By Ken MacLeod, WBZ-TVBy Ken MacLeod

BOSTON (CBS) – Governor Deval Patrick did walk to a morning event on Beacon Hill — a stone’s throw from the Statehouse — but was quick to sheepishly admit that he probably hadn’t set the best example earlier in the day.

“You got me!” grinned the Governor.

He’s talking about video shot by WBZ of Mr. Patrick leaving his Milton home this morning with his assigned state trooper at the wheel for the routine drive into work in his SUV.

WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod reports

One problem.

The Governor himself recently declared this “Car-Free Week,” urging people to ditch their autos in favor of public transportation, biking, walking, or at the very least carpooling — espousing the environmental and health benefits of that switch.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller takes a look back at politicians who were less than enthusiastic about following their own advice.

“It’s a little bit of hypocrisy,” observed one commuter.

We asked some regular folks if the Governor was ‘talking the talk’ instead of ‘walking the walk.’

“If he’s going to tell people to do something,” says another man, “he should try to do it himself. That’s the way I see it.”

“I carpooled this morning with my trooper,” says the Governor with a chuckle, “We both had to come together.”

He’s joking — and he’s not.

Of course, the Governor does have legitimate security, time, and logistics concerns.

He makes lots of stops on and off the beaten path — with a small entourage in tow — and some folks were willing to cut him some slack on that account.

“Going without a car has issues,” one woman told us. “It depends on where you’re going — where you have to be. It’s not always practical. I think you can still sell a message even if you’re not able to do it yourself that day.”

Indeed, the Governor was quick to urge people not to follow his lead.

“Look, it’s a great initiative for people who can make the most of it,” Patrick told reporters. “I hope they will and I hope during the course of the week to make the most of it, too.”

“Car-Free Week” in Massachusetts is actually an expansion of “World Car-Free Day” — which is Thursday.

A thousand cities in 40 countries are taking part.

The Governor says he’s got a crazy schedule this week, but will make good on his pledge to follow the spirit of the initiative — when he can.

The Red Line, by the way, is within walking distance of his house — one of three “T” stations within a half mile of home.

“He should be a role model for everyone,” one man told us.

“I got the gotcha question,” the governor admitted. “Believe me, I’m going to do my best.”

Ken MacLeod

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  1. Patrick Shea says:

    Governor Patrick is a hypocrite telling Massachusetts drivers to take public transportation this week to help the environment when he drove from Milton into Boston in his hybrid suv.

    1. G says:

      Go riot for more free stuff from your govt euro trash

    2. eaxylogin says:

      I cannot of more emasculated males than Europeans. You are so whipped by the socialist governments, you are not even replacing yourselves. In 100 years, you will not even exists. Pathetic welfare statists

      1. Rex says:

        Uh, methinks that thou art guilty of the calling the kettle black. The only reason the US still has positive population growth is because of [illegal] immigrants. And if we are not a welfare state, what, pray tell, are we? What a moron.

    3. America First says:

      Hey Klaus,
      Soon your women will be forced to wear burquas and you’ll be praying to the pedophile mohammed in your muslim-overrun country. Your country has everybody else fight your battles for you. Sharia law is already enforced in your precious Europe.
      You are the emasculated ones.

    4. Kip Noxzema says:

      Klaus, go eat on the streetcorner with the hobos. I’ll drive by you and laugh , on my way to a private sector job. I won’t try to dodge taxes like you. You could really do with a shower, too. Just sayin’.

    5. Steven Seagal says:

      I, for one, see Klaus’ statements as a challenge. I’m pretty sure he knows that Europe has its own problems. Let’s take back our country!

    6. Another 5 letter word for Fraud...OBAMA says:

    7. Ruckus says:

      An Klaus, what Perfect Country are you from? Just curious. I think you could fit that description into most any country these days/

      1. Klaus says:

        I am from the United States when it had a Constitution, before its people elected representatives who treated it like toilet paper. Instead of demanding their corrupt representatives be impeached and imprisoned, Americans assume the fetal position and suck their thumbs.

    8. j.v. says:

      Wasn’t David Axelgreasecattleprod a manager for Deval Patrick as well as Obama? Well, the apples don’t fall too far from the tree….

      1. Beanbreath says:

        Axelgreasecattleprod – classic LMFAO

      2. Jerry Grimes says:


      3. kentex1146 says:

        Love it, love it!

    9. Beanbreath says:

      “It’s a little bit of hypocrisy,” observed one commuter. A little bit??? The whole Dumasscrat party are a bunch of hypocrites. Manmade global warming and breath exhalant as pollutants. $$$$ Thats all it is.

      1. Omega 13 says:

        DING DING DING DING! We have a winner!

    10. Ian says:

      A hypocritical politicia, wow!

    11. mrunpc says:

      Shows just how utterly MORONIC (“stupid” for you gov’t schoolies) Taxachusetts voter are, and have been, since they started electing the Kennedy clansmen.

      It’s one of the main reasons I got out of there 6 years ago.

      ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

    12. bostonBlackie says:

      Cadillac DeVille Patrick not playing by the rules! Stop the press. The Beautiful People who voted for this fakir should be dismayed by this hypocrite who talks out of two sides of his mouth.A typical Massachusetts phony politician who has no business being Governor. suffer in silence all of you dumbbells that voted him into office.

      1. Doug says:

        I have 2 words WHO CARES .Is this all we care about .What kind of car does he drive and how he gets to work .WOW is this a consparacy .Ithink we or some of you people need to grow up .

    13. Guess Who says:

      Like Fat Boy Sex Poodle Algore.

