There are “thoughts and things”  I took away from the first public forum among the Republican candidates for President, which I’ll undoubtedly share in the forseeable future…….but I have to say, the most dominant take-away was the performance of Congresswoman Michele Bachman.   I had sorta dismissed her as a possible contender for the GOP nomination and presumed her main purpose was to rattle the Sarah Palin cage a bit for the future.      Well guys, she not only rattled Sarah’s cage, in my opinion she put Sarah back in the God-forsaken hinterlands of Alaska for the forseeable future……and furthurmore…..she more than held her own with the rest of the questionable testosterone on the stage in New Hampshire.    Do you have any idea what a relief this can be when it comes to future utterances from the GOP distaff side?    Instead of a shrill, screechie opportunist dunderhead from the frozen tundra, we could have Michele Bachman……an equally attractive and incredibly superior intellect who makes a lot of sense,  going head to head with the best of the males out there.   She is a bit polarizing and moderates aren’t big fans or hers, but give her some time.

     No major gaffs in the first “stand-around” for the Republican contenders.   Mitt Romney is surely the front-runner, but mostly by default and as for his performance in the discussion…….he did OK!   Pawlenty?  Another OK.   Rick Santorum?  Not a chance in Hell.  (that’s a town in Pennsylvania)   Ron Paul?  Mildly entertaining but probably much better at delivering babies.   Heman Cain?  Likeable…but nothing else.    And if there’s one other strong “take-away” for me, it was Newt Gingrich.   I know….more baggage than Pee Wee Herman…but Newt is by far, the most knowledgable candidate out there….has forgotten more about what makes this country tick than all the others know combined…..but…..I don’t believe it will happen.    In fact it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he bails out half-way through this thing.  Newt will never be President.

    So who elses is there?   Rudy Giuliani?   He’s still sniffin’ around, but Hey Rudy…..”fagitaboutit.”   Jon Huntsman I hear is getting in. Whoopie……Just what the GOP needs….a biker from Utah who just hired Schwarzenegger’s top flak.  Rick Perry?  Yes.

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  1. Bob says:

    Uhh, Gary…you might want to goggle your friend Michele, scroll down and read and listen to some of the stuff she has to say…. kind of gives the alaska bimbo some competition in the dimmest bulb department….the GOP is hurting….

    1. garywbz says:

      Thanks Bob….no major argument from me except to say…..Michele is not my friend….. and I think we could google, scroll down, read and listen to any one of them on that stage and find some dimmest bulb competition.
      Simply in terms of that one forum…that one evening….Michele held her own!
      Agreed…the GOP is hurting. If Michele is the nominee….I don’t vote.

  2. tsal says:

    Gary, I was thinking along the same lines that Bob was. She’s an airhead. Much of what she said was not accurate. She spouts and may not be squeaky but give her time.

    And there was plenty of embarrassment earned for the debate. Where did any of them outline their agenda? All they did was attack and that tells me they do not have a clue what to do.