The Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup has everyone listening to 98.5. Even Senator John Kerry called in to Gresh & Zo to talk about the Bruins’ postseason run. Hear what the Senator thought of Vancouver’s chirping and how the B’s handled themselves. That and more with Senator John Kerry.

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  1. Mike M says:

    Do you think the additional TV timeouts benefited the Bruins?

    1. Robert O'Leary says:

      I think it helped both teams. Boston had to play 3 seven game series. the coast to coast plane trips in another seven game series are killers so I would say Boston got an edge. Although I don’t know what the average age of both teams are but the Canucks had lots of time off before the final series.
      Edge Canucks

  2. Robert O'Leary says:

    Mike Felger should go back to Wisconsin where he was brought up.
    He thinks He’s the 2ND coming of Bob Costas Tries to write articles and talk sports on a local radio and cable TV station. Whatevr he starts ranting about he’s usually wrong but never admits it
    Never saw a local writer bad mouth all the teams in Beantown and stick around
    Remember he wanted to get rid of Tim Thomas until he started his roll to the mvp and being the best goalie in the league

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