BOSTON (CBS) – Seaglass in Salisbury is a posh seaside restaurant, with front-row views of the crashing surf.

Beyond the beautiful view, the softly plinking piano, and a refined decor of muted whites, grays, and sand tones create an elegant yet comfortable ambiance.

Fresh-caught seafood is the star of this menu, but there are dozens of appealing options for carnivores and vegetarians.

Watch video:

First, “baked oysters” were deeply flavored and decadent, topped with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, pecorino, smoky bacon, and a dollop of heavy cream. A towering pile of ocean-fresh “mussels” was served in a rich broth of roasted tomato, fennel, and fragrant herbs.

Next, a “bone-in rib-eye” was 16 ounces of juicy, beefy satisfaction, with a gorgeous crust and perfectly cooked center. The “Stuffed lobster” was big, buttery, and beautifully baked, but suffered from too much breading.

Desserts started strong, with a sophisticated take on the ice cream sandwich featuring house-made “ginger cookies” loaded with luscious pumpkin ice cream. An “apple crisp” wasn’t especially apple-y or crispy, and the topping-to-filling ratio was out of whack.

Portions are big, and the menu features plenty of tempting sides and raw-bar add-ons. Phantom’s server was nice as can be, but a little wet behind the ears. The well-scrubbed dining room was clean as the ocean breeze.

With entrees in the thirties, plan to shell out plenty of clams.

Seaglass enjoys prime real estate along the Salisbury waterfront, with on-site parking. Phantom gives Seaglass a total of 79 (Phantom approved).

Check out all the food and fun on the Phantom Gourmet Sundays at at 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. TV38.


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