  2. alien5 says:

    he was probably driving a illegal to the ss office for his free handout

    1. Sharon Pendleton says:

      LoL-Alien 5 you are hilarious. The scary thing is you are probably right. Bye,Bye
      America. It was great while it lasted.

      1. John Doh! says:


      2. Yikes says:

        We are not in Kansas anymore…… Welcome to Americo, land of Liberal Fools!

    2. Annie Piece says:

      Ha! Good one alien!

  3. becky carlson says:

    Hypocrite, just like all the rest of them….including Madam Obama….YOU eat this and that, but “I” will eat all the fat I want and YOU will pay for it. And no Thanks
    either….just hate!!!!

  4. Count Yob says:

    Car-Free Week, like taxes, is for the little people, not the VIPs.

  5. Jason Burnstein says:

    What a goon of a governor ! Do as say ,not as I do……creep!

    1. george says:

      It’s the liberal way.

  6. firstpoppa says:

    The lefty apologists are always willing to cut one of their own ‘some slack’.

  7. BigBoa says:

    Hypocrisy from the marxists? Who would have thought? Of course this is how they ALWAYS act. When the people are governed by laws that the law makers THEMSELVES are exempt from, tyranny reigns. Obviously this wasn’t “law” but the mentality is the same. Dig?

  8. JJ says:

    Why does my state continue to elect these liberal hypocrites to office! Time after time the liberal politicians let us down and just put our state into debt. Enough already!

    1. leo says:

      Seriously? You are actually surprised that MA elected this ‘liberal hypocrite’? C’mon, MA is the Land of Kennedy … this is par for the course, bro!

      Could it be that the reason you are incensed at such typical liberal behavior is because you are not actually a liberal? Suggestion: Do a little research on ideology(ies) and you may come to the conclusion that a) although you live in a liberal bastion state, you may not be a liberal yourself and b) although you may identify with the Democratic party, perhaps it’s time for you to reevaluate, cut your losses, and join the rest of civilized America who concluded long ago that it’s morons like this who are running our country headlong over a cliff.

      1. BOB USMC says:

        It’s morons like him who are following the instructions of the World Banksters, disguised as the US Government and just about every other government, who are running the WORLD headlong over a cliff and morons such as the lazy American who actually believe our “elected” officials are anything more than their puppets. 1% owns 99%. They’re not done yet. Beware the United Nations.

  9. jasperddbgghost says:

    A black, victim, democrat, liberal, snake oil salesman that didn’t live up to his own self declared SUV Week.

    Color Me Surprised…..

    1. Rod Anders says:

      Color me Black. I want summa dat too !!!!!

    2. Jerry Grimes says:

      wHAT A SURPRISE INDEED!…..tHESE A-HOLES ARE A VERY SMALL COG IN THE BIG ROUND FOREVER GRINDING WHEEL. DOES THE TERMlook -in the- mirrror and u may be surprised if, you really see yourself!

  10. Juan says:

    Gee. A liberal who is a hypocrite and a liar. What a surprise.

  11. Flayer says:

    Yes, you little people don’t have “legitimate logistics concerns.”
    But YOU voted for him, so enjoy it, subjects of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. YOU live with your choices. Hahaha.

  12. Jeffery Lebowski says:

    I find it interesting that this story failed to include the party designation for this hypocrite.

    I wonder, if the governor had been of a different party affiliation – would the headlines scream:


    1. Sloaneranger says:

      My thoughts exactly Jeffery and furthermore, there is no mention on his official website of him being a Democrat either. Are they ashamed to be so named these days?

    2. Vina Sestonari says:

      The man’s name is “Deval”. Figure it out. Did you just get off the boat or something?

      1. Jeffery Lebowski says:

        vina –

        Yeah, well. The Dude abides.

  13. dbeall says:

    I’ll drive my car whenever and wherever and as much as I’d like as long as I can pay for gas. It’s MY BUSINESS.

    1. Deb says:

      I agree! My car, my money, my business!

      As it has been stated many times; They have safety concerns and, therefore, are unable to take public transit.

      Well, so do I. Our government release thousands of murderers, rapists and thieves out of prison before their time. I, for one, need to protect myself from their stupidity!

  14. Tex A. Montana says:

    Obama continuously blusters about “millionaires and billionaires” flying their privare planes while he takes airforce 1 on a broadway play flight to NYC. The Food Czar “big mama” Obama dictates Olive Garden Menus while hubby wolfs down grease burgers. Now we have the hypocritical MA GOV riding around in his SUV and having a yuk about it. ” Holder’s people” do not play by their own rules when elevated to ppolitical office!

  15. Dantes says:

    Typical liberal. For thee but not for me.

  16. L Gorman says:

    Typical effete elite liberal snob like Gore, Kerry, the Kennedys, Obama, etc. – do as I say but not as I do – total hypocrites who thrive on spending other people’s money to buy votes, and deny the essence of the foundation of this guy capitalist small government FREE America given us at their blood’s expense by our founding fathers. This guy was this way in the US Attorney General’s office in the Civil Rights division. What is wrong with voters who keep electing this trash – Pelosi, Reid, Patrick, Boxer, Feinstein, Weiner, et al??????

    1. KILLERBEE says:

      You forgot some other trash named CARL LEVIN and DEBBIE STABENAW

      1. Liberty Jane says:

        No doubt! Michigan is trying to come back…if it can escape the liberal grasp of SE Mich.

    2. Rod Anders says:

      Voters are educated to be “stupid” by the American public school system. It seems to be working.

