PELHAM, N.H. (CBS) – Pelham police say they were justified in using a Taser several times on a cow, despite a complaint from its owner.

Last Saturday, one of Wendy Bordeleau’s two cows got loose from her 30-acre farm.

About a dozen people were trying to coral 800-pound Houdini across busy Mammoth Road when police showed up with their tasers.

“They said ‘We’re going to tase her, we’re going to taser it,’ and the group was pleading with them. Everyone was kinda yelling, ‘Please don’t taser the cow, it’s only going to make it worse,” she told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Houdini was zapped at least four times.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports

“It didn’t really affect the cow all that much.  It kind of realized that something had hit it and that it was comparable to a bee sting.”

However, Bordeleau thought police went too far.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Sgt. Mike Pickles told WBZ he made the right decision.

“It blew through a wooden fence right next to me. That was the time a decision was made. I have to do something to try and control this animal,” he said.

“As a matter of public safety, that is a better option than just allowing things to happen and people get hurt.”

The cow made it home safely and, at last check, was eating grass.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens contributed to this report.

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  1. Houdini says:

    Sgt. Mike Pickles told WBZ he made the right decision.

    “It blew through a wooden fence right next to me. That was the time a decision was made. I have to do something to try and control this animal.”

    of course because it became about YOU at that point? idiot

    1. MJ says:

      the cops are big babies, being afraid of a cow.

      1. Reality Check says:

        Where, exactly, did the article say anything about “shooting into someone’s car” ?

        It is very difficult to have an intelligent conversation with anyone who “makes up facts” out of thin air.

    2. st1d says:

      Sadly, that’s literally true. Police in most areas have to take IQ tests, and if they score too high, they’re rejected, because they might become ‘bored’.

      The end result is a bunch of self-important, stunningly stupid idiots with too much power.

      Hmm, they must apply the same IQ tests for govt jobs…

    3. irishmare says:

      Dateline Bar Harbor/last week: Car deer collision leaving wounded deer. Stay with me on this! A couple of the local guys were there when the rookie cop shows up and admits he’s not sure what to do. The locals say get in close behind the ear and shoot him with your pistol. Splat, splatter, gross…blood and brain matter everywhere since he has hollow points!!!

      Barney Fife in person.

      1. Rob says:

        Yeah that’s what you do; kill it quick and with respect. I have done this with dogs and other animals. I have also handed a pistol to the dogs owner to put his own dog down. That’s the real world Barney Fife and all. At least he didn’t stand there and watch a animal suffer. Whats better a person who takes action and does the hard task or the guy that has a camera phone.
        Oh and on the cops tazzzzing a cow. Has anyone heard of a cattle prod. No big deal had it been a poor person they would have shot them.

      2. Dustin says:


        Don’t you think it makes more sense not to shoot a pistol into someone’s car?

        What a mess, and also dangerous. You sound so impressed with the fact you’ve euthanized animals that you overlook irishmare’s point. We all understand the need to euthanize hopelessly injured animals. That wasn’t the point.

      3. Reality Check says:


        Where, exactly, did the article say anything about “shooting into someone’s car” ?

        It is very difficult to have an intelligent conversation with anyone who “makes up facts” out of thin air.

    4. Susan See says:

      I wonder what these idiots did before Lasers International persuaded law enforcement to replace reason with shooting living things with tasers? They have already killed people and are now illegal above the waist in Canada. Eventually congress will outlaw them but we have to have a few more deaths of children.

      1. Jesse says:

        That’s the spirit! Just ban it and that will make it go away.

      2. frodaddy says:

        yeah cause a nine millimeter bullet would be so much morw humane, come on idiots would you really rather be shot with a gun or tasere’d.

      3. Jim Kress says:

        9mm vs Taser. Doesn’t make much difference. Both are nearly the same in terms of fatalities caused.

      4. LOLWUT says:

        “9mm vs Taser. Doesn’t make much difference. Both are nearly the same in terms of fatalities caused.”


        CLEARLY you have no clue what a firearm is. Clearly.

    5. bill okeefe says:

      the police should kill the cow by lethal injection….its the AMERICAN way

    6. Defeatlierals says:

      Reminds me of Jimmy Carter attacking that killer wabbit on the lake many years ago. What a bunch of buffoons!!

      1. DefeatLiberals says:

        make that Defeat Liberals. Sorry 4 the typo.

      2. Linda says:

        I know. The poor wabbit was seeking refuge and coward Jimmy abused it.

