By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TVBy Ken MacLeod

BOSTON (CBS) – Governor Deval Patrick did walk to a morning event on Beacon Hill — a stone’s throw from the Statehouse — but was quick to sheepishly admit that he probably hadn’t set the best example earlier in the day.

“You got me!” grinned the Governor.

He’s talking about video shot by WBZ of Mr. Patrick leaving his Milton home this morning with his assigned state trooper at the wheel for the routine drive into work in his SUV.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

One problem.

The Governor himself recently declared this “Car-Free Week,” urging people to ditch their autos in favor of public transportation, biking, walking, or at the very least carpooling — espousing the environmental and health benefits of that switch.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller takes a look back at politicians who were less than enthusiastic about following their own advice.

“It’s a little bit of hypocrisy,” observed one commuter.

We asked some regular folks if the Governor was ‘talking the talk’ instead of ‘walking the walk.’

“If he’s going to tell people to do something,” says another man, “he should try to do it himself. That’s the way I see it.”

“I carpooled this morning with my trooper,” says the Governor with a chuckle, “We both had to come together.”

He’s joking — and he’s not.

Of course, the Governor does have legitimate security, time, and logistics concerns.

He makes lots of stops on and off the beaten path — with a small entourage in tow — and some folks were willing to cut him some slack on that account.

“Going without a car has issues,” one woman told us. “It depends on where you’re going — where you have to be. It’s not always practical. I think you can still sell a message even if you’re not able to do it yourself that day.”

Indeed, the Governor was quick to urge people not to follow his lead.

“Look, it’s a great initiative for people who can make the most of it,” Patrick told reporters. “I hope they will and I hope during the course of the week to make the most of it, too.”

“Car-Free Week” in Massachusetts is actually an expansion of “World Car-Free Day” — which is Thursday.

A thousand cities in 40 countries are taking part.

The Governor says he’s got a crazy schedule this week, but will make good on his pledge to follow the spirit of the initiative — when he can.

The Red Line, by the way, is within walking distance of his house — one of three “T” stations within a half mile of home.

“He should be a role model for everyone,” one man told us.

“I got the gotcha question,” the governor admitted. “Believe me, I’m going to do my best.”

Ken MacLeod

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  1. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Liberal’s love to tell you how to live and what is good for YOU but then they go back to their secret life of being above it all. Don’t you understand we are the little people the great unwashed to the liberal elite?

  2. Joseph L Cooke says:

    When will the normal people in MA rid the state of the liberal influence?

  3. kentex1146 says:

    Among the many definitions of a liberal is: DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

  4. kentex1146 says:

    Incidentally, does anyone believe that the latest Kennedy death will have any effect on the unemployment rate, since no one can attest to any Kennedy ever having a real job anyway?

  5. jl says:

    Was it in uncle Onyango Obama’s confiscated SUV, Oopps, that would never happen.

  6. Matador527 says:

    A black, a liberal, and a Democrat….three reasons that he’s not expected to keep the “rules” that he himself sets up….If anyone in this country still thinks liberal Democrats can be believed, they’re just FOOLS!

  7. Mike G says:

    /sarcasm on/ Wow! A black democrat politician who lies. I am shocked! Shocked I say! /sarcasm off/

  8. Jason Arnold says:

    Democrats are too important to live according to their own rhetoric. Ask Al Gore about that.

    Just shut up and do as you are told peasants.

  9. glenp says:

    tsal/Stanley/ ? ——2/3 of a perfect moronic circle jerk

  10. emom says:

    A day A week wit out a vehilce, really,,, aaah hate tobreak it but that won’t happen ,, many have to travel great distances to get places and well many areas on the south shoure have no other transportation,, commuter rail goes only in certain areas and well I see it this way,, If i can get to my destination in a much shorter route, than taking 3 buses, 4 trains, a cab or two then it safes far better than all them.. If you are in the city then MAYBE you can save by taking public transportation BUT if you are not able to get to it, its a waste.. Besides MR OOPS YOU CAUGHT ME waste more resources by far than the average person… but really a say or a week,, not happeneing,, most could never afford it and well can you image the fights with bikes on the road, No offense to cyclist, but It could get ugly..,,, as many drivers are agressive… glad I am a country gal… Now where is that dog sled,, winters coming and well it just might help me get around MUSH…..

  11. Gill King says:

    Great that there’s no mention that Patrick is a Democrat. Were he Republican the party would have been capitalized in the headlines! !

  12. Cindy says:

    “BELIEVE ME”, He says. LOL! Isn’t that one of the three biggest lies?

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