SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (CBS) – “A perfect place to blend in” is how WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent Joe Shorsleeve describes the California neighborhood that Whitey Bulger called home for the last 15 years.

On the same day Bulger appeared in Federal court in Boston, neighbor, Denise Walsh remembered talking to him almost daily. Walsh said she’d often stop and talk to Bulger while walking her dog.

“He loved Whitey, he was really attracted to him,” she said of her dog. “I guess he’s not a real good judge of character.”

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports

Frank Quinn, formerly of Dedham, also lives in Santa Monica.

It’s just crazy to think I’ve probably driven by here a hundred times,” said Quinn.
To think that Whitey lived in this house here, unbelievable.

The place is just a stone’s throw from the beach, which, as Joe Shortsleeve points out, is just like the place where Bulger grew up.

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  1. Joe says:

    During the Celtics/Lakers 2008 NBA Finals I was listening to the post game coverage on weei. It was after game 4 or 5 which were both played in LA. A guy calls in from an Irish Boston sports bar in Santa Monica to discuss the game. During the conversation he paused then said, “hang on a second I’m walking outside”. You could tell he walked outside as it was more quiet. He then says “guys, your not going to believe me but I swear I just saw whitey bulger in the bar”. The hosts were sceptical but he was adamant about it. Then they asked him what he looked like? The caller went on to describe him in detail. They were joking and saying “can you imagine if it really was him and you just had a beer with whitey?” Then they started to believe him more because he was so certain and it was obvious from his voice he was very anxious. They told him maybe he should call the FBI. He said he might. They talked for another minute about the actual game and then the call ended.

    There is a report now that there were a few tips of whitey sightings in Santa Monica in 2008. One from Americas most wanted and a few to the FBI. I wonder if this guy was one of them? I don’t know why I remember it but as soon as I heard yesterday of the Boston sports bar in Santa Monica it just immediately came back to me. Somebody should contact weei and see if they have the call tapes from those games. I definatley know it was one of the games played in LA but not positive which one.

    This guy was dead serious but I didn’t take him very seriously because everyone thought he was in Europe. Just thinking of it now sends chills down my spine. This guy most likely did watch the game and have a beer with whitey bulger then called a Boston radio station to tell people and nobody believed him.

    1. Joe says:

      PS, then he most likely called the FBI and they didn’t believe him either. Or didn’t want to believe him or intentionally ignored it.