    7. lwlfnm says:

      Try to control yourself next time. Taser will do a wonderful job

    8. BambiB says:

      How hard would it have been for the cops to use their BRAINS instead of their TASERS and simply park their car with lights flashing and put out a couple road flares to warn drivers?

      Oh yeah. Cops. Brains. I see the problem.

    9. watcherinthebushes says:

      Sorry, but I grew up on a ranch in Montana. I can tell you from firsthand knowlege, not some magazine story or television show, that a cow can quickly turn from “Bessie” into 500 pounds of stupid-mean in a second.

      Still doesn’t excuse this macho stud using his taser. But haveing “been there” I can tell you that bad things can happen at the hoofs of even this “sweetest” cow wit the “dreamiest eyes.”

      1. lookout its a cow says:

        Yea cows are such scarry animals…Too bad it wasnt a bull would love to see these idiots taser a bull!! Now that would be funny.

      2. Philip Inuhoff says:

        You grew up on a farm and you think cows weigh 500 ponds?

        The story says houdini weighs 800 lbs.. probably a yearling. Grown hereford heifer weighs 1200 to 1500 lbs… a bull weighs 2000 – 2500 lbs!!!

        You can’t use a taser made for a 250 lb person!!! What fools.

        That idiot cop is lucky Houdini didn’t bolt into a crowd and kill people.

    10. jwidener says:

      No fence would stop Houdini from escaping!

  2. sean says:

    At least they didn’t shoot it…a lot of farms have electric fences to contain the animals so what’s the difference?

    1. tsal says:

      The animals have a choice to stay away from the electric fence and do. This cow had no choice about being tasered.

      1. Anon says:

        What about commonly used electric cattle prods?

      2. tsal says:

        Cattle prods are shaped like long rods and built to deliver a short, localized shock, of between 1,500 and 10,000 volts. By contrast, stun guns are usually shaped like guns and are designed to deliver a much larger charge, one that can send electricity through the whole body. This confuses the person’s nervous system, causing their muscles to temporarily cease functioning.

      3. Chuckles says:

        You have absolutely no clue of what you are talking about. First, an 800 pound animal wold have no idea that it had been shocked as its body would disperse the charge almost instantaneously. Second, “its shaped like a gun” how is that part bad?? Third cattle prods DO NOT deliver a localized shock of between 1,500 and 10,000 volts. You PETA freaks really need to get some facts straight before you flame on. By the way, the accompanying picture of the weanling calf shown in the picture, is absolutely nothing like an 800 pound drool bucket that pretty much goes where it wants to.

      4. TheBrain says:

        Chuckles- You understand if it wasn’t for the “PETA freaks” and “Humane Society locos” that you would probably be dead from Mad Cow disease, right? Or do you trust government workers to do the decades of investigations for you? These fringe groups do more good than you will ever understand because you only know of them what stories the media feeds you. And the media ain’t interested in stories that aren’t outrageous, so that’s why you only know the crazy side of those groups.

      5. Drew says:

        TheBrain- PETA and HSUS had absolutely nothing to with with preventing BSE, or mad cow, in people. Do you reseaarch. A cow has never contracted mad cow in the U.S. The only cow that was ever found with it came from Canada, it was imported. PETA and the HSUS have never done any good for animal agriculture, or animals. They are their worst enemy.

      6. Freddy says:

        >> Third cattle prods DO NOT deliver a localized shock of between 1,500 and 10,000 volts.

        Chuckles: What ? Yes they do. Look it up like I just did. What do you think they do, deliver a puff of sparkly fairy dust and good vibes ? It’s a cattle prod, dimwit.

    2. Susan See says:

      They NEVER shoot stray cows. Where do you live? in a cave?

    3. doctordoom says:

      jeez, dont need fences, just dangle food in front of cow. it will follow wherever you want it to go. guess we have lost touch with our rural roots.

      1. Reality Check says:


        Sounds like the local cops need one of two things:

        1. More training on domestic cow psychology, or,

        2. Anti-Cow weapons so they can effectively escalate the violence between police and cows.

        The real news here is the taser, even with repeated use on the cow, and the taser absolutely failed to “control the cow”, which was the reason the Police claimed they used the Taser.

        The police also failed to “control the cow” making them appear to be both infective and ignorant.

        Which, apparently, they are.

      2. Jim Kress says:

        I thin we need a Federal War on Loose Cows. Loose Cows are a major danger to society.

        We can create a new agency called the LCEA (Loose Cow Enforcement Agency) , arm them with military weapons, provide them with no-knock warrant powers and let them bust down doors and shoot innocent people – just so we can get this Loose Cow problem under control.

