By Alana Gomez, WBZ-TV

WILMINGTON – One day 14-year old Michael Murphy was a healthy, athletic teenager. The next day he was fighting for his life.

Murphy planned to meet friends at a Wilmington baseball field before heading to the Bruins’ parade last Saturday. When Murphy’s friends arrived they found him face down on the field unconscious.

“At first they thought he was fooling around and they said ‘Mike get up’,” said Mike Murphy, Michael’s father.

But it was no joke and soon Mike got the worst call in his life. His son was at the hospital in a coma-like state.

“The first day the prognosis was not good. They said it’s very likely he might die,” said Mike.

But slowly, Michael progressed. His father said he can’t move or speak, but is now able to open his eyes.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

“I just broke down. I said as long as he’s alive I’ll take him. It doesn’t matter what shape he’s in and to see his eyes open, it was great,” said Mike. “It was like he was born over again.”

Mike says doctors are stumped as to what happen. So far, he says they’ve acknowledged that Michael went into cardiac arrest but they have no idea why. Mike says his son has never had serious health issues before.

Mike says the only thing getting them through this difficult time is support from the town of Wilmington.

Sunday afternoon Michael’s classmates and teachers held a kickball fundraiser for the family. A large crowd at Wilmington Middle School wore shirts with Michael’s face on them.

“Everyone’s thinking positive and we visit him in the hospital and we pray for the best,” said Courtney Jensen, one of Michael’s friends. “He wouldn’t believe how many people care about him.”

Friends also held a vigil for Michael last week.

So far classmates have helped raise more than $1200 for his family.

Mike says the doctors told him his son has extensive brain damage and recovery will be a difficult process.

“I said as long as he comes home it doesn’t matter. He’s my boy so I’ll do anything for him.”

Comments (21)
  1. Lori says:

    Maybe it’s something called Transverse Myelits…. A similar thing happened to my sister 2 years ago, within 24 hours she was perfectly healthy to in the intensive care until with a breathing, feeding tube and in an enduced coma. Scarey as hell when you don’t know what’s happening!

  2. Lori says:

    June 26, 2011 at 6:27 pm | Reply | Report comment


    Maybe it’s something called Transverse Myelits…. A similar thing happened to my sister 2 years ago, within 24 hours she was perfectly healthy to in the intensive care until with a breathing, feeding tube and in an enduced coma. Scarey as hell when you don’t know what’s happening!

  3. beth demeo says:

    hold him close,,i lost my dad last year,,tearing me to peices,,,,,praying for him….all my love beth

  4. shotime says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Michael, and your family!

  5. Lori_former Wilmington Resident says:

    Another Wilmington Resident died (in his home) about 15 years ago with an undiagnosed heart condition, a good kid, just graduated high school les then a year before. There was also a more recent case a few years ago when a young Wilmington boy died. They named the skate park after him. My heart goes out to those families as well as to this young mans family. May he recover to the way he was before he fell ill. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. As always, when I read about something like this, have your kids get an EKG done. It can detect Prolonged (or Shortened) QT Syndrome. QT Syndrome can be linked to SIDs and Sleep Apnea (which is sometimes called the adult form of SIDs).

  6. John says:

    so sad, my prayers go out to him and his family and friends/ Was the field he was on artificial turf or regular grass field?

    1. Lori_former Wilimngton Resident says:

      Unless they changed it since 1998, then it is grass

    2. Gianna says:

      its a regular grass field, he has been making better progress. He transferred hospitals the other day and he has a feeding tube now. But its written on paper by doctors that he will wake up. So he is much better!! All my prayers are still going to him and hopefully he will wake up soon. Hes a fighter!!

  7. Richelle Stephens says:

    Has a search of his home done to rule out the smoking of what is generally called “spice,” a concoction of herbs, weeds, seeds, and a tiny bit of marijuana, all soaked in chemicals. This is sold as incense, pot-pouri, and marked as “not for human consumption.”? Just something to check out.

    1. mikey says:

      how do you know what spice is made up of

    2. Gianna says:

      The doctors ruled out all drugs and alcohol. The doctors are now sending him to a neurologist, a cardiologist (because he went into cardiac arrest) and geneticist for possible answers.

  8. jacob says:

    im sure they did a urine toxicology that would have shown THC thats a great thought tho.

  9. Cindy Murphy says:

    The Doctors still don’t know why my son went into cardiac arrest, but drugs, amongst other things were ruled out….

    1. Lori_Former Wilmington Resident says:

      That is good that drugs were ruled out. Hopefully they find out what caused this to happen and can heal him quick.

      1. Cindy Murphy says:

        We now finally know what caused Mikey to go into cardiac arrest, see below.

  10. Jess Fillio says:

    My cousin knows him. she told me all of what happened. It’s a terrible thing. Tons of people from Wilmington set their facebook profile pictures as a picture of Michael. I did as well. Even though I didn’t know him, I felt I needed to show my respect and support to his family and friends. Hope for the best. good luck Mikey!

    1. says:

      Thank you!!! : )

  11. Grace says:

    Is there a fund to contribute to Mikey’s recovery?

    1. Cindy Murphy says:

      Yes, see below.

  12. Cindy Murphy says:

    Michael’s cardiologist in Children’s Hospital recently diagnosed Mikey with a rare illnes called C.P.V.T, you can find out more info about this devastating condition on Our family appreciates all your kind words and support for Mikey. Yes, there is a charitable trust fund called ” The Michael C. Murphy Charitable Fund~ C/O Connie Murphy~ 35 Marivista Ave. Waltham MA. 02451 Thank you again for all your love & support for Mikey….Sincerely, Mikey’s Mom

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