By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – She’s still a little timid, but Foxy the terrier is doing great tonight.

“Far better than expected,” according to Martha Smith-Blackmore, with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “She went through horrible trauma and for any dog to survive that it’s a miracle, but for a 14-year-old dog to survive that it’s really incredible.”

State Police say on Tuesday night Foxy’s owner, 60-year-old Barbara O’Driscoll of Cohasset, tried to drown the 12 pound pup at Nantasket Beach.

“It’s reprehensible, it’s horrifying, it’s terribly sad,” said Smith-Blackmore. “It’s sad of course from Foxy’s perspective, but I also have concerns for a person that is so sick, they’re potentially doing something like this.”

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

An eyewitness says she watched O’Driscoll drag Foxy by her leash into the ocean around 4:45 on Tuesday afternoon. The witness told police that O’Driscoll went up to her chest — little Foxy underwater and unable to swim, for several minutes, until the eyewitness says O’Driscoll pulled the dog’s lifeless body onto the shore and eventually up to her car.

That witness flagged down State Trooper Matthew Waples, who happened to be doing a routine patrol of the parking lot.

“When I saw the dog it was in the back seat of the car in the parking lot and the dog appeared to be dead,” Waples said. The trooper said O’Driscoll’s breath smelled of alcohol and she was not making coherent comments.

“She wasn’t really making too much sense at that point in time,” he explained. Published reports indicate that when asked why she had tried to drown her dog, O’Driscoll kept repeating, “It’s just a dog”.

Hull’s animal control officer, Leslie Badger, raced to the scene, grabbed Foxy, and headed to the South Shore Animal Hospital in Weymouth. But on the way, Foxy’s soft heartbeat started to fade.

“I kept my hand on her and as I was driving down the road I could feel that it was getting even less and less of a heartbeat,” she says.

Badger made the decision to pull over on the side of the road and, “administer CPR on the dog, both chest compressions and mouth to mouth, or mouth to snout as everyone likes to say.”

Foxy coughed up seawater and sand — and hung on just long enough.

She is now spending time in a special oxygen-rich cage, with an I-V drip in her leg. Her doctors say she had made a remarkable recovery but is not yet out of the woods. Her medical care, paid by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, is expected to cost between $6,000 and $8,000.

“She’s a really sweet dog,” adds Martha Smith-Blackmore with the Animal Rescue League of Boston. “She’s really nice, very quiet, very calm, and doesn’t seem to be ruffled by all the activity in the ICU.”

WBZ tried to contact O’Driscoll at her Cohasset home, but no one answered the door. A neighbor tells us Foxy actually belongs to O’Driscoll’s elderly father.

In any event, the dog will not be going back there. Foxy will likely be placed in a doggy-foster home until a suitable home is found.

O’Driscoll faces charges that include animal cruelty.

Comments (21)
  1. emom says:

    IT’S ONLY A DOG …… REALLY Well then you are only a spitefull, lonely drunken, selfish sub human with no moral code but the almighty bottle,,, she deserves nothing but the same fate she inflicked on that sweet dog FOXY, JUST A DOG hhhmmm,, then your nothing as well. full punishment no forgiveness…

    1. Barbara Schenkel says:

      I am alone and just lost my dog to cancer last year. I would do anything to love this dog for the rest of her life. I called to ask about her as soon as I heard it on the news. I live alone and need a loving companion and would give her nothing but love and good care for the rest of her life. I almost drowned when I was 18 so I do not go near water even though I live in beach town in CT. I too survived State 1 cancer and am now cancer free and need a little companion to love unconditonally. I am 62 and she is beautiful and what a spirit.

  2. roseybaxter says:

    Everyone should write and call this loser of a woman in her home in Cohasset. What a despicable human being. Make her life miserable.

  3. patrice says:

    I have cancer and lots of friends and family that support me. I would love to adopt this dog. I have been looking a long time and it is just one of those things you FEEL. Foxy belongs with me….:):) PLEASE tell me how to proceed so I may bring Foxy to a loving, caring home.

  4. T. Foster says:

    I love animals and have 4 of my own, however, the irony doesn’t escape me that statistically at least half of all comments condemening the woman are coming from people who think it’s ok to do worse things to an unborn child. I don’t think it should happen to either.

