BOSTON (CBS) – Even if you missed the lurid TV ads in the past, showing a suspicious guy following a little girl into the ladies room, didn’t you know Beacon Hill is about to make it legal for men to use women’s bathrooms?

It’s hard to miss the sensational radio ads currently airing, all part of the long-running battle over this bill granting equal access to public facilities for people who want to belong to the opposite sex, also known as transgenders.

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Advocates have run ads of their own, focusing on protecting transgenders from violence.

WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller Is At Large

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But the opposition’s “bathroom” emphasis has been politically effective, helping to keep the bill bottled up in committee for years.

So we asked both sides: is there a middle ground here?

“To me the bathrooms are not the important issue,” says Ashley Amber Bottoms. “The issue with me is our rights. I’ve lost jobs, been denied jobs because I’m transgendered. That’s where it hits home.”

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“I’m talking about 10,000 registered sex offenders who we’re saying you can walk into a bathroom of your choosing and no one will be able to challenge you,” says Kris Mineau of the Massachusetts Family Institute.

Jon Keller