      1. george says:

        You got that right! Back during the ’60s the lefties figured out that they would have to “think local” as a prelude to taking over “the system” that they openly detested. And so, they ran their candidates in local school board elections and gradually wormed their way into the editorial offices of the MSM. As a result, they’ve been able to dumb down the public-school curricula and turn the schools into propaganda mills churning out generations of imbeciles. Likewise, they control the flow and content of the news on which the public needs to rely. In other words, get ’em young, and repeat the Big Lie till most people believe it. Little wonder that an empty suit like Obama can be flim-flammed into the White House.

      2. BOB USMC says:

        The American public FOOL sysytem.

      3. BOB USMC says:

        Fool System. See it works.

  17. Da Big Red Haole says:

    All people are created equal. Some people are just more equal than others.

    1. Liberty Jane says:

      You are unique…just like everyone else!

  18. snapper says:

    Sorta like Michelle Obama’s extravagant regal travel arrangements versus the lifestyle of the average American…

  19. DWR says:

    They’re not liberals – they’re LIEberals.

  20. diablo says:

    How is it possible that this “green” governor takes an SUV to work every day? If he wants the comfort and security of a car instead of public transportation, that’s fine… But does it need to be an SUV? For two people??? The hypocrisy is astonishing. And when he gets caught, he laughs it off, and tells people to do as he says, not as he does… Wow.

    1. george says:

      I’m sure it was all a big joke . . . just like the way Obama shrugged off all those “shovel-ready jobs” that — gee whiz — didn’t exist after all. Hee hee.

  21. Michael says:

    Everybody is equal, it’s just that some people are more equal than the others.

  22. liberalsRmental says:

    A liberal hypocrite? What’s new, the words are synonyms.

  23. Vina Sestonari says:

    The governor feels the same way as I do.

    Mass transportation is great! (for other people).

    1. Michael Mulligan says:

      Actually, mass transit is bad for you too. You don’t use it but you pay for it. Not only that, the roads needed are not built so your gas tax goes for ‘mass’ transit.

  24. Paul in FL says:

    Take your car-free week and every other one of your politically correct, holier-than-thou special days, weeks, months, and years and shove ’em up your you-know-what.

  25. Devil Patrick says:

    America is now the land of the black elite. Very embarrassing for white liberals.

    1. george says:

      Not embarrassing at all. White liberals created the Black Elite by anointing blacks as a privileged race going all the way back to the late 1940s. Civil-rights legislation, no doubt well-meaning, gave rise directly to affirmative action, school busing, minority set-aside contracts, and the rather curious view that any criticism of a black politician’s policies is automatically indicative of racism.

  26. Ron says:

    Pelosi was right .you have to pass the bill to know whats in it, likewise you have to elect the garbage can to know whats in it. Yup just more liberal trash.

    1. george says:

      At this late stage of our country’s history, do we really need to elect a liberal before we know what to expect? Haven’t liberals demonstrated their intentions over and over and over again already? To continue your analogy, it seems there are simply a lot of people who like the taste of garbage.

  27. THE ARBITER says:

    Gee, a hypocritical liberal, whodathunkit?

    1. Ruckus says:

      We elected Africans and now we live like Africans ! Shame on us !

      1. Klaus says:

        Obama evolved from George W. Bush.

  28. Miguel says:

    We hate this leftist, elitist, hypocritical bas__rd.

    1. Panz says:

      And he got into office how?? Perhaps next time vote with your wallet and your constitutional rights and not your desire to elect the first black president. As we can all see, it’s not the color that makes a great man, it’s the man. And Obama is not a great man and will never be a great president.

  29. Sloaneranger says:

    Definition of a liberal? Someone whose interests are not at stake at the moment.

  30. cmac says:

    Gee, more hypocrisy from a liberal elitist. I never would have thought.

  31. JRay says:

    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  32. Howard Lee says:

    Taxitussits has just the kind of Governor they need. Of course they are smarter than anyone else on the planet. I’m quite sure that Boston will never look like Detroit–another Democrat suckess story.

  33. JHarnes says:

    The US public is getting the message very loud and clear.

    Be is this governor, Al Gore the only folks that these very rich folks want to reduce their standard of living are the Middle Class and the poor. These key promoters of “Green Issues” make money and could care less about cutting back on their own lifestyles.

    This whole issue stinks. Politician say we only want to raise taxes on evil coal and oil companies – but they know those taxes are going to get passed on to consumers. Big oil and big coal will be fine.

    But consumers will get the hit. Higher fuel costs increase the cost of everything in our society. At a time when unemployment is reducing raises across the board in private industry this “Green” push cuts the buying power of the Middle Class and the power.

    The repercussions increase, the less money available to spend, less products bought, more cut back on jobs.

    People need to get mad. These “Green” advocates have been making claims about our future since the 70s. A lot of exaggerated and bogus claims. With so much on the record why is it that the Nation Media refuses to actually look in their own files and point out the lies, exaggerations and false prophesies of doom that these advocates used decades ago to push their agenda?

    The public can go to any library and find microfilm on some big newspaper. Go back and do some work. Global Cooling turned into Global Warming. Yet the actual message of the advocates did not change. Be it a coming Ice Age of an over heated world, society had to industrialize. The Middle Class and poor lifestyles had to be reduced.

    Any lies, like all the Glaciers in the Himalayas in 35 years made great scare headlines, and were defended as fact by UN officials. When they were unable to defend the lie and Major New, print and TV, understood allowing these same officials to claim it was just a minor mistake.

    Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was a key defender of this false claim, that was NEVER peer reviewed and he dismissed a report by the Indian Government which said that glaciers might not be melting as much as had been feared. He described the report, which did not mention the 2035 error, as “voodoo science”.