    4. Yermove says:

      Hey, as a child who spent my summers on a family farm in NH in the ’60s I can tell you that those fences are not anywhere near as powerful as a taser. Please stop being ignorant and have a heart.

    5. Defeat Liberals says:

      The voltage. Typical electric fence isn’t anywhere close to 40000 volts from a taser.

  3. jaygee says:

    What other reaction would someone expect from a guy named Pickles? Fortunately, for the cow, Barney Fife & amigos didn’t empty their revolvers on it.

    1. Go ahead, make my steak. says:

      With the extensive firearm training local law enforcement goes thru, they wouldn’t have hit the cow.

      1. james says:

        haha toooooo funny, a double tap of humor

      2. jaygee says:

        You are correct since Pickles missed on the first 2 attempts. He connected on the 3rd but the cow just looked at him and grinned. He then called SWAT but in Pelham that only consists of 3- 80 year old volunteers.

  4. timma says:

    houdini would look great w a side of mashed, gravy, and some carrots

    1. Cousin Eddie says:

      That’s what I am talking about. MMMMMmmmmmm, MMMMmmmmmm, good!

  5. cb says:

    So, it it’s OK to tase first and ask questions later about a calm animal, I guess it’s OK to shoot the revolver first, then ask questions when pulling over someone for speeding! Think of the scene that the idiot cop would have made if the cow had a cardiac arrest in the middle of the road!

    1. JMS says:

      Yeah, and would the police force have ponied up the cash value of the animal they just killed?

      1. Will says:

        How is this even a debate? Does anyone care that animals regularly hurt themselves when they are lose in a urban area? This cow ran THROUGH a fence. There’s no telling what this scared 800 lb animal would run over or through next. Maybe a few bystanders? Tazing the cow was the best immediate option available to the police.

        You can argue best case scenarios all you want, but the people that were in the situation, made a judgement call that potentially saved the animal, property, and bystanders from further damage.

        Besides, we would all be question why this cow wasn’t hamburger meat if it had run a person down in its fright.

      2. Reality Check says:


        You make a great argument for placing TSA agents on all farms to protect us from 800 pound cows the same way TSA agents keep us all safe from terrorists.

        We all need people like you to educate us about the threat posed by these 800 pound animals.

        Thank-you again, Will, for educating all us sheep to the dangers of cows.

      3. JeddMcHead says:

        Reality Check — even tugging on udders isn’t near as invasive as the TSA. If the TSA treated farm animals the way they treat travelers PETA would be all over them!

  6. tsal says:

    My guess is had the owners been allowed to do what they knew would work with the cow, the problem would have been solved. Cows, horses, other livestock get out all of the time. I rarely hear of a problem. Perhaps the police could have stopped traffic long enough for the owner to calm the animal and get it back to where it belonged. It’s instinct for a cow to run when feeling threatened. It’s up to a person to act like someone with a brain and realize that rather than act panicked like the cow.

    1. Marbran says:

      Now you’re just asking too much of our fine police officers! Don’t you know that they only know how to solve a problem with a ticket, handcuffs, a taser, or a gun? Those are the four tools in their arsenal; not brains, not compassion, and certainly not patience and understanding, especialy when a deranged, menacing cow is threatening the safety of the public!

  7. Matt says:

    They should have shot it and sent her a bill for the bullets. You don’t want your cow tased then keep it on your property. Hamburger, it’s what’s for dinner.

    1. JMS says:

      Clearly, you’ve never worked on a farm or comprehend the difficulty of maintaining fences.

      1. Rich Pope says:

        JMS, it is clear you are PROUD to be a farm-fed, country f-ck!

    2. LEL MN says:

      Spoken like a true City Boy. Yes. Beef is what’s for dinner. They grow the cows outside the cities.

    3. rick says:

      obviously your a dumb ass that thinks meat comes in packages

  8. Tony says:

    The Cops taser an “Overly Agressive” 88 year old man, Why not a cow, ya never know it could have been a “Mad Cow” !! LMAO

  9. fearless says:

    this is bs. mammouth rd is a highway. Hitting a cow at 40 miles an hour would kill the cow and driver. A taser isnt going to hurt a cow. He would have been justified in shooting the thing in the intreast of public saftey. sgt pickles is a great cop and used his head. By the way they don’t mention that the owners will prob slaughter the cow come fall. Either way I would have cited the owner for not proberly stabling his lifestock

    1. CowFriend says:

      How about you learn more about what you’re talking about? The pen where the cows are kept is a heavily wooded area overgrown with grass perfect for the cows to have some privacy and graze bountifully. It’s hard to tell where a cow might bust through. By the way, there was no danger of someone hitting the cow and dying because the road was blocked off, moron.

