BOSTON (CBS) – Kevin Weeks, who was closer to Bulger than anyone, joins NightSide to talk about his life of crime. Weeks was Whitey’s most trusted associate, and continued to meet with him even after Bulger went on the run. You don’t want to miss this!

Originally broadcast June 28th, 2011.

  1. George Naccara says:

    Would like to speak with Dan Rea about his segment on TSA last night. I called in to discuss issues regarding the incidents in New York, veterans hiring, etc. I was stunned at the quality of guest he had on his show in Les Rayburn. While he is a decorated combat veteran, his citing of issues/facts as he saw them with respect to TSA was appalling. I could have literally refuted every point he made from the treatment of children, the allegations of pat-downs on every 5th person, giving up his rights when he flies iin the US to his demand for racial profiling in our country. That is not the quality that the station should put on the air, and merely added to a tone of sensationalism without substance.
    As i suggested last night, I am willing to speak to you about our Risk-Based Security plans for the agency as I think you will find that quite interesting.
    George Naccara

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