By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV's New Hampshire Bureau Chief

CONCORD, NH (CBS) — New Hampshire is faring much better than a lot of other states when it comes to unemployment numbers. The state’s 4.9 percent unemployment late is just more than half the 9.1 percent national jobless rate. But it’s still a tough environment for the 36,000 people in the state who are out of work.

They say they’re having no luck submitting applications at job fairs. So Wednesday, right in front of the state house, they held the “no jobs fair,” filling out applications to deliver to lawmakers in protest.

WBZ-TV’s Lauren Leamanczyk reports

Keith McCrea lost his communications job in May. He says when the state lays off workers, it adds more competition and less opportunity for him.

“Every one of those jobs that goes away is money that isn’t working its way into the private sector and hiring people like me,” he said.

The AFL-CIO organized the protest. They admit New Hampshire’s jobs numbers look better than other states. But, they’re angry at state cuts that resulted in hundreds of layoffs.

“I haven’t seen one good job developed that Speaker O’Brien can put his name to,” said Mark MacKenzie, president of the organized labor group.

House Speaker William O’Brien was out of state at a conference, but his policy director emphasized New Hampshire’s comparatively good job numbers.

“If having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation is something people don’t want then I suggest they maybe move to Rhode Island,” Greg Moore said.

Moore agrees there are still too many unemployed people in the state. But, he says they are making progress with proposals that make the state more favorable to business.

“We have seen some losses in the taxpayer funded government sector but we have seen a number of significant increases in the private sector,” he said.

For workers like Keith, that progress needs to come sooner rather than later.

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  1. Ann-Marie Clements says:

    I’m very frustrated with my fellow Americans who think that the jobs will come to them… I left Michigan or the U.S. during the Bush administration, due to job loss and moved to Canada to work. I went from teaching to becoming a Realtor, then had trouble working as a Realtor due to the market being lower here in Canada, so I took a job in China teaching. To my fellow Americans, in this day of global economies, “Go where the jobs are, DON’T wait for them to come to you, because you might be waiting a very long time.” Basically, do the best you can & if needed move to where the jobs are… It’s a big world and lots to see around the world!!! ;>)))

  2. Alli says:

    Dont leave America!! Stand up and fight for whats yours and what you deserve as a citizen. With the economy most are lucky enough to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. Not having money to relocate to other countries! Good for you for outsourcing for jobs thats what the government did and thats a good reason we’re in this predicament but whatever works for you. But I dont believe that statement applies to most.

  3. Ann-Marie Clements says:

    I left the U.S. 8 years ago, when Bush was president, and the “writing was on the wall” in Michigan, where people were losing their jobs everywhere in the state.. No country will find you a job, it’s your right to fight to get the best job possible!!! If it takes you out of the country, then be it!!! Don’t get me wrong, I saw many people in Michigan lose their job, collect unemployment, then welfare as they were losing their homes, family & themselves. My point, is don’t wait, look everywhere for what will work for you. Other citizens from other countries are doing the same, moving to Asia, Africa & South America. Your home is where you work, eat, have shelter & have your family. I’ll always be an American Canadian no matter where I go. Living away from North America really does open your eyes on what is “REALLY” happening around the world and not just the propaganda that the North American government tells us… It also opens your mind to new skills, cultures, foods & you realize the differences in currency in relation to North America & Europe.

    1. urSoft says:

      What turd that’s great if you resign yourself a loner fine bailout.. Our representatives sold us out. Our representatives made it unbearable for anyone to stay in business paying ridiculous Taxes and medical insurance and ridiculous demands of environmental laws .

      yeah the world is better outside of the U.S. Getting shot at while building schools in Afghanistan , the dispossess in Somalia getting raped,
      and England the one’s most likely to mouth off about America for anything and any reason , has kids out of control and rioting.. Greece is no better and on the verge of riots .. yeah you know about being worldly.

      How long will China sustain immigrants and flood of jobs think its cut throat here .. go to China and see how long you keep feeling how the grass is greener out of the U.S. you may be a new turn coat that has not found trouble yet , give it time..

      More and more U.S. citizens are out of country and don’t want to be but forced to work and a good many ( need ) to be armed ..