    2. Me says:

      Cow stable? Wow you are dumb. Liberal? Just a guess.

      1. Charles U. Farley says:

        How about a cow paddy?

      2. Defeat Liberals says:

        Well stated. Probably couldn’t tell the difference etween a cow pie and a road apple either,

  10. dave says:

    the fact that buffoons like him….are armed with tasers and cannot police properly is mind blowing I agree..IT BLUE THROUGH A FENCE..

  11. emom says:

    Really Barney Fife certainly has no Idea how to deal with live stock. There was a much better way to get the cow to go back to its barn. Really sounds like this guy may have come from the city. Many times growing up My dad would tell me of how they would get the livestock back to their pens or back into the fields when they would escape. Sure they manage to get to a road. But this is nothing new. This happens all the time. In the Midwest it happens there are so many farms there, Heck even the wild antelope in Arizona are crossing the roads, Deer, moose and many wildlife cross roads, Do we always shot or even taser them… NO We stop traffic and get them some how across the road. One way to get an animal to move show it food. Many will follow food. They are grazers they always eat, to many folks around an animal makes it feel cornered, If it feels this way sure its going to have that wild eyed look and possible charge or run. Move people and vehicles away, The cow probably felt threatened,, THAT’S why is run over a fence pasted you fool… He is lucky it didn’t accidentally run over him. Then we would be hearing that it had to be put down… ITS AN ANIMAL THAT WAS SCARED.. NO WILD LIKE A MOOSE OR WORSE A BEAR…….. Let the farm handle the animals they know what to do. Oh a taser obviously is no good that’s why the use cattle prod’s … they pack a larger volt… How foolish..

  12. fearless says:

    what is the difference between a bull and cow in weight 3 4oo lbs?
    it had already caused property damage. Mammouth road is a high traffic road.
    Most other agencies would have shot the cow as this one did itself it the inteast of public safety 2 years ago. It is chattel, should have been confined to its pasture and the owners own lack of experience with cows helped lead to the tasering.

    12 adults had already spent over 2 hours trying to get the cow to go into a makeshift pen. Which by the way when the cow was finaly placed into the pen it promptly escaped from that, injuring itself.

    Stop blaming the police for avoiding a fatality on the road and for not having to euthinize the cow. How about a well deserved thumbs up to the PPD. By the way call me up in the fall when you slaughter bessie so I can have a rump roast.

    1. LEL MN says:

      How is it you feel entitled to a rump roast?

    2. funnier than glass in the eye says:

      12 adults huh!!

    3. KMO says:

      Only sensible comment on here. I toally agree with you

    4. Ib Snooker says:

      fearless said:
      “Stop blaming the police for avoiding a fatality on the road and for not having to euthinize the cow. How about a well deserved thumbs up to the PPD.”

      No, Sgt Pickles made a bad decision and people are calling him on it. There were really only two possible outcomes from his decision. One, like happened here, the animal barely reacts and Sgt Pickles ends up looking like a “tase happy” idiot. Two, the animal freaks out and rampages, thereby escalating the situation, and Sgt Pickles ends up looking like a “tase happy” idiot. So I guess there was really only one outcome.
      Tasers are designed to subdue people. Police are trained to use tasers to subdue people. What was he going to do, handcuff the animal? The surest way for a LEO to end up in civil court is to act outside of his training and established procedures. This guy is no gung-ho rookie, he’s a sergant. He should know better. If this is the quality of Sgt Pickles’ decisions, then the taxpayers of Pelham should start looking for a new sergant, because this guy is a potential liability.

      1. Karl says:

        Only sensible comment on here. I toally agree with you

      2. David B. Ogden says:


  13. LEL MN says:

    Nothing bothers a cop more than not being “in control”. This attitude works ok in densely populated crime ridden urban environment. But when this kind of cop winds up in a rural farm setting it like putting a barracuda in a goldfish tank.
    On the other hand maybe this guy is a bored country cop with a brand new Taser he was anxious to try out.

    1. Milky says:

      I bet he instructed the cow to freeze a few times before he tased it.

      1. Defeat Liberals says:

        No doubt about that. Probaly thinking it would produce ice cream. ;-)

      2. MarkBench says:

        Showed his badge to the cow as well. This must be one of the rare events of this type what weren’t captured on a phone camera. Too bad. “Officer placed on administrative lave pending IA investigation.”

        Officer uses the time to run for mayor. Leads in polls among nervous urban Libs.

