FALL RIVER (CBS) – Weeks after the death of a Fall River woman in a public pool, the Department of Conservation and Recreation is still searching for answers.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pool at Lafayette Park was to be drained on Saturday.

The pool has been closed since June 28 after the body of 36-year-old Marie Joseph was found floating on the surface.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

The body went undiscovered for two days because of murky water.

A makeshift memorial for Joseph continues to be outside the fence of the pool.

The staff of the pool has been on paid administrative leave since the discovery.

Comments (11)
  1. donny says:

    Boy. Sure is a lot of ‘paid administrative leave’ in the news.

    Can somebody explain just what that means, because I’m assuming it means people are paid, but don’t do their job. Is that right?…

    1. Lori Bowen says:

      Much like unemployment… These people cannot DO their jobs due to the pool being closed. Why they don’t just call it unemployment is beyond me.
      What I would like to know is why it took them THREE weeks to drain the pool.

  2. Stephen Rost says:

    So how many of us ” got fired ” for doing our Civilian Jobs ”

    Gay warrior ‘ said I have’nt noticed these past few years – have you?

    How bout’ you Mitt ?

  3. John F. says:

    Paid administratvie leave, not bad for some high school kid’s summer job. Get paid and not have to be anywhere or be accountable for anything.

    Granted, what happened to this woman was a horrible accident, and for that, I extend my condolences for the family. However, where is the peace of mind that this won’t happen again? Aside from them now draining the pool, how about maintaining it in the first place. I can’t say if it would have changed the outcome, but at least people would have seen her before days had passed.

  4. Mike says:

    everyone involved in the incedent should be fired, It is wrong to A.) be paid for a job you were not really doing in the first place and B.) to allow the situation to get to the point where someone has to die to have something done, this pool should have been drained and cleaned long before the incedent. I was a lifeguard and I was responsible for reporting pool conditions, so either they ignored the pool condition, or they have a problem with there senses and do not see or hear well….. when someone tell a life guard someone went under and didn’t suface they are suppose to empty the pool, or atleast do a thorough check which clearly didn’t happen. I say fire them all from the top down.

  5. BStone says:

    Drained for what? To clean the pool? Will it be refilled? More details please.

  6. Linda says:

    Drained ,? Cleaned?, Mirky water, floating body for 2 days?? Whats the whole story on the pools conditions and the paid staff that doesnt appear to work. Odd reporting.

  7. Beauregard says:

    Can anyone explain to me why the slide was landing in 12′ feet deep water. This is insane. Pool slides should be in the shallow end!

    1. Nanette L says:

      are you nuts? The shallow end? Pool slides are always in the deep end or else there would be alot of injuries. Its like diving in the shallow end!!!

  8. Beauregard says:

    Paid administrative leave is because if you suspend a public employee without pay, and they get reinstated to their old position by some hack arbitrator, which is almost always the case, regardless of the negligence, they will get back pay and damages. Welcome to the world of the public sector.

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