      Our leaders sold us out. and greed. guarantee you’ll be on the phone with a state rep whining to come home having a AK-47 pressing your squash. when civil unrest occurs at every turn of the head or man made disaster…. For better or worse

      This is my country and this is where I’m staying !
      Home is where you work your soft !

  4. Ann-Marie Clements says:

    I have lived all over the U.S., and Italy until I moved to Canada. The states I lived in are: New York (born in NYC), Florida, Mississippi, California, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Michigan. I have been to Beijing, China for 10 months teaching, I came back at the end of this June and I’m heading back to China, but this time to Shanghai… It’s extremely safe there! The people are peaceful, not the propaganda we were taught how the Communist were “bad people”… We could learn a lot from them, for example, how to be more patient, wise, really educate our young and not just talk, since talk is cheap. They are learning all sorts of new languages, especially English. We, here in North America, scream bloody murder when we have to learn a new language like French or Spanish. Originally, they copied our stuff, but now they have crossed the threshold to innovation, since they really educate their young. They are learning from us, our mistakes & thinking in the future. They have Bullet Trains that go 360 kms per hour, where our officials here in North America (Canada & U.S.) just talk about it. Just remember, the Egyptians back in the early AD got too powerful and collapsed. The Romans got to big for their bridges and also collapsed. We are heading in that direction as long as we keep denying that we CAN’T CHANGE. America was in the early 1800’s for change and we showed the other countries how to do it. We began to get to complacent on what we had and we literally priced ourselves out of the global market on jobs. The world is changing without us, whether we like it or not, so we need to open our minds and change with it or we will be left way behind watching the world expand and the superpowers change before we even blink. I also agree, that today, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India & China) are doing well and could be replaced by other countries, since BIG BUSINESS only look at profit margins, so we need to be on alert on the changing trends and go where we are needed… You really cant’ say that our country is the best, when you have never left it to “live” outside the country, instead of just visiting another country… We can learn from others… ;>))

    1. gigi says:

      Ann-Marie, I read your comments in a different light: not just a ‘job’ but “life lessons”. Yes ultimately you went looking for a job to pay the bills, but you seem to have also met so many people you never would have, so many new cultures and way of life, and embraced the change rather than make it political. Just that positive way of thinking makes life so much more enjoyable. I love to travel, meet new people, and find out what makes that other culture tick, so i appreciate where you are coming from and wish you all the best!

  5. maybenot soft says:

    I was a railroad man .. i never felt the need to go 110 miles an hour let alone 224 and whats the rush .. You ever see catastrophic failure at our max track speed ? generally 90 mph, how about a failure at 200mph.

    Yes their technologies are advanced yes its wonderful and clean . You make some points.. But when things that usually happen , happen and when it does its on a grander scale than here..

    Its ridiculous a MBTA trolley can’t run over a small trash fire on the tracks and delay workers and the big digs a flipping joke ..but all these things are failures of leaders. ( we ) the workers , Blue collar Manufacturers and assemblers took pride in making products. its not our fault they took our industry and want to KILL a class of people … at one time we did care about making things and at one time we had pride doing that in our country.

    When did making things in the U.S. become a four letter word ? yet all most .. by saying were complacent and need to change ,, by that very inference, executed many hard working people in this country and force them to evolve sink or swim… by cutting a class of people many will suffer. America its workers and laborer’s are not the enemy.

    I agree there is a new direction being conducted and i see it starting with academia , and lies . We can’t exist on Bio research and service industries and Schools we are living in the biggest extortion racket going. ..

    I do miss the wonderful people of Southeast Asia and like to be around them again. But i can learn from them right here. Id like to go to New Zealand or Australia too…But that would require getting groped by TSA and im not into that… but there is still interesting things to learn here.

    But i don’t see and can’t allow to think the problem is our country it isn’t . its not fun , but its not bad enough to leave… its still worth fighting for. I refuse to see the United States as evil or wrong or the problem or bad enough to leave it.

    most of all some of us LIKED what we DID for a living it was called choice..something that these very people are destroying.
    and if i am complacent over freedom and choice nothing further from the truth i know full well the sacrifices of those who gave us that right. and i will stay here.

  6. Champers says:

    And I came here and stole a job

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