By Diana Perez, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the worst type of criminal; involving children in their crimes.

Five shoplifters in Leicester are accused of doing just that. Police say on July 9th they swiped hundreds of dollars in merchandise from the Walmart on Route 9.

Their trip down every aisle, as they allegedly grabbed what they wanted, their three small children in tow, was caught on surveillance video.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

It shows that they didn’t always work as a group. In the electronics aisle a woman in yellow, pushing her baby, is seen surveying the shelves. Police say her husband, wearing a red t-shirt does her dirty work when he swoops in and walks off with a shiny DVD.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Art Cohen reports

Leicester Police Chief Jim Hurley says the same suspect can be seen in the pet aisle taking something out of its packaging and slipping the empty container behind the dog food. One of the items they are accused to stealing was Dora the Explorer DVD.

By the beauty products, mom in yellow stuffs something into her baby’s carrier.

“There’s no way to put into words how horrific it is to take a child to cover up your shoplifting,” says Chief Hurley.

After allegedly stealing hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, from hair pins to video games, the group leaves the store separately.

The woman in yellow, her infant and the stolen items is followed by her sister and two kids. The two male suspects leave last, the women’s mother was waiting outside.

“One of the gentlemen is walking out and he’s almost doing a victory dance as he goes out the door,” says Hurley.

But their victory was short lived. Once the five suspects made it to their green SUV parked near the Garden Center three police cruisers pulled up. After being confronted by Leicester police the alleged crooks were cuffed and were hauled off to jail. They got to go home that day but that didn’t last too long, they all had to appear in court on Thursday.

“All were held on bail. The children have been ordered into the custody of Children’s Protective Services by the court,” says Chief Hurley.

“They deserve it,” says Leicester Walmart customer and mom of two Yeritza Gracia. “Being a parent, you got to be responsible. What goes through your head when you do something like that? That’s awful.”

Police say the group had shoplifted at the Leicester Walmart at least five other times. They are now facing a total of sixty charges between them. They’ll be back in court next month.

Comments (3)
  1. Vera Carroll says:

    Total POS and probably illegal aliens

  2. fred says:

    Another welfare family or soon to be. How many middle class tax payers will it take to support this tribe of losers and their kids? Maybe six or seven people (or more) earning 75K will be needed. All of your taxes will be supporting these people. When you see a pothole or a park that needs maintenance don’t worry, it’s more important to support an irresponsible loser than improve your own quality of life.

  3. jaygee says:

    There once was a time when people didn’t do things like this because they didn’t want to bring disrespect to their family. However, when you look at this band of “gypsies”, men, women & children, resorting to such stupidity, you have to wonder just were they were raised and by who. If this was done 5 other times by the same collection of total losers then why weren’t they arrested before?

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