BOSTON (CBS) – The name Whitey Bulger is synonymous with crime and the Boston area.

Many New Englanders know the whole Whitey story, from his upbringing in South Boston to his numerous encounters with authorities, to his 16-year run from the law, and finally, to his arrest.

Photos: Whitey Through The Years

The rest of the nation, though, was likely introduced to Whitey in Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed film, “The Departed.”

Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson, was based on Whitey, who ran the infamous Winter Hill Gang from 1978 up until he fled in 1995. Bulger became an informant for the FBI, ratting out his rival crime gang members, and other mobsters.

Read: Learn More About Whitey’s Background

Others may have learned about Whitey and his brother William from the television series “Brotherhood,” which had a three-year run on Showtime. The series, originally written as a feature film, concentrates on the dynamic between brothers Whitey and William, who was the Bay State’s Senate President from 1978-1996 before becoming the President of the University of Massachusetts.

The Scene: Whitey Bulger’s Home In Santa Monica, California

Bulger was arrested with his girlfriend Catherine Greig Wednesday night at his home in Santa Monica, California.


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