Felger & Massarotti were joined Monday by Phil Pritchard, curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the man responsible for looking after the Stanley Cup. Unquestionably the most storied trophy in sports, the Cup has over 2,200 names engraved in its silver body, and has been hoisted by every Stanley Cup champion from Bobby Orr to Zdeno Chara.

It is Pritchard’s full-time job to watch over Lord Stanley’s Cup, and a member of his team is with the Stanley Cup for every second of its 100 day tour after a team wins an NHL Championship. The guys wanted to know where the Cup is at the moment.

“The Stanley Cup is in Boston with Mike and Howie from the Hall as they are doing staff photos today. Then they’ve got a charter out to Las Vegas tomorrow morning with Chara and Tim Thomas and the guys that are nominated for the awards,” answered Pritchard.

While there are many secrets that Pritchard guards as a part of his job, he has assured Tony and Mike that if the Cup could talk, its stories would undoubtedly become a best-seller. Without disclosing too many details, Pritchard gives listeners a glimpse of some of the more unusual situations he has found himself in with the trophy. He keeps such a tight watch on it, in fact, that he sometimes even finds himself sleeping on the couches of that year’s Stanley Cup Champions. Tune in now to find out even more about what its like to be a part of Stanley Cup lore, day in and day out.