STEWARTSTOWN, N.H. (CBS/AP) – The body of a young girl found in the Connecticut River Monday morning has been identified as 11-year-old Celina Cass.

Celina was last seen in her house a week ago, Monday, July 25, at her computer.

Authorities say they are treating the death as suspicious.

WBZ-TV’s New Hampshire Bureau Chief Lauren Leamanczyk reports.

Friends and family described Cass as studious and reliable, shy and timid, not the type to run away from home.

Her disappearance drew more than 100 federal, state and local law enforcement officers to Stewartstown, a town of 800 residents.

State police and FBI agents from as far away as New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia turned the local school into a bustling command post and searched a mile-wide area around the home. The FBI brought in a special team specializing in child abductions.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Jim Smith reports

“We have brought Celina home, obviously not the way we wanted to bring her home,” said Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane Young confirms death of Celina Cass

Earlier Monday, Celina’s stepfather, Wendell Noyes, was taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment related to his history of mental illness.

In 2003, Noyes was involuntarily committed to New Hampshire Hospital in Concord after he entered his girlfriend’s house in the middle of the night and threatened to throw her down stairs, according to court documents.

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  1. Tammy Smith says:

    What could possible be a sad ending to this case , there is more questions than answers like what happen to this girl between monday and tuesday morning when she vanished if it is her my thoughts and prayers are with the family .

  2. Jen Van Horn Jeffers says:

    So sad to see a body has been found…

  3. Stefanie Simard Corbett says:

    The sad ending people thought but had hoped wouldn’t be

  4. keldam says:

    I was praying this wouldn’t be the outcome, so sad

  5. BH says:

    I should be shocked by the outcome, but I’m not. Maybe now they have all the evidence needed to convict the step father for life. Until then, I hope they place Mr. Noyes under suicide watch in that hospital.

    1. 2 cents says:

      So you really think that the Step father was hospitalized because he did it?
      Or maybe he got word that they had found a body and went ill because he thought it was her body? But, if you are right, this man had better say his prayers…does NH have the death penalty?

      1. Maureen McCabe Haughey says:

        He was hospitalized before the body was found.

      2. BH says:

        Yes NH does have it. Weather the state decide to use it is another matter. But personally, I think they should.

      3. CG says:

        NH only has the death penalty for cop killers-not child killers

  6. b says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so focused on the stepfather. He is mentally ill, But why did they have the pickup of the other suspect(someone living in the home) completely torn apart wed night. and then taken down to concord. (there was blood in it) Also he has NO ALIBI from 11pm to 2:30am when he was seen in town driving around. and now that there is a body found 1/4 mile from the home, he didn’t need much time to commit this crime. Where there was NO struggle in the home, she was a shy girl(wouldn’t have just left with anyone) and only 1 pair of her sneakers were gone, she was comfortable going with whoever she left with.

    1. alan says:

      @ b, keep talking. This is interesting info you are sharing. Got anymore?

  7. Joan Hogan says:

    This Case Is Extremely Tragic . I Can’t Understand how a child’s Biological
    Mother Would Marry A Man who has a serious History Of Violence , In addition to Mental Illness. The Stepfather had been In trobule Before according to Media
    Reports. The Stepfather was allegedly charged with threats to Murder someone
    In a previous case. Your Children Should be Number # 1 , Whether It is the Biological Parent or not , No one has the Right to put their Child ( REN ) @ risk.

  8. b says:

    He has an unsavory record, stolen, and wrecked vehicles, jail time, and 2 pregnant girlfriends. He was said to be acting strange the night of the disappearence, and if they realease that Celina was weighted down with heavy chains and cinder blocks, I was told that he had stolen these items from his (ex?)employer. But that would mean this crime was premeditated. We are just going to have to wait and see. Also I have heard that the girls sheets were found in the dumpster of the restaraunt next door to the childs home. Trying to get rid of some key evidence, but the state police found it when they sifted through every dumpster in town. It is amazing what you can find out about this while living in a small town.

    1. alan says:

      A small town’s “grapevine” runs far, and deep. Keep talking, please

  9. b says:

    well he lived in the home and if you go to the step-fathers facebook page (wendall noyes) and look at the photos of the wedding, you will see a picture of the suspect actually walking with celina. not to say that it wasn’t the stepfather at all it could have been a joint effort, b/c i also heard before the sheets were found(in the dumpster) that wendall was seen at 7am washing the sheets, about 2 hrs before she was reported missing. But this kid has also been seen stopping and talking to young girls(11-14) on multiple occasions. His name was honestly the first name that popped into many people’s heads when the news of the missing girl first came about.

    1. alan says:

      Sooooo, one can construe the stepfather falling on the ground in apparent grief may well have been done in remorse?

  10. Susan says:

    Very informative b. Everyone knows everything in a small town. What a shame. Poor girl. They will get him thats for sure. Sad ending.

  11. b says:

    possibly, but Personally I think it was Kevin Mulaney(sp?)

    1. alan says:

      Now you’re teasing, b. Who is this guy Kevim?

  12. b says:

    the person living in the home. friends w/family of girl.

    1. alan says:

      oh, him. Strange household all around. This poor kid is victimized all which way! : (

    2. dan says:

      how do you know this information? do you live in the same town?

  13. b says:

    yes, and you hear more info from locals then from investigators, plus there is a lot of locals helping w/ it. people talk in small towns

    1. alan says:

      Thanks for extending yourself, b. Have enjoyed the insight, albeit, a gruesome crime.

  14. lisa says:

    The stepfathers brother, Gordon, is a convicted child molester. He lives 3 miles from the girls home. If anyone saw the stepdads FB page…he is a nasty pervert also. Nothing but a bunch of young sleazy women for friends and nasty comments from him. WTH is wrong with women that let men in their homes with young daughters without first doing a background check?

    1. alan says:

      Lisa, I understand background checks, but there is plenty of lacking commonsense well before the background check. A young innocent girls pays the price. Maybe she’s in a better place now! : (

      1. Realistic Rick says:

        “Maybe she’s in a better place now”? Unless you consider lying in a morgue and deceased is a better place, then I think not!!!!!!!

  15. lisa says:

    You’re right Alan. My heart breaks for this young girl. RIP baby girl, you’re in Gods hands now. I don’t know if I’m allowed to put this here, but I belong to a forum that has a crime forum within it. There is a lady there who is a retired LEO. She runs the crime forum and has up to the minute updates on all of these high profile cases. The rest of the place is a free for all, colorful language and all, but the crime forum is awesome and you don’t need to be apart of the other forums if you don’t want to. MockForums. You will get more info there than anywhere else on the net.

  16. Cinque says:

    The one question I have is, has anyone seen the mother make one appearance to plead for the return of her daughter. Not a doubt in my mind that whatever happened to this girl, took place in that house.

    1. alan says:

      Cinque, I’ve wondered the same thing. Sadly, given what I’ve seen, she may be incapable of standing in front of a camera to make a plea!

  17. God Bless says:

    WOW what a tragedy. May God welcome here into his kingdom and give her wings, she didnt deserve it. Gone Too Soon. God Bless her friend and family.

  18. Catherine in Tulsa says:

    Could the mother or stepfather owed people money, and taking the child was either a way to get the money, and it went horribly wrong, etc?

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