  5. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

    Seiously Foster? Why would you make this article about abortion?? You have issues.

    1. Lorrie Gallant Scullin says:

      Michelle, I agree with you, T. Foster, what does this have to do with pro-abortion or prolife???? I am prolife and I am insulted by your comment….

  6. Shanacavass says:

    I agree with Foster. For the rest of you, I have one question. If your child and your dog was drowning, which would you save first.
    I am seeing more outrage about this incident than I would if a person died. Priorities!!!!!

    1. Lori says:

      Are you kidding me, do you really think that if someone saw a mother drowning an infant (or any human for that matter) that there would be no reaction or outrage from people. What is so warped in YOUR thinking or beliefs that you don’t understand compassion for ANY living being.

  7. NH Lass says:

    If this dog belongs to her elderly father, I hope someone is doing a wellness check on him – if he lives with her he doesn’t stand a chance.

  8. gigi says:

    Hey Barbara, come into the water for a second I have this really cool fish to show you….

  9. Coastal Elite says:

    I agree with Michelle & Lorrie, Foster, why would you turn this incident into an Abortion/Pro-Life argument? Clearly you are demonstrating your own igornace, and in turn, creating a straw man argument. This is not the forum for you to grind your axe.

    We are all God’s creatures. This dog did not deserve to die via drowning. If the dog was ill, the woman should have taken him to a shelter, or a vet explaining that she can no longer care for the dog.

    As for the argument from Shanacavass: “If your child and your dog was drowning,which would you save first?” is ridiculous and like Foster does not belong in this forum for like Foster, you too are creating a staw man argument. Clearly if my child and dog were drowning I would try to save BOTH. However, the likelihodd of that ever happening is pretty effing slim. To that end, my priorities are in the right order. I care about all of God’s creaturesm and in turn, would do whatever it would take, within my abilities, to save an adult, a child or an animal from drowning!

    1. Coastal Elite says:

      UPDATE: My husband is friends with the Trooper who made the arrest. Apparently, the father was abusing the dog — he used to kick it and throw things at it. And according to the ARL, the dog has an inoperable bladder tumor. Too bad the woman couldn’t have just taken the dog to the shelter or a vet and asked to put the dog down peacefully, vs. dragging it into the ocean. I’m glad the dog is alive, but with that bladder condition, no one will want to adopt him — apparently he pees all over the house. So sad.

  10. Ellen says:

    I can only pray that this woman doesn’t have any children.

    1. Mark says:

      big difference between humans and animals.They are not even close to being of the same value. Hitler was actually someone who tried to say that humans are the same as animals and treated many in that view.

  11. Mark says:

    I don’t see an issue putting a bullet in my pet, if that pet is at the age where it is suffering. It’s as humane if not more humane than bringing it to the vet who will euthanize it with drugs.The vet will by the way charge you a handful not only for the euthanization but also for getting rid of the remains.If this lady was acting on behalf of her pet because it was suffering then I can see her point. Otherwise I can’t.

  12. joan says:

    Put diapers on the poor little guy…He deserves to live out the rest of his life in a loving home.

  13. Nancy Cole Mayo says:

    Maybe the old hag would like to be dipped in the ocean a few times herself.
    She’s just an old lady.

  14. Joanna McGinn says:

    GEEZW I had cancer and I had 5 dogs…1 golden and the rest terriers and was fostering 2 more. If I could I’d take that little baby right now… but MA law is strange about adopting out of state.. but I’d get her out here to Las Vegas… far out of the reaches of that sick (in more ways than physical) woman. I’ll bet her neighbors will not be all that nice to her right when she needs help. Why didn’t she reach out to neighbors, faith community, humane society???? Rescue groups like CAIRN RESCUE LEAGUE?

  15. j. dubois says:

    someone should take the drunken old hag and hold her by the hair underwater until she drowns and then drag her useless ass thru the sand and leave her there to rot in HELL !!!!!

  16. lisa says:

    this woman should do jail time and i mean years there should be strict penalty for doing things like these if she can do this to a helpless dog what would she do around children i would like to watch her drown and would eat popcorn while she went under

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