OK guys……while you’re taking a look at the list of Republicans who think they ought to be President of the United States, including the forum tonight, a couple of things you may want to consider.   I’m reasonably pleased with the list of contenders on the GOP side, but positively convinced that one of them should be President?   I don’t think so.   It’s possible I guess…..but there’s still time and with a little bit of luck, one of them will convince me without equivocation…..or maybe even someone we haven’t heard from yet will rise from the ashes.    I’ll give you my take on all the Republican candidates in future postings, but what I’m asking of you today is….please consider someone…..anyone…..other than where we’ve been going for the past two and a half years.

     This “community organizer” from Chicago named Barack promised us “change”…….maybe even “hope and change.”   But here’s some of what we got from this guy who had fewer credentials for the Presidency than anyone in recent history.   Oh he has a gift, make no mistake about it, but with a promise of “change” from zero credentials for the job…..here’s some of what we got……….so far.   Seriously, I wouldn’t vote for a Sarah Palin for example if she was the only person running, but even she has more credentials for the job than the “community organizer” ever had.    Back to the “changes” to date:

     The price of gas in January 2009…….$1.83.           Today: $3.64.   

     Unemployment rate in January 2009…7.6%          Today: 9.8%   

     Medium household income in Jan. 2009…$50,000        Today: $49,777     (Dropping)  

     The list I have before me, verified by several government agencies, the bureau of labor statistics, Standard and Poors etc… just goes on and on.   Giant increases in the number of people on food stamps, the number of unemployed, the poverty rate, failed banks, the money supply and most of all…..the National debt.   Was ten trillion, it’s now more than 14 trillion…..an increase of more than 32 percent and folks, we’ve got only about a year and a half to stop this bumbling madness.    Granted, it wasn’t pretty when he took over, but this is an economic and social disaster.    Change?   Not the kind I was looking for!     We can do better.

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