BOSTON (CBS) – Boston police are blaming the shooting of 4-year-old boy on gang violence. Police Supt. Ed Davis said Tuesday a stray bullet struck the boy while he was at a playground in Dorchester.

The boy was in the hospital Tuesday in stable condition.

“I think about the individual who’s responsible for the shooting of this four-year-old child. I hope he’s proud of himself,” an angry Davis told reporters.

Supt. Ed Davis Talks To WBZ NewsRadio 1030

In the meantime, Boston police returned to Harambee Park Tuesday to see if they could find any new evidence in the shooting.

WBZ-TV’s Peg Rusconi reports.

Contrary to initial reports, officials now say the suspects involved in the shooting took off running on foot, rather than on dirt bikes. Police say a number of witnesses have come forward but they are urging any else who may have seen anything to contact them.

Well known community leader Rev William Dickerson met with the young victim’s mother at the hospital.

“She was of course angry and she should be angry. She should be outraged and upset,” said Dickerson.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Mayor Menino vowed to use every available police resource to try and catch the person responsible for the shooting.

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  1. p says:

    People always get angry with the Mayor. What’s the Community leader doing thats stopping the violence? I hope they catch those thugs and give them life instead of a plea deal from our failed court system. Stop blaming the mayor and start blaming the thugs and their parents for not raising them right.

  2. Primetime Editorials says:

    this dont make no darn sense
    people need to stop this gun violence shooting our children down like dogs
    so sad

  3. breal says:

    Again, we focus on the trigger person than the trigger…Yes there are two many guns on the streets…!

    1. miley says:

      two guns on the street isn’t that many though

  4. ML says:

    I’ve never known a gun to jump off the table and pull it’s own trigger.

  5. Staci says:

    Massachusetts needs to implement a scared straight program or the death penalty. Then these kids, young adults wouldn’t be so quick to shoot.

  6. Bro. Marc says:

    we have a warner in our midst. The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan! What are WE ALL waiting for another Million Man March before WE SAY that WE ARE going to”Stop The Violence” then GO Home and KILL ONE ANOTHER AGAIN! Please! Listen CLOSELY! This IS The FINAL CALL! Stop talking bout Jesus SAVES! You ARE THAT Jesus ! Save Yourself! Wake UP People! Love Yourself! Stop Hating SELF? PlEASE!

  7. Lisa says:

    Change starts in the community. Until the community stops condoning this behaviour, it will continue. Parents need to stop pampering their kids and discipline them!!

  8. Jeannie Vieira says:

    Once and for all bring in the military we are making other countries streets safe and kids can not even go to the playground? Seriously once you join a gang or commit a violent crime should no longer be a citizen that way we can get around not being able to use military on our own people. also guns don’t kill people…people kill people.

  9. big Dog says:

    The police and Mayor talk a good game, but they need to play hard ball with the gangs. Public announcement on all of the media outlets and say that they know who these gangs are and there will be a shoot to kill order if needed, or use a “show of force” tactic and have the “gang units” patrol the neighborhoods with bigger weapons than the gangs or the best bet have the State Police gang teams assist. Mayor Menino will never call the State Police because he and Ed Davis will lose control because the troopers take control.

  10. D Caf says:

    This problem is a metastasized cancer that needs to be aggressively treated. Dead gang bangers is the only solution. No courts, no jails, no more revolving doors.

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