BOSTON (CBS) – Howie Carr has chronicled the career of Whitey Bulger, even though he once feared the mobster would take him out.

WBZ’s Jon Keller recently sat down with Carr to discuss the latest with the case.

Carr described fearing Whitey and his cohort Stephen Flemmi back in the mobster’s heyday. If Carr had a target on his back for a number of years, how is he still alive?

“Well, I never went home the same way twice. I took precautions and I stopped meeting people. People would say ‘I wanna meet you somewhere,’ and I’d say ‘I don’t do meetings anymore. I’ll run into you somewhere.’ They were just little precautions you had to take in that situation,” Carr said.

Part 1:

Carr described that Whitey’s police connections kept him out of trouble, for the most part.

“You couldn’t go to the cops. Who was I going to go to, the FBI? Boston police, they weren’t totally infiltrated, but the word would have gotten back to Whitey that he had scared me and I had gone to the cops, and then he would have really owned me,” said Carr.

Carr added that the strangest thing about Whitey’s capture is the amount of money he still had after so many years on the run.

“I wanna know where this money thing came from. I wanna know if these bills (are) more than 15 years old, or if he’s still getting new money somewhere. I think that’s what the FBI is interested in too,” said Carr.

Part 2:

Carr said that the FBI is investigating connections between South Boston and Santa Monica, where Whitey and Catherine Greig were found hiding out last week.

“I keep hearing that they’re in South Boston interviewing people who have relatives or loved ones out in Santa Monica. Apparently, there’s been an underground railroad of people going back and forth between Southie and Santa Monica, and the FBI’s trying to figure out if it’s just a bunch of guys who wanna be the Hollywood movie stars or if there’s something more nefarious to it,” said Carr.

Jon Keller

Comments (3)
  1. jaygee says:

    While I may disagree with Howie sometimes, he has done things that required a lot of bold spirited resolve. His book on the Bulger’s along with many of his articles concerning organized crime, would never have been written by others. The public owes quite a bit to both him and all of the other investigative teams of the Boston Globe, WBZ and the like. If not for them, corruption would never be exposed and it would definately be much worse.

  2. Willow says:

    With all due respect, I have to disagree. It already is worse. We may not have nortorious mob bosses in the limelight like yesteryear, but look at what’s going on in many streets just in Boston alone. Gangs are killing each other, and innocent bystanders, right out in the open in broad daylight. Oh, I think it can totally get far worse then it is.