BOSTON (CBS) – Bing cherries are delicious, nutritious and in season right now, and Fresh Grocer Tony Tantillo will show you how to pick out the perfect ones.

While Bing cherries can come from California, the season for the California cherries is just about over.  Most of what you’ll find in supermarkets right now will be from Washington state.  This time of year, the Washington cherries will be the freshest.  Later in the year, look for cherries from Oregon.

In Washington cherries, the pit is smaller and the sugar count is lower.

Watch video:

Look for cherries with a beautiful red color all the way around.  The darker the red, the better the cherries will be.

Enjoy your cherries with in two to three days, and store them in the refrigerator in the meantime.  The cherries have already traveled a long way, so their shelf life is short.

You can watch Tony weekdays at noon on WBZ-TV.


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