    This was a major scare claim that urged world leader to act and the public to accept cuts in average people lifestyle. It was a lie, that suddenly just because a minor mistake in the very national media that should be investigating these folks. But then again who, billions and major corporations, inclining those who own much of our national media are poised to make large profits on these “Green” issues. Hard to investigate yourself.

    Least we forget in 2010 it came out The BBC has five billion in retirement funds invested in carbon trading. This is one media corporation where this issue was exposed. Strange, after this made headlines, were any of America’s Big Media investigates to see if they were also heavily invested in making profits out of “Green Issues?” Strangely, I don’t remember seeing those headlines…

    1. Klaus says:

      Green is all about the green. Scam of the century. Americans fall for anything.

  34. Mike Alright says:

    Wow, a politician who is a liar. The really smart US population will continue to vote them in from both political parties. Thanks again baby-boomers for the wonderful modern country we have.

    1. george says:

      We can’t say we weren’t warned. Go all the way back to the late 1960s, and we saw the baby boomers on the tube every evening . . . breaking store windows, setting fires on college campuses, and burning draft cards. And now they’ve reached “maturity” in the guise of Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a host of others who have reached the promised pinnacle and now control our lives. Fun, huh?

  35. Sniffit says:

    Obama isn’t mentioned at allin this and yet the racist tea partiers won’t shut their offenseive traps about him!

    1. Joe says:

      Hey sniffy, he doesn’t have to be mentioned. That’s like saying Brady had a great game yesterday and you just know welker played a big roll. Gov and El Preso are best butt buddies and two peas in a pod. dunothing is huseins right hand man. One says what the other is thinking. One says jump, the other asks how hi. Sniffy, put down the straw!

    2. Panz says:

      The only offensive thing here is you and your racist liberal progressive friends. You and your president are the ones that keep the black people in the welfare ghettos but of course, that’s where you want them. On the government teat and at your command. So $crew you and your $tupid liberal progressive race-baiting comment you worthless piece of $hit.

    3. Mee says:

      Hey, Sniffit:

      Enough of the “race card playing” ! It is clear that you have NOTHING substantial to say when all you can do is assume people are being ractist when all they are doing is pointing out an OBVIOUS flaw. And yes, Mr. Obama (soon to be the second “Jimmy Carter/ private citizen) is also holding down a position for which he is CLEARLY unqualified and in which he is obviously “way over his head” !!!

    4. Heather says:

      I think it is fair to mention Obama if the comment is about liberals telling you to do something that they themselves don’t do.

      I mentioned Obama because he had said that we should not be setting our thermostats to 72 degrees, but then a reporter commented that the whitehouse was very warm and she asked the press secratary why it was so warn.

      The press secratary said “President Obama likes it hot, he is from Hawaii…….”

    5. bud says:

      TEA Party Birthers Rule!!! Herman Cain 2012!!!

  36. joe says:

    Just like the first lady strong arming restaurants to stop serving fries with kids meals while still having fresh grease on her fingers from lunch. Maybe governor dunothing can pick up Michelle & El Pres and go out for ice cream tonight in the gas guzzling entourage. YAWN……………

  37. ExSophus says:

    Just wait until the day comes when it’s not some official “urging” people to go car-free, but a government mandate forcing you to do so…

    But of course the government officials will be exempted from the mandate for the very same reasons provided above as to why the Governor didn’t set the example.

  38. Aaron Jabbar says:

    Is anybody really surprised by the actions of this leftist democrat???

  39. Ben Dover says:

    To get around the censors, i will call him a sphincter….

  40. A politician contradicting themselves? Not in my America

    1. leo says:

      P.S. Your blog sucks…

    2. Zipperhead says:

      Your blog is a piece of excrement.

    3. GunThug says:

      Your blog is a piece of excrement.

  41. Joe says:

    America, You are sorely mistaken If you think real people in this country are going to go let her go down in flames at the hands of a bunch of incompetent self serving elitist hypocrites. Don’t forget, its not just as you say “tea party nut jobs” that responsibly exercise their second amendment rights. It’s many many normally clear thinking independents who are really really losing their patience!

  42. Sal says:

    Al Gore takes private jets to global warming conferences. Obama touts Warren Buffet who flies around in his private jet. The White House super bowl party is a junk food fest while Mrs Obama wants us to eat broccoli. Governor
    Patrick is just added to the list of hypocrites. Of , I forgot Mayor bloomberg whose control freek legislation beats all of them.
    It’s so said it’s funny

  43. Paul V says:

    Ya just gotta luv these lying frauds… really do….

  44. Panz says:

    Another typical action by the radical, extreme branch of the Democrats better known as the Liberal Progressives. Do as I say and not as I do. After all, I’m better and better than the cows below me. Yep, gotta love those progressives. Look what a fine job they have done.

  45. Geechee says:

    Typical hypocritical Democrat:
    “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  46. Attack Watch says:

    Are we even surprised anymore?

  47. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    You clowns deserve Gov. Obama Lite. Jeeez, you won’t even see that last statement as an insult. That, along with all the other regular Beacon Hill misdeeds, explains why I finally fled the People’s Republic of Taxachusetts for Florida in 2009, 5.3% of my income now in hand. For Pete’s sake — it wasn’t even the WEATHER that made me leave.

    Nope, you deserve everything you get, save for those unfortunate non-liberal victims who don’t have the ability to escape as I did but still must pay the freight for the freeloaders both in and out of government.

  48. Bob Barre says:

    Another AA dumb-$h it like his 1/2 brother Odumbo.

  49. D2Boston says:

    Look… I’m NO fan of Deval Patrick. He has been a horrible governor and his policies stink, but I will cut the guy some slack on this one.

