BOSTON (CBS) – Recently, state Democratic chairman Jon Walsh spoke to WBZ’s Jon Keller about Bay State politics. Now, it’s time to hear the other side.

Jennifer Nassour, the state’s Republican party chairwoman, recently sat down with WBZ-TV.

The state’s budget was balanced without raising taxes. Unemployment numbers are dropping. And a landmark municipal healthcare was passed. All this was done by a Democratic Governor (Deval Patrick) and a Democratic state legislature.

Part 1:

Why do we need Republicans?

“You need Republicans because up until this year, we didn’t see any of those reforms happen. And because we elected an additional 21 new Republicans to the legislature this year, we saw that there were bigger changes because the Republicans were holding the Democrats’ feet to the fire,” said Nassour.

Is Nassaur alleging that the Democrats on Beacon Hill are living in some kind of fear the growing Republican minority?

Part 2:

“Yes I am! I think that what happened was, we saw in 2010 that the voters decided. Usually what happens is that the voters like their local representation, but in 2010, the voters said ‘No, we don’t want you there anymore because we’re sick of having speakers like Sal DiMasi. Three speakers in a row now. Something needs to change in the legislature. We’re gonna change it.’ And so by having an infusion of new Republicans there, they were able to offer up amendments to show a united front and to also get some Democrats who are looking to the best interests’ of their communities to agree to this,” said Nassour.

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Jon Keller

Comments (4)
  1. blackbear1 says:

    Keller, what do you mean, “who needs the Republicans”? This Massachusetts legislature is an embarrassment and a joke!! I travel a lot and have to listen to some very good, inquisitive and humorous questions about our core values here in the Peaples Republic of Mass.. Also I read your comments last week prior to you going on vacation about some still ridiculous views on President Obama. Hate to tell you, but there are still many doubters on him beyond just party differences.

  2. tsal says:

    I seriously doubt it was just this year that things began to happen in MA – once the party of the rich (oh wait I’m supposed to say “job creators”) took more seats. Since we have weathered the recession better than most states – whether you like it doesn’t matter because we have – I’d say the democrats have done something right. First, they have looked after the average joe. Is there a mess even in the house on the left? You bet there is. There is a mess across the board. However, when you get a party that refuses compromise when this country is founded on compromise, you do not need them – as plain as it gets.

    1. FireGuyFrank says:

      tsal, you really believe Massachusetts is doing better than most states? Must I remind you that the Bay State LOST another seat in the US House of Representatives? You know what that means — people are leaving the Commonwealth for other areas.

      Virginia, for example, has an unemployment rate of around 6%. New construction continues, and road projects abound. Plus the Metro’s expansiion to Dulles International Airport is underway with expected completion in 2013.

      There are states doing much worse — Nevada comes to mind. But Bay Staters need to know that tax and spend never works.

      1. tsal says:

        FireGuyFrank. There were 18,000 new jobs in the United States in June. 57% percent of them were in Massachusetts. I didn’t say MA was doing better than all states. And I didn’t say that other states were not doing well also. I said MA is doing better than most and it is.

        When you say tax and spend – the only group that would see a tax increase is the wealthy – it’s their turn – they need to figure that out.

        The fact remains that a member of the grand old party coming into office and taking credit for work that has been done during the great recession is ridiculous.