BOSTON (CBS) – Thousands of new bicyclists are expected to take to the streets of Boston with the launch of the Hubway bike share program.

The system will launch later this month and is scheduled to have 600 bicycles stationed at 61 kiosks around the city. The goal is have as many as 5,000 bikes at 300 kiosks.

Memberships will range from $5 for a day to $85 annually. A special introductory rate of $60 is currently available.

Mayor Menino and several city organizations announced a new campaign Wednesday to promote safe behavior among cyclists.

“It is important that all cyclists and motorists alike follow the rules of the road so that the streets are safe for all users,” Mayor Menino said. “This program will educate cyclists on how to bike safely and abide by the rules. We want all cyclists to wear helmets and to follow stoplights.”

Police will set up in “high-conflict” intersections enforcing traffic rules for both bicyclists and cars.

Boston Bikes will offer low-cost helmets online, at retail locations and at bike share locations. They will also provide educational classes taught by certified instructors.

Comments (2)
  1. says:

    I think that the biking is great but I think that the rules that apply to automobile drivers should be published. Rules about being three feet from a bicycle when passing, telling people about the bike lanes and what the rules concerning them is. I have asked many people and nobody seems to be aware that there are even rules.

    1. dood says:

      They are published.
      But yes, the rules could be publicized more.
      Google massachusetts General Laws and also check out the Registry of Motor Vehicles website.

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