    He’s the Governor and as such should be afforded transportation and security to get where he needs to go when appropriate, especially in this day and age. Everyone thought it was cute when Dukakis took the Green Line to work — that was pathetic.

    Deval’s big crime in this instance is making a big deal about “car-free” week when he knew he wouldn’t pass muster — the whole concept was stupid to begin with….

  50. Kip Noxema says:

    I’ll let one of the Solyndra employees take my place, in not driving to work today.

  51. Zipperhead says:

    Liberals/progressives will never live in the world in which they prescribe for you.

  52. ed says:

    bring back the duke..he was the real deal

  53. Mee says:

    Maybe I missed it, but where in the article was it mentioned that Mr. Patrick was a DEM ? Surely, party affillation would have been mentioned–and re-mentioned !–if he a member of the GOP !!!

  54. Foxunit says:

    Interesting to note that not one mention of this governors party affiliation. Had he been a Republican or Tea Party member, CBS would have gone the “extra mile” to inform us via every other sentence.

  55. THarrigan says:

    Much as I couldn’t stomach Dukakis, He rode the D Line everyday from Park Street to Brookline Village.

    1. Klaus says:

      And then he threw it all away by riding in that tank.

  56. Keith says:

    Come on governor, it is carvfree week. Maybe you should have taken the helicopter instead?

  57. sanganois says:

    Thursday is car free day? Good thing I have a pickup truck.

  58. Ruckus says:

    This shouldn’t surprise us. Poloticians ARE ALL LIARS AND HYPOCRITES. They will never do what they ask you to do.

  59. emom says:

    ANnd the lying lefty libral award goes too………………………………………. mr I suckered you in mr smug mug, thinking he is better and has a big ol suv ,,, bet that cos t a pretty penny … HEY WAIT THATS FROM OUR MONEY,,, I THINK WE SHOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO DRIVE THAT SUV AROUND FOR A WEEK, WE ALL PAID FOR IT, SO WE ALL OWN A PEICE OF IT…. along with the office embelishments, his suits, and I bet he has a personal chef,,, we pay for all his gratification of riches,,,,, crook,,,,,

  60. tma says:

    Of course if he was a Republican, it would be stated again and again, and probably with the adj of “CONSERVATIVE” in front of the label Republican. But, not ONE mention of the fact that he is a Democrat. And still the Liberal, left leaning media, claims there is no media bias. What a joke

  61. Juan1 says:

    Another Limo Liberal………….” I am for the middle class and the poor”…. as they drive by peering out the window. You dems have become the party of sheeple.!!

  62. deusest says:

    Wonder if ALL the politicians on Beacon Hill, INCLUDING the Governor, will lead by example or declare themselves exempt because they are “so important”?

  63. fighthypocracy says:

    The federal government has six hundred thousand automobiles. One for every four employees. But it’s critical that the rest of us peasants use mass transit.

  64. jt says:

    Another typical liberal….do as I say, not as I do!…..and he gets a pass from the msm….YAWN.

  65. vietvet68 says:

    BS from a BS expert!

  66. Al says:

    rhetorical question: How come CBS (old-time media) didn’t mention that the governor was a Democrat born and raised in Chicago?
    Just what did you from him anyway? Integrity?

  67. Alice Ramirez says:

    Another enviro-jihadist hypocrite. In all fairness, though, he is not as disgusting a hypocrite as the fat and sleek Algore.

    In all honesty, the whole idea of pushing a car-free week on working people with lives to get to, pressuring them to take some obnoxious form of public transportation where they are more vulnerable than in their cars to terrorists, is annoying.

    Way too much of the lefty ELITES attempting to dictate to others how to live while they do as they please.

  68. horseman says:

    Make like George Washington~ Ride a horse~ Forgot he can’t drive a car.

  69. sean says:

    Hey Klaus, if America is so bad what are you doing here? Go back to where you came from if it’s so much better

    1. Klaus says:

      The TSA won’t let me leave, just like it won’t let you flee when the time comes. Bogeymen in caves … yeah, right.

  70. Mark Matis says:

    Governor Patrick is just ‘nother Obama doin; his thang. What ELSE would you expect?

  71. obamatravelagent says:

    He is now qualified to run for Congress, he will not read a bill he will vote just like Pelosi.

  72. GaryIsRight says:

    The Governor was talking about all you LITTLE people with your LITTLE lives.
    These rules aren’t intended for the elite rulers. Rulers are IMPORTANT.
    Silly Little People… Ask Al Gore how this works.
    THEN you will understand.

  73. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” ~ Thomas Pynchon


  74. Chris Cotner says:

    Barney Frank; what else can you say, but you people are freaks…

  75. Heather says:

    Come on! This is how it always is.

    Obama said “we can’t drive our SUV’s and set our thermostat’s to 82 degrees…….” but then we find he sets the thermostat at the whitehouse to 80 degrees.

    We have Al Gore who tells everyone else to walk or ride a bike, while he flies around the world on private jets. We get this same message from uncountable Hollywood elites who do the same.

    Now we have Duval Patrick.

    What do you expect? For THEM to do what they tell us to do?

  76. Looneytoonsindville says:

    This guy is a jerk in jerk’s clothing. Throw the bum out!

  77. Maxwell Williams says:

    Some people never seem to have a problem asking others to do things they would never do themselves, just like John Kerry has with paying taxes.

  78. Gary Howard says:

    And that, Virginia, is how Liberals roll.

    Just think of Al Gore and Prince Charles flying large. Tom Hanks drives a Prius and flies private (and has a compound in Sun Valley that could house all the inhabitants of a medium-size Mexican village).

