BOSTON (CBS) – There will be no viewing party at the TD Garden for Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals Wednesday night, Boston Mayor Tom Menino has confirmed to WBZ-TV.

Bruins fans had hoped the TD Garden would be open to watch the game, much like Canucks fans had the opportunity to do in Vancouver for Game 6.

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But, city officials had too many logistical and security concerns to address with just one night left before the game.

“Some people get exuberant have a few and act up, and you know, this is a sport, and a lot of families who like to watch sports bring kids, and I wouldn’t want to send the wrong message to anyone,” said Mayor Menino.

Though there won’t be a viewing party at the Garden, security will still be in force as police expect fans will still be drawn to the area near Causeway Street. Signs are already posted warning streets will be blocked to cars.

“Obviously, not having 16,000 people coming out of the Garden makes our job a little bit easier. Like I said, we’re trying to discourage them from coming down to the area. If they can stay in their homes, or in their neighborhood. You know, we just don’t want to be dealing with massive crowds,” said William Evans, the Boston Police superintendent.

Fans heading to the area surrounding the TD Garden are encouraged to take public transportation Wednesday night.

There will be no parking near North Station, Faneuil Hall and Kenmore Square.


Beth Germano

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  1. chickenparm says:

    Well if we can’t have a viewing party, what happens if the Bruins win we can’t have a parade either??

  2. sean says:

    What a let down….what’s the difference if the game was being played at the Garden tonight?

  3. response says:

    Would have been nice if they could do it at Gillette or at Fenway.
    Charge $5.00 to get in and all the money go to the tornado victims in the western part of the state.
    The owners could keep the parking money and the food/beverage sales.

    The mayor is really missing out on a revenue generating oppertunity and give something back to people who really need it in their time of need.

  4. Fan says:

    This guy is a joke. Dallas did it for the NBA Finals. Vancouver did it for Game 6. But for some reason the city of Boston, and its citizens, are not on the same maturity as these cities according to this bumbling, stumbling, embarrassment of a mayor.

  5. The Sage says:

    Four reasons I hate Menino.

    1) He’s the head of one of most corrupt city governments in the country.

    2) He got Opie and Anthony fired

    3) He was the only mayor in the United States that thought those viral marketing light up boards for Aqua Teen Hunger Force were dangerous

    4) No viewing party at the Garden tonight.

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