BOSTON (CBS) – The fiery crash of a gas tanker has Boston Mayor Tom Menino speaking out about safety.

The accident on Route 1 in Saugus killed the driver and sent flames 100 feet into the air.

Mayor Menino has pushed to keep trucks carrying hazardous materials from passing through crowded neighborhoods like the North End and Chinatown.

Watch Mayor Menino’s comments

He says the crash in Saugus is more proof that these trucks are an unnecessary risk.

“This is a public safety issue, I’m strongly in favor of it, says Menino. “Every study we’ve seen says those trucks should not be going through the neighborhoods of Boston.”

Menino wants Boston residents to speak up at next month’s state transportation hearings.

The mayor hopes to have hazmat trucks restricted from traveling through the core of the city, except when they are making a delivery.