    Deval Patrick is just perfect.

  79. ihatelbj says:

    You idiots in ASSachussetts are real masochists, aren’t you?

  80. Jack Kennedy says:

    oh look ………..more of the obama sycophants getting caught being the LIBERAL HYPOCRITES that we know they are

  81. russ in nc says:

    I’ve been car-free since August 2008. I’ve also been TV-free and home-owner-free and American-Dream-free. That’s because I’m job-free.

    1. Klaus says:

      Going TV-free makes you a success story. It proves you have what it takes to make it in the real world. Forget the house of cards that is the American economy which is crumbling to dust. Those who think they’re better than you will end up with less than you.

  82. ray says:

    Some animals are more equal than others

  83. Stevis says:

    Nowhere in the story does it mention he has a (D) . Had he a (R) , well…………. Need i say more!

    1. bluebottle says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, you beat me to it…
      democrats = “do as I say, not as I do”

  84. Kevin Luss says:

    do as i say, not as i do..that is what being a politician is all about.

  85. NoFear says:

    Oh, gee. You got me. ha ha ha
    Isn’t he hilarious? NOT!!

    Vote the POS out.

  86. WhiteBuffalo says:

    A “Do as I say, not as I do” Liberal hypocrite, who’da ever thunk……….

  87. Missy says:

    The governor wouldn’t have had a “gotcha” if the overzealous news people (probably just trying to keep their jobs) hadn’t been nosing around.

  88. Scudbuster says:

    Do as I say!
    Not as do.
    Because I’m special,
    I’m an elected official!

  89. Dan L says:

    Typical democrat. Do as I say and not as I do.

  90. Stephen Stein says:

    Hey, look, it’s the commenters from the Herald!

  91. Paul says:

    Oh come on now you people are just being unreasonable. You can’t really expect left-wing politicians and their supporters to actually live under the same conditions and follow the same rules that they impose on the rest of us proles. They’re clearly so much smarter, more deserving and important than us worker bees. They NEED to live lavishly while we toil under the heel of their boots.

  92. Michael Gibson says:

    A liberal that’s a liar and hypocrite, what are the odds. About a trillion to 1.

  93. JJ says:

    …and yet the sheeple of Taxachusetts continue to elect and re-elect this mendacity at all levels of government…

  94. tsal says:

    This is hysterical. In a matter of a few hours the entire right crawled out from the woodwork. I don’t remember seeing quite so many responses in such a short time to a topic here. Yes, the gov messed up – big time. And yes we are all perfect so can sit in judgement. Just one little question – or maybe two.

    How many on here have SUVs and gas guzzlers. How many have given up their cars this week? Those are pretty much rhetorical questions. Since most are right wing I don’t truly expect an honest answer.

    1. response says:

      TSAL – I have a SUV….I have to drive this week, there is no public transportation around me.
      I would have to walk 40 miles to get to and from work.
      Am I suppose to tell my children they need to walk 10 miles home after school/ sports? Should I tell my elderly mother she needs to walk to and from her cancer treatments? no meals on wheels this week people…..
      The governor has access to public transportation, he’s just a “do as say not as I do” type…..and that is my right wing honest answer. (Which you are implying becuase I have an R next to my voter registration, that I can’t give an honest answer – horrible to say that by the way- shame on you)

      1. tsal says:

        and you have access to an automobile that doesn’t use excessive gas for all those miles you drive. Of course that would inconvenience you —- if I got an answer I would have expected one like yours

        No shame on me – I did all the things you mentioned but I did it without a gas guzzler. My point was it’s easy to jump to criticism – especially if it’s of some not in your party affiliation – but not so easy to look in the mirror.

    2. response says:

      I can’t give up my vehicle this week or any other week, I drive to work every day with no access to public transportation, it’s the only way to get to WORK.
      Let me tell my children to walk 10 miles home from school, let me tell my mother to walk to and from her cancer treatements, no meals on wheels this week people….no shopping for the local food pantry….
      That’s my honest, RIGHT WING answer for you.
      and shame on you for thinking that anyone with an R next to their name on a voter registration, cannot give you an honest answer.

    3. Hussein says:

      As usual, a liberal completely mis-states and misunderstands the point along with name-calling and lack on content.

      Who cares what “most of the right wing” drives? It is still legal to own an SUV.

      Why should we que-up to something just because the government tells us that this is the week to behave this way?

      The point is, tsal, just do as they say and not as they do…fall in line and enjoy!

      1. tsal says:

        the point is conservation – we have a “slight” fuel problem……or did you not notice?

    4. JJ says:


      the point is conservation – we have a “slight” fuel problem……or did you not notice?

      Again, you you resort to name-calling and impugning the motives and/or actions of others with whom you disagree politically.

      THAT is the point.

      1. tsal says:

        I’m sorry – I thought we had a fuel problem. My bad.

        Also, “resort to name-calling and impugning the motives and/or actions of others with whom you disagree politically” – have you read the majority of comments here -the governor messed up – big time – as I said. Or didnt you read that part? that has NOTHING to do with his political party. It was his mistake.

        My point was – but most will choose not to see it – no one here is above criticism for the wasteful use of energy – NO ONE. It was clear that the majority here do have an R beside their names by their “name calling and impunging” :)

      2. JJ says:

        It was clear that the majority here do have an R beside their names by their “name calling and impunging”

        Thank you tsal for a clearer understanding of your character.

        You are simply unable to make a discussion point without resorting to name-calling, impugning the character of others and now, clairvoyance!

