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BOSTON (CBS) – Here’s one way to make a little extra money: rent things you don’t always use.

Kristen Campbell rents her car out for day here and there.

“I’ve had several really positive rental experiences,” she said. is one of a growing number of websites which allows owners to post their possessions for rent. It’s where Campbell listed her car.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports

Take a look at the site and you can find cars, cameras, even a disco ball.

“If you’re the person who owns the items, the ability to defray costs on something that you spent a good deal of money on is great,” said Ron Williams of “Particularly if you are not using it,” he added.

People are making money on more than just cameras and cars. They are also raking in money on services, like renting out a driveway or parking space.

There is even a site,, which helps you list your space.

“It’s really popular if you live near a ball park or stadium,” said Kyle Taylor of

Another option is

“People are renting out their extra closet space, and attic space,” said Taylor.

Driveways can rent for $200 a month and a car can bring in $300 for a week. You could even get $20 to loan out a kitchen mixer for a day. Prices vary depending on the terms of the deal and where you live.

“We let the demand side drive the initial request and parameters and then they can debate back and forth on this really simple interface that we give people,” said Williams.

There are some precautions to take before you list anything. For example, be sure the site where you list your items offers protections in case something goes wrong.

It’s also a good idea to check your own insurance polices and zoning laws to make sure it’s OK to rent out your car or parking space.

Paula Ebben

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