving no annual income gain.

      I do not believe you have to run for any office to expect your elected officials to work for you. My mom was both selectman and school committee member and I worked hard with her on campaigns and learned a tremendous amount about what the offices entailed. She was town meeting member as was I. We were proud of the fact that we had an R beside our name. I can tell you that the grand old party has come a long way – in a not so right direction since that time.

  5. BostonIrish says:

    Scott Brown is a good guy. He’s doing well. I will support him and vote for him as I want balance in party power. I do not want both Senate seats to go to one side. Especially with Kerry being the “other” Senator.

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