      3. Stanley11 says:

        I may not agree with tsal politically, but one thing she does not do is resort to name calling. She’s one of the few in here that can hold a mature discussion and “agree to disagree”.

      4. tsal says:

        Stanley – thank you. In this case I did digress from that a bit. I get really tired of hearing “liberal this and that” and I reacted somewhat uncharacteristically for me. That in addition to what I have said – we all mess up. I sure do. I’ll look forward to more discussions with you and again thank you :)

      5. JJ says:


        This is hysterical. In a matter of a few hours the entire right crawled out from the woodwork. I don’t remember seeing quite so many responses in such a short time to a topic here. Yes, the gov messed up – big time. And yes we are all perfect so can sit in judgement. Just one little question – or maybe two.
        How many on here have SUVs and gas guzzlers. How many have given up their cars this week? Those are pretty much rhetorical questions. Since most are right wing I don’t truly expect an honest answer.
        September 20, 2011 at 7:47 am


        Stanley11…I guess we have different definitions of mature discussion.

        “…the entire right crawled out from the woodwork…” is something other than having a mature discussion to me.

        “Since most are right wing I don’t truly expect an honest answer.” is an attempt to impugn the veracity of anyone who tsal identifies as “right wing” and disagrees with his/her opinion. In other words in tsal’s world anyone identified as “right wing” will not respond with honesty.

      6. Stanley11 says:

        tsal – anytime. I’ve done it many times, which is probably why I am on my 3rd user name for WBZ, although I’m not sure if I actually crossed any lines with the other 2, but that’s another discussion for another day.

        JJ – I can’t argue with you there, but when you say that she showed “a clearer understanding of her character”, I’m here to tell you that she is not a name caller and is usually mature in her discussions (I only say mostly because she admitted she strayed from that a bit, but don’t we all from time to time?).

        Now, if you’ll both excuse me, I have a long walk home I need to prepare for……..

      7. tsal says:

        stanley – I keep my original name – you are clearly smarter than I in that respect. Apparently JJ didn’t notice I said that I was somewhat out of line in this discussion. Many others joined me in that regard but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I joined in. Or perhaps he/she did see my comment and has decided it’s not ok to be imperfect. Live and learn and return for another day. I too am finished with this discussion. Enjoy your walk :) I have a home business so don’t have as far to go but we have eliminated driving we would normally do this week although we attempt to do so in general.

  95. MAJack says:

    Thanks MA voters for re-electing this empty suited fraud.

  96. lamchops says:

    If you think Governor Patrick is a hypocrite, then you are a racist.

  97. FireGuyFrank says:

    Mike Milbury, who at the time was coach of the Boston Bruins, put it best when ranting toward referee Don Koharski, “Just another [expletive] day at the office! Just another [expletive] day at the office!”

    1. FireGuyFrank says:


      It was Dennis Morel. Milbury’s tirade over what he thought was a bad call was, “Just another [expletive] day at the office, Dennis. Just take your paycheck and go home.”

      Classic. And worthy of the Bay State’s leadership. (Or is it leader-less-ship?)

  98. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Deval is just great. When caught, he just says ‘You got me’. He’s so Kennedy-esque he should be reelected in MA until he’s 99. You MA Libs are really something else.

  99. NotDeadYet says:

    Beavis, you dum@ss!

  100. Harpotoo says:

    F’n LIEbs set SUCK good examples for ordinary Americans!-)

  101. glenp says:

    DEMOCRAT Gov and OBAMA WANNABE Deval PAtrick you forgot to PRINT!!!

    if it had been a GOP gov, “REPUBLICAN ” would have been plastered all over the article–hypocrite baserds


  102. glenp says:

    I will NEVER vote for one of THOSE PEOPLE—they have no honor and will TURN on you in a second. even WEST turned and stayed in the CBC after saying he quit

  103. glenp says:

    it’s ALRIGHT for DEMOCRATS to do this , he was just going to meet up with ALGORE to freeze the PLANET!!!!

  104. glenp says:


  105. Realist says:

    Typical Democrat what I feel is good for you is not nessasarily good for me so I do not have to abide by the same rules.

  106. Rex says:

    Car-free Week is a stupid idea anyway. In such situations, I wish I had some old smoke-belching clunker to drive around.

  107. Love my car says:

    World car free day?


    I love the white man for inventing the car! No wonder he is the MAN.

    Deval is a tool who can’t even follow through on his crazy ideas. Car free, how about stupid free?

    1. tsal says:

      I’d love to see one day a week (weekend) with no cars other than for absolutely necessary workers. That will never happen because it would be an inconvenience. Of course when we don’t have any gas or it costs three times more than we are paying now, that won’t be an inconvenience.

  108. Paul Thompson says:

    What’s he gonna do take the trolley to Ashmont? That’s in Dorchester… ick!

  109. Bill in Houston says:

    What I have to ask is, “Why do you folks keep voting for these tools? Is there something in the water?”

  110. BO STINKS says:

    Was Algore behind the wheel?

  111. Larry says:

    The biggest criminals walk in hallways of marble.

  112. Tuttle35 says:

    The unspoken mantra of the Socialist. “Socialism is not for the Socialist it is for everyone else.”

  113. C says:

    Well he couldn’t take public transportation if he actually needed to get somewhere on time. I’ve been over an hour late for work 3 times in the past week because of train breakdowns. I wish he would ride it – maybe they would fix the trains then.

  114. chris w. says:

    Webster’s Dictionary called. Asked if you can forward the head-shot of your choice so they can print your picture next to the word “hypocrite”.

  115. Rupert Pupkin says:

    “Going without a car has issues,” one woman told us. “It depends on where you’re going — where you have to be. It’s not always practical. I think you can still sell a message even if you’re not able to do it yourself that day.”

