BOSTON (CBS) – State Rep. Mark Cusack of Braintree didn’t come into the office Monday while reporters waited for a response to a new scandal at the State House.

House Speaker Robert DeLeo is investigating a report that a security officer caught Cusack in what’s being called “inappropriate behavior” with another lawmaker’s aide in the House chambers late one night back in April.

When the guard asked him to identify himself, Cusack reportedly gave the officer the name of another freshman Democrat in the House.

A source told the State House News Service that both Cusack and the woman were clothed.

Word of the alleged incident became public Friday.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports.

Cusack, a 26-year-old freshman Democrat from Braintree, has not commented yet.

Assistant Minority Leader George Peterson told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Monday he hopes the matter will be resolved quickly.

“We’re going to wait and see where the Speaker’s investigation goes,” he said.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

Before winning the seat, Cusack worked as a legislative aide on Beacon Hill and spent more than two years as an assistant to Braintree Mayor Joseph Sullivan.

Braintree town councilor John Mullaney told WBZ NewsRadio that Cusack needs to set the record straight now.

“If the facts are inaccurate, he should clarify them. If the facts are accurate, he should apologize for what he did,” Mullaney said.

Mullaney said Cusack has worked diligently on behalf of the town and its residents and that he comes from a good family.

Even if the allegations are true, Cusack might not face much trouble, if the woman consented and no state resources were used.

“He may have some apologies to make. In a way, he’s better off having pursued his love interests the old fashioned way, rather than have texted or tweeted incriminating pictures,” WBZ Radio and TV political analyst Jon Keller said Monday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Joe Mathieu reports

“There’s a long, somewhat sordid history of sexual activity inside the State House going back decades. There’s pretty much no part of the State House into which love cannot enter, if you call it love,” Keller added. “You could say that Cusack was just doing in the middle of the night what all of them are doing to the taxpayer all day long.”

It is unclear when the 26-year-old Democrat will be back in his State House office, but Speaker DeLeo is promising this issue will be dealt with quickly.

“It is a distraction and I am glad the speaker is looking into it,” said Republican lawmaker Elizabeth Poirer of North Attleboro.

The State House News Service said the woman involved in the late night encounter works for a Republican representative.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve contributed to this report.

Comments (16)
  1. wizeazz says:

    he’s only 26? whoa. he looks 40.

  2. Brendan "Mass voters are DUMB" says:

    God, what an idiot…and by “idiot”, I am referring to the voters of Braintree.

  3. timma says:

    Politician hides salami w help of aide, most of it returned. investigation into if any condiments were used

  4. response says:

    personal filibuster

  5. Wayne Wilson says:

    LOL. This chuckehead fooling around with another rep’s aide after hours at his place of work, my State Senator collecting a full paycheck while he is out of the country for months, and the former Speaker of the House awaiting a verdict for influence peddling. No wonder people are disgusted with their elected officials. Pitiful.

  6. Paul says:

    What person (male or female) hasn’t had “fun” at work…at sometime in their life. As long as it was consensual….as long as it was not being paid for with public funds….as long as they were both “single”…..why is this a problem?

    Let’s just laugh at being “caught under the bleachers” and move on!!

    1. kas says:

      Call me naive, call me oldfashioned.

      Those other people you refer to weren’t elected officials.
      Wether the want it or not – they are held to a higher standard.

      If they can’t handle that while in office, consider a cosy job in a dull accounting firm or similar and give it hell at the Christmas Party there.

      Not on our dime in an elected office

      That goes for both parties

  7. susan says:

    this is not new.the democrats have been sticking it to people for years on beacon hill.this democrat was caught doing something that he should not have been doing.when caught his reply was,i am someone else not myself.he should remain in office,he is a credit to the voters that elected him.

  8. Joan says:

    no harm done especially if both are single. If either was married then I’d want them to get him on morals charges. Let it go!

    1. blackbear1 says:

      Let it go?? Perhaps this isn’t just a simple, even humorous lapse in judgement. This is about this democrats Core Value System, or lack of one. This is who he is!! He falsely gave the name of one of his colleagues. Great, let’s trivialize this incident. Also, never mind warning both political parties, there is only one up there on the hill. I’m sure they like it that way, so they can take any warnings, if any.

  9. Italo says:

    Considering all the inappropriateness that our wonderful elected officials exhibit at the State House during workday hours all year long, if they focused so much time and energy on passing bills and getting work done during the days that could help those citizens with healthcare, employment, and other political issues, we would all be in a heck of a better condition in this Commonwealth than we are right now. Instead of politically sucking up to each other, voting on the state’s seashell, and blocking almost every attempt to let Massachusetts progress in a lot of ways from the year 1834 into the present 21st century, why don’t you all on the Hill start turning your attention to some damned real-life problems and issues?

  10. emom says:

    Hey why not find dirt on the govner,,, I mean he messes up is there any ,,HHHHMMMMM

  11. herb says:

    It’s good to see them doing this to each other rather than just to us as usual..

    Probably the best work done in that septic tank all day.

  12. john says:

    HMMMM 26yrs old, still lives at home, NO experience, Brendan is right, braintree voters are dumb, I think him getting elected has something to do with mayor sullivan. I think i’ll look a little deeper on how this goofball got elected. Obviously NOT qualified for state rep.

  13. jaygee says:

    How about the imaginative response given to the officer who caught them at the corner of Love Street & Fools Boulevard. Mark gives the cop the name of someone else rather than his own. Now there’s a guy who definately has a future in politics. A bloody liar.

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