BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Bruins premiered the NHL Stanley Cup Champions 2011: Boston Bruins DVD on Monday night in downtown Boston, with a few of the Bruins there for all the fun.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Rich Shertenlieb caught up with Bruins forward Brad Marchand about his shirtless celebrations, plans for the Cup and his future with the Bruins.

Rich showed Marchand some pictures taken while he was shirtless at different parties after winning the Cup. One showed him and Tyler Seguin shirtless together, that Marchand explained was them showing off their new tattoos. Marchand said his reads “Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins 2011.”

Obviously it’s a big offseason for the Bruins with the Cup and all, but there is also work to be done. Marchand became a restricted free agent on July 1, and has yet to sign a deal with the team. Has there been any progress in getting him signed?

“I think right now it’s just a little slower because all the management getting the Cup, so they’re all trying to enjoy their day with it. Obviously hoping something gets done here soon, but time will tell,” Marchand said.

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