    Yes, he can sell it to you lady. Liberals with a mental disorder. This is why these turds stay in office, because of idiots like this lady.

  116. Jeff says:

    Sort of like Obama telling us we need to turn our thermostats down. Meanwhile he cranks it up to 80 in the WH – and we pay the bill.

    Or telling us we need to drive Priuses. And he tools around in Air Force One and Limos.

    Limo Libs will never change. All hypocrites.

  117. JSW says:

    Thursday is “World Car-Free Day”… interesting. I hadn’t planned on doing anything, but now I’m going to be driving some place. No idea where, but sure will put n a lot of miles. When I get back, I’m going to take the motorcycle for a spin, too. Then put the four wheeler in the truck, take it to the trails and ride for a few hours.
    Pee on those tree huging commie libs.

  118. Constitution First says:

    Every time this clown makes the news, it’s because he’s being a dope. Again, what qualifies for him to be our governor? Who is the biggest dope? Duval, or the people who voted him in? Twice!

  119. NikW says:

    Good ole’ Patrick, do as I say not as I do.

  120. Hank Warren says:

    Lying politicians, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  121. Chance Taylor says:

    Do as your told not as the rule maker does. That’s a top DEM policy.

  122. Ric says:

    This supposed to be news?? Remember John Kerry bragging about all the gas guzzlers he owned and then denying it to a different audience. When it came to light that he did in fact own several he said they weren’t his but instead belonged to his family.

  123. Bruce Frykman says:

    I don’t really get it, you people from MA are so much on top of the heap then why do you keep electing morons to high office?

  124. nighthawk says:

    Let him keep driving…..chances are a lot better that he’ll be “taken-out” by an “illegal” driver. Now wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony for this “illegal” supporter/synpathizer and POS !!

  125. steve the ale guy says:

    Socialism is for the people not the Socialist

  126. glenp says:

    when did the Kennedy Royal Family turn Black on us all?

  127. Sandy says:

    These people really do make me laugh…..How much more predictable are they going to get???
    Really…they are to laugh at….

  128. glenp says:

    tsal — the liberal buttcheese apologist typical

  129. m peters says:

    This is news how……..?

  130. Ann says:

    Excuse me but I just read that Mayor Bloomberg rides the subway everyday to work . (NEW YORK) I guess their subway system is better…lol

  131. Quigs says:

    Socialism is for the people, not the Socialist.

  132. glenp says:

    tsal and anyone else who tells me I CANNOT USE THE GASOLINE I CAN PAY FOR —you can K M A

    you totalitarians jerk meats can go to hell and you cannot tell me what I can use and what I can’t

    OBTW I have hoaded all the 100 W light bulbs I will need for a lifetime and I will sit in the nice warm glow and I WILL PAY FOR THE LUXURY of warm light

    1. Bev Green says:

      Hey, quit hoarding all the light bulbs! I need some, too!

  133. Bev Green says:

    Of course, if you have a “D” after your name, you can do anything you want, and “explain it away,” and your dummm constituents are willing to forgive it!

  134. GD says:

    MA is a liberal state. Do as the Gov says, not as he does.

  135. Teacookies says:

    People, you do realize that no self important politician is going to do what they dictate that their subjects do.

  136. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Liberal’s love to tell you how to live and what is good for YOU but then they go back to their secret life of being above it all. Don’t you understand we are the little people the great unwashed to the liberal elite?

  137. Joseph L Cooke says:

    When will the normal people in MA rid the state of the liberal influence?

  138. kentex1146 says:

    Among the many definitions of a liberal is: DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO.

  139. kentex1146 says:

    Incidentally, does anyone believe that the latest Kennedy death will have any effect on the unemployment rate, since no one can attest to any Kennedy ever having a real job anyway?

  140. jl says:

    Was it in uncle Onyango Obama’s confiscated SUV, Oopps, that would never happen.

  141. Matador527 says:

    A black, a liberal, and a Democrat….three reasons that he’s not expected to keep the “rules” that he himself sets up….If anyone in this country still thinks liberal Democrats can be believed, they’re just FOOLS!

  142. Mike G says:

    /sarcasm on/ Wow! A black democrat politician who lies. I am shocked! Shocked I say! /sarcasm off/

  143. Jason Arnold says:

    Democrats are too important to live according to their own rhetoric. Ask Al Gore about that.

    Just shut up and do as you are told peasants.

  144. glenp says:

    tsal/Stanley/ ? ——2/3 of a perfect moronic circle jerk

  145. emom says:

    A day A week wit out a vehilce, really,,, aaah hate tobreak it but that won’t happen ,, many have to travel great distances to get places and well many areas on the south shoure have no other transportation,, commuter rail goes only in certain areas and well I see it this way,, If i can get to my destination in a much shorter route, than taking 3 buses, 4 trains, a cab or two then it safes far better than all them.. If you are in the city then MAYBE you can save by taking public transportation BUT if you are not able to get to it, its a waste.. Besides MR OOPS YOU CAUGHT ME waste more resources by far than the average person… but really a say or a week,, not happeneing,, most could never afford it and well can you image the fights with bikes on the road, No offense to cyclist, but It could get ugly..,,, as many drivers are agressive… glad I am a country gal… Now where is that dog sled,, winters coming and well it just might help me get around MUSH…..

  146. Gill King says:

    Great that there’s no mention that Patrick is a Democrat. Were he Republican the party would have been capitalized in the headlines! !

  147. Cindy says:

    “BELIEVE ME”, He says. LOL! Isn’t that one of the three biggest lies?