GREENFIELD, Mass. (AP) — The Franklin County sheriff says a riot involving more than a dozen inmates at the county jail caused at
least $250,000 in damages.

Sheriff Christopher Donelan tells The Recorder of Greenfield the disturbance that started Thursday night was originally intended as a sit-in to protest certain rules and restrictions. It quickly escalated into widespread vandalism that included the de0struction of furniture, a guard station including a computer and other electronics, and a sprinkler that resulted in foot of water.

Guards used stun grenades and tear gas to quell the riot early Friday morning.

The sheriff has identified 14 inmates who were involved in the destruction, most of them from Vermont.

The Greenfield jail accepts out-of-state inmates to help balance the books. The chief of the Vermont Corrections Department has apologized.
Information from: The Recorder

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  1. jaygee says:

    If they don’t care for the “rules & restrictions” then perhaps they should have thought about it before breaking into people’s homes, stealing cars, selling drugs or mugging old ladies. To be sympatheticwithout discrimination is just a wee bit debilitating.

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