NEWTON (CBS) – A man was waiting for a train this morning when he had a heart attack, but thanks to some other heroic passengers on the platform, the victim’s life was saved.

“It’s nice just to have training,” says Dean Bonis.

Dean makes it sound so simple, but don’t be fooled. Dean was part of a team that saved the victim’s life at the West Newton Commuter Rail stop.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

“He was completely unconscious, eyes were open, he had no pulse,” explains Dean.

Dean, who is an EMT, was on his way to his job at Children’s Hospital. He began performing CPR on the 50-year-old man with help from another bystander who just happened to be a CPR instructor.

“As I got there another gentleman, David Perry, was out there as well, and we just started CPR. We couldn’t feel a pulse so we started CPR and worked together to get it done until the medics arrived which was actually pretty quick,” he said.

The CPR is only part of the story. Once Newton EMTs rushed to the scene, they were able to shock the victim’s heart back to a normal rhythm completing the life saving process.

Jared Murphy, a Newton EMT, said he became alert within a minute after delivering the shock.

“CPR right was really important so those guys did a good job there,” said EMT Greg Knisley.

A combination of training, quick thinking and good old fashioned luck saved a life.

The man who suffered the heart attack was transferred to a Boston hospital. His condition is not known, but the EMTs say he was conscious.

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  1. cataldogirl says:

    FYI – Jared Murphy and Greg Knisley are not JUST EMT’s or Ambulance Drivers they are EMT-P’s or PARAMEDICS.

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