WINCHESTER (CBS) – Winchester police said they are disappointed that four of their officers refused to board an MBTA commuter rail train filled with rowdy passengers earlier this month.

As the train approached the Wedgemere station Aug. 6, the conductor asked police for help with some unruly riders who had just left a rap concert in Boston.

One of the officers allegedly berated the conductor for stopping in Winchester, and not another town, to deal with the problem.

Lt. Peter MacDonnell said he is particularly upset with the lead officer, a 26-year veteran of the force, who argued with the conductor, left the platform and went back to his cruiser.

Passengers had to wait 45 minutes for MBTA police to arrive on the scene.

During that time, a fist fight broke out in one of the cars and conductors feared they may lose control of the situation.

Many of the passengers were returning from a free Mac Miller concert in Boston, where earlier in the day several fights between concert-goers broke out in City Hall Plaza.

Lt. MacDonnell told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that the investigation is still ongoing and should be wrapped up by next week.

He said he’s talking with all of the officers involved and is trying to figure out what was and wasn’t done.

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  1. WBMike says:

    That “Urban” concert was a very stupid idea by Menino. A free rap concert in the city?! What was he thinking? Who did he think would show up for that except the largest population interested int hat kind of music. Did he think it would be a mellow concert? No thought involved in that decision.

    But getting onto the bigger matter, wth is wrong with the Winchester police? They should all be reprimanded. I am guessing a couple days without pay is out of the question though right? Union wouldn’t stand for that. :/ Got to hit them where it hurts – the wallet!! Do your freakin’ job!!

    1. A says:


      It was the WPD.

      Keying of cars and stolen newspapers from peoples front lawns on Sundays are the core of their job

      They probably didn’t have the first clue on how to handle this situation effectively.

  2. fred says:

    I think he should be fired and the others should get a suspension for 1 month at no pay. What kind of liability would Winchester have incurred if someone was seriuosly hurt or worse. There are plenty of people on the waiting list to become a cop. As for Boston who pays for all of the security and clean up from a “FREE” concert – i guess it’s the taxpayers.

  3. Mark says:

    If MBCR and the MBTA had brain one they would give conductors the ability to toss passengers off the train.My friend is a conductor and he’s told me how difficult it becomes at times because their hands are tied.If a passenger refuses to pay the fare there is nothinf,zip,nada the conductor can do about it.Hey Davey,how about you and the rest of the useless upper echelon do your friggin’ jobs.How soon before your predecesor takes over MBCR? Oh,that’s right..he already is.. just not on paper! Taxpayers; lets get rid of the T and with it all the URBAN problems that bring their trash to the burbs!! Why do we need it anyway.The people who work have cars.Get it?

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