By Craig M. Douglas, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston residents remain among the most credit-worthy in the country, although their hefty mortgage balances continue to creep northward.

According to Credit Karma’s latest Credit Climate Report, Bostonians have an average mortgage balance of $243,097, which was flat from June but up a percentage point on a year-over-year basis.

Nationally, the average mortgage balance was $173,232 as of July 31, which was down 1.5 percent on a year-over-year basis.

Credit Karma is a research and credit-services provider based in California.

In Massachusetts, the average mortgage balance was $221,570, fifth-highest in the nation behind California ($316,662); Hawaii ($300,773); Maryland ($241,238); and New Jersey ($231,228).

The region’s relatively high mortgage balances likely stem from its comparatively high credit scores.

In Boston, the average credit score was 689, while Massachusetts as a whole boasted an average score of 682.

The state’s July credit score was second-highest in the country behind California, according to Credit Karma.

Lisa van der Pool of the Boston Business Journal reports

Among the other findings in the Credit Karma report:

Boston’s average student loan balance was $37,409, versus $34,273 statewide and $29,932 nationally.

The city’s average credit card debt was $6,337, while the state’s was $6,249 and the country’s was $6,355.

The average automobile-loan balance in Boston was $13,825, compared to $13,393 in the Bay State and $15,241 nationally.

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