BOSTON (CBS) – Rain didn’t stop the Gay Pride Parade from marching through Boston, but a storm of controversy is cancelling another LGBT event.

Parishioners with the Rainbow Ministry at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church set up a special Mass June 19 to celebrate Boston’s Pride Month.

An announcement in the South End church’s bulletin had invited supporters of the LGBT community to the Mass with the theme “All Are Welcome.”

The Archdiocese of Boston canceled the service on Friday, releasing a statement explaining its decision.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

“The wording and placement of a bulletin notice announcing that the Saint Cecilia Rainbow Ministry will be joining the parish at a Mass on June 19th may have given the unintended impression that the Mass is in support of Gay Pride Week. It is not,” wrote spokesman Terence Donilan.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports on the parade

“I am very hurt. (Having) worked so hard for all this stuff, it’s very difficult to stand by and watch this,” said John Kelly, chairman of the Rainbow Ministry.

Kelly and other members of the group say they’d been planning the Mass since January and said the archdiocese was aware of it.

Supporters believe Cardinal Sean O’Malley is bending to pressure from conservative Catholic bloggers.

One post from local blogger Joe Sacerdo wrote, “What’s next, NY Rep. Anthony Weiner and Tiger Woods giving a talk at the church on the topic of marital fidelity?”

The rest of the post urges Catholics to call the Cardinal directly to complain.

“We weren’t doing anything wrong but following the love of Jesus Christ,” said Melon Regis-Civetta, member of the Rainbow Ministry. “We don’t have any agenda.”

Parishioners say they were never consulted before the decision was made and hope the Cardinal will change his mind.

If not, they plan to get a permit to have an outdoor service at the scheduled time June 19, 6 pm.

Comments (20)
  1. janice graves says:

    Firs come to the church located at 645 vbooyslton street and have your mass service we welcome you…….To bad the catholic hiearchy does not love you as much as GOD does……..Also the channel 4 why did you say that this church is in the south end it is locaed in the back bay. Boston globe article says that to……need your maps guys ..

    1. Rick says:

      And YOU are sorely in need of a dictionary….

  2. janice graves says:

    First come to the church located at 645 Boylston Street and have your mass service there …We welcome you!!!……..To bad the catholic hiearchy does not love you as much as GOD does. .Also why does channel four not check the facts in this article it is very similar to a story in the boston Globe today…St Celicia’s church is in the Back Bay not the south end….has been the last hundred or so years…

  3. Donny says:

    And who’s surprised by this?… I mean you were going to let THOSE people in OUR Church?!!…

    Do please tell me the stories about Jesus only hanging out with the approved people in society… y’know, the prisoners, the sick, the outcasts, etc…

    The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t even believe its OWN teachings!…

  4. John Adelman says:

    I guess the Freedom of Religion allows exclusion.

  5. Herculano says:

    You don’t understand — the Roman Catholic is only welcoming to priestly pedophiles. Gay people are “intrinsically disordered”.

    1. Cynic says:

      Wern’t The “Priestly Pedophiles” Gay? Isn’t that the problem?

  6. Herculano says:

    Post edit: You don’t understand — the Roman Catholic Church is only welcoming to priestly pedophiles. Gay people are “intrinsically disordered”.

    When are online message boards going to start providing an editing function?

  7. Herculano says:

    Hey WBZ — you’ve already had someone point out the error of locating St. Cecilia’s in the wrong city neighborhood. Now why don’t you get your sloppy and lazy editors to fix that mistake in the headline and body of the article?

  8. dccc says:

    The church is nothing but a cult!

  9. dcccc says:

    Teach Scientific truth not hate.

  10. remo says:

    OK! enough already! Stop blaming priests, etc….the one to blame is the Cardinal, who is ultra conservative…anti gay…and bigots he listens to…The Cardinal just ended a campaign inviting Catholics to return to the Church, funny I must of missed the part that said “only if you are str8,anti-gay and bigots” Let us pray for the pastor of St Cecelia Church he must be getting a lot of flack from the Cardinal and the diocesan cronies..he might be forced to pack his bags!!

  11. Mason says:

    Just another example of the Church’s twofaced teachings. Cardinal O’Malley should step down thus allowing the Church to follow the teachings of Jesus…at least in Massachusetts

  12. Bob Evans says:

    The church “welcomes” people back to Catholicism, but with the unsaid understanding that YOU change your life for the church — the church doesn’t change for you. If you’re gay (or any other undesirable way of life, ie., living with someone but not married, remarried after divorce, etc.), they expect you to just STOP it.

    The church does not and will not change — There’s only one of two options with the church — alone and celebate, or heterosexually married. End of story. When I go to weekly mass in Framingham, I feel about as welcome as a black person at a KKK meeting! The church never evolves! That’s why its dying.

  13. Cynic says:

    Do they really believe that they will infiltrate the Catholic Church?

  14. Tom Matlack says:

    See what happened today at St. Cecelia’s. Truly remarkable and inspiring stand by Father John in Favor of inclusion:

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