BOSTON (CBS) – A war of words has erupted after Senator Scott Brown was the only member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation who is noticeably absent from a new “It Gets Better” video.

The video is part of a nationwide campaign supporting gay and lesbian teenagers.

A Democratic Party official tells us, “Every member of the delegation was asked to participate, and plenty of accommodations were made to fit into their schedules.”

However, a source tells WBZ-TV that Republican Senator Scott Brown declined.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

A spokesperson defended the senator’s decision saying, “Scott Brown has a strong record at the state and federal level against bullying and believes that all people regardless of sexual orientation should be treated with dignity and respect. His main focus right now is on creating jobs and getting our economy back on track.”

That comment sparked an immediate retort from the state Democratic Party.

They pointed out votes and comments on gay rights-related issues that Senator Brown has made in the past, including his vote “for Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage” that was ultimately shot down.

They also responded to the Senator’s suggestion he’s focused on jobs and the economy by noting that Brown recently filed legislation to increase the penalty for killing seals.

“I guess he has time to save seals, but not gay kids,” Democratic Party Communications Director Kevin Franck said, sarcastically adding, “I mean, who doesn’t love seals?”

Brown is on the record as supporting the elimination of the Military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, which would allow gay men and women to serve openly.

The latest “It Gets Better” public service announcement was especially well-received at the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth, or BAGLY, which showed the video at its meeting Wednesday night.

BAGLY is specifically mentioned in the one-minute video as a resource for kids in Massachusetts, urging them not to commit suicide.

Overall response was very positive to the fact that the state’s elected officials made this PSA.

BAGLY member Sam Iwen called it “great that the people in charge of us are actually caring about us.  You can never go wrong with saving a life.”

“We all should be part of making it better,” explained BAGLY’s Executive Director, Grace Sterling Stowell.  “It’s not simply waiting for a time in the future when things will be better.  But we can all work together now to help make it better.  I think this video is part of that.”

Lost on no one was the fact that the Bay State’s junior senator was the only member of the entire delegation to turn down the invitation to appear.

“I think that’s really unfortunate,” said BAGLY member Daunasia Yancey.  “It’s not a political statement, it’s a statement of caring.  And we are his constituents, too.”

Said Stowell: “The fact that every single person except Senator Brown participated will definitely be noticed.  And it sends a message, intentional or not.

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson and Jim Armstrong contributed to this report.

Comments (18)
  1. Equaityforall says:

    Brown voted to define marriage as only between one man and one woman. He also voted against same-sex domestic partnership benefits.

    He voted over 25 times against marriage equality, even when 3/4 of our legislature and many MA Republican legislators stood with us.

    Brown has said “the idea of two women having a child is “just not normal.”

    Brown benefited from the National Organization for Marriage’s “$50,000 investment,” and from robocalls made for Brown by NOM.

    Brown, also received endorsements by two hate groups, and has not renounced their support

  2. Dr says:

    The key letter is “D”
    because the Dems are getting desperate
    lets knock off this bull over he loves seals and doesnt care about our kids
    petty,petty bull s***
    wake up america !!!!
    lets change things NOW vote out the DEMS NOW
    things are not getting better “are they” ????

  3. Italo says:

    (1) It’s sad that in today’s politics, everything that’s important has become only obsessive-compulsive servitude to soundbites promoting one’s own party.

    (2) Kerry looks frighteningly embalmed in that video still.


  4. art says:

    it is very unhealthly life choice… there is a reason male goodbuddiess doe much earlier than normal males

  5. Cinque says:

    Much ado about nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ALBY says:

    being a democrat means you have to support gays, illegals,getting more of their relatives on the government payroll,everything that is ABNORMAL they are for,thats why this ex democrat state is now more independent,I would like to wake up some morning and find what democrats are left ,have moved out of state AMEN

  7. JT says:

    Really WBZ? This is news? Are you kidding? Who gives a crud if he does the video. he’s WORKING. Nice job trying to trash his name. Not going to work come election time you idiots.

  8. HOMER says:

    U took the words right out of my mouth Dr………. What a joke channel 4!!!!!!!! Time to get back to fair and balanced reporting….

  9. McGregor says:

    This is the old “If your not a cheerleader for “BAGLY” then you must be filled with hate, are a bigot, and should be thrown out of office. I suspect the other elected officials were bullied into making their appearance, so as to avoid the media’s wrath. This is awful, and it’s anti-American. The senator has every right to be selective.

  10. Captain Al says:

    I guess WBZ is now in the Boston Globe’s camp on where they stand with Sen. Brown. Why don’t they just come out and say “anybody but Brown”? I guess they still think it’s Sen. Kennedy’s seat, not the seat belonging to the citizens of Massachusetts. There are other things more important than this that the country is facing but the Democrats are so desperate, they will cling to any issue to cast Sen. Brown in a negative light. The voters aren’t stupid. We see through this and we will vote Sen. Brown a full six year term and then get rid of Liveshot “I don’t pay my taxes but you should” Kerry.

  11. demoon says:

    How about you clowns concentrate on the budget crisis and leave the name calling for later.

  12. msw says:

    Just another welcome nail in Brown’s re-election coffin. There are many voters with gay sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends…….etc

  13. jim says:

    So when the Pro-life movement asks the MASS representatives to do a commercial on telling kids that having sex before they are ready is a bad idea, who on the Democratic side is going to do the video? I am sure that when asked they are against children having sex (just they do not believe it will happen). So it would be similar to the Gay Alliance asking Scott Brown to do this ad. Non story. Remember he is the only elected official in MASS that is Republican. Is it surprising he does not hold the same values as all the Democrats?

  14. tsal says:

    Not surprising that many here supporting Brown’s failure to participate in an anti-bullying campaign are also clearly bigots. And the remainder of those who can’t see a problem with his not participating are blaming the democrats. Well done and very typical.

    Brown has said he was abused. He knows (according to him) what bullying is firsthand. Yet he is noticeably absent from a campaign to stop bullying. If anyone believes bullying is not a problem in this country, he/she has clearly not been the victim.

    Alby – in response to your abnormal comment – when were you given the right to judge anyone? Jim, “he does not hold the same values as Democrats.” I’d agree with you there. The GOP has made it very clear it does not respect the values or the rights of anyone who differs from them in any way and who is not wealthy.

    1. massman says:

      I agree with you TSAL. I already tried posting similar statements twice, but they failed to appear. I wouldn’t judge Senator Brown on this one mistake. But this was a golden opportunity for a prominent Republican to show his party, who are going to bury themselves with this issue, that standing up against discrimination, isn’t partisan, but American. Big F on this move, regardless of what the bigots may think.

  15. NYminute says:

    Really? Because Scott Brown declines to participate in a particular public service announcement, we should all wish him gone? Come on folks, bigger things to worry about right now!