Actually I have to concede up front….that posting title of “only in California” is a typical overstatement on my part, but often times as I visit some of the crunchy-granola, beautiful-people, lefty-looney locales in this country, I’m forever taken back by the dynamics of these destinations.    The beauty of a San Francisco for example is magnificent.   The coastline of the left coast, Pacific Coast Highway for example is magnificent.   Follow the coastline North from San Francisco or veer slightly Northeast and cruise on through the vineyards of Napa, Sonoma etc.   In my opinion, the coastline on the right side of this country pales in comparison.   The coast of Maine?  Rugged beauty.     The coast of California?   Magnificent, breathtaking.

     The journalist in me never stops and I’m always anxious to scrutinize the local newspapers and this case, it was the San Francisco Chronicle. The Boston Globe obviously regurgitates the left-wing leanings of its parent, the ever-dangerous New York Times, but reading the Chronicle by the bay, in the shadow of the incredible Golden Gate Bridge, it was difficult to keep from chuckling.  

     For example:   Lead story, front page, above the fold….the lead line is:   “For the past six years, those mustard-yellow stickers affixed to the haunches of 85,000 California hybrid vehicles have been golden.”   Folks, you can’t make this stuff up!    But wait there’s more.  Lead story, front page, below the fold…the lead line is:   “as she made her way up Market Street the other day on a tea break from her new job as head of the most prominent anti-death penalty organization in California, Jean Woodford strode slowly, shoulders hunched, stylish in a collarless black pantsuit that hung loosely around her slight frame. The steel in the brown eyes gaze so steady her head barely moves.”  Sounds more like book author Pat Conroy doesn’t it.

     Lest we wonder why the primary purpose of big city newspapers in this country is to provide lining for the birdcage or wrapping for the fish.

     From San Francisco, we headed over the Golden Gate to Napa Valley…..Calistoga specifically….where I was about to seriously challenge the supply of Pinot Grigio and/or Pinot Noir and perform my first wedding ceremony as Gary LaPierre, O.C.   (ordained clergy).     Tell you more later.


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