  14. Anon says:


    1. LEL MN says:

      To distract you from the transformation of America into an obamaNation. Or, if your already aware of the slow motion train wreck in progress, the cow article offers some comic relief.

  15. McDade says:

    City cops…. Small town cops and rural area deputies deal with loose livestock all the time. Cows are the easiest, they’re the smartest – they know how they got out, and they know they shouldn’t be out. Just get them headed in the right direction with you car, use the siren/horn with a SHORT blast or two, and they’ll head on back. Don’t rush them, don’t push them. Move your car slowly, keeping them moving to the hole from which they escaped. Once they’re around the hole, they’ll usually plow back in to where they should be. Doesn’t surprise me a taser didn’t phase the cow because those little barbs probably didn’t penetrate the hide enough to get the full charge.

    1. tsal says:

      One of the first sensible comments I’ve read here

    2. Sheep? says:

      I think the elite that own us think of us in the same manner.

      Stay in the live stock pen and don’t try to escape, either physically or mentally.

  16. porkchop says:

    Me cop. Me taser cow. Me big man.

    Me daddy never hugged me.

  17. PunIntended says:

    Guess you could say Houdini didn’t want to moooove over.

  18. LEL MN says:

    Police are the Law Enforcers, that’s why we have them, that’s their job. You want a peace officer? Call your mom.

    1. Freedom says:

      I think the point Doug was making was that there is no need for LEOs to kill mosquitoes with shotguns just cause they can.

      There is no reason some intelligence and human compassion cannot be used while also enforcing the law.

      The fact that you support over aggressive and overbearing treatment of the public and animals by the people who took the jobs to ostensibly protect us from that kind of violence means that you are one confused or sick individual.

      Take you pick. Oh, and your momma swallows and is a nice peace. LEL.

      FFS, making your mamma jokes, really?

    2. Reality Check says:

      All police are peace officers. There job is keeping the peace. The courts enforce the laws in this country. Police arrest people who break the peace and issue a summons to appear in court to those who do not break the peace, but are accused of breaking the law.

      The United States does not have enough police to “enforce the laws” if that were truly their function.

      Your statements indicates you have a basic misunderstanding of what it means to be a “nation of laws” as opposed to a dictatorship.

      People like you are responsible for the mob violence that occurred in the Wisconsin state capital buildings recently.

      1. Dave says:

        There job is to obey there oath that they took to protect the people and the constitution.And if more police were peace officers instead of police officers just interested in making money for the corrupt state governments we wouldn’t have corrupt judges running admiralty law courts where there is no remedy for we the people.We need peace officers not police states where we the people have no rights

      2. Henry Ostman says:

        If you or I tasered an animal we’d get sent to prison for cruelty to animals, there are different rules for police.

    3. Reality Check says:

      All police are peace officers. There job is keeping the peace. The courts enforce the laws in this country. Police arrest people who break the peace and issue a summons to appear in court to those who do not break the peace, but are accused of breaking the law.

      The United States does not have enough police to “enforce the laws” if that were truly their function.

      Your statements indicates you have a basic misunderstanding of what it means to be a “nation of laws” as opposed to a dictatorship.

      People like you are responsible for the mob violence that occurred in the Wisconsin state capital buildings recently.

      1. check reality says:

        The so-called laws only apply to the politically non-connected. (When is a pig ever found not to be following “procedure”?) It’s time that the tax-feeding pigs were the target of mob violence, instead of spp. porcis, bovis or Boobus Americanus.

    4. Dave says:

      Before they became law enforcers they were peace officers and the towns,cities and states were more protected then compared to what they call protection today

    5. Rich Pope says:

      So what law did the cow break that needed to be enforced?

    6. Don says:

      Want to be a coward? Be a cop.

  19. ephil says:

    now what he going to do if it had worked? that cow weighed 800lbs. stupid city cop, cows are easier to move when they do the walking.

    1. Reality Check says:

      Cuff him Danno.

  20. Des says:

    Some police officers are fools.

  21. Bob Kellum says:

    I’m with ephil. Suppose the Taser had worked? What then?
    They should have somebody on the force who understands livestock. If not, why not?
    The responsibility of the police is to protect everyone’s property. That includes the cow, and also the fence. Sounds like this guy panicked. Owner should have to pay for the fence and the Police time for engagement.

  22. drawlr says:


  23. nadodave says:

    You could hear the cow mooing “Don’t taze me bro”.

  24. Rod Anders says:

    Tasering it was a stupid thing to do. Cows can become vicious beasts when attacked. If you think pit bulls are dangerous … one enraged cow is equivalent to a pack of 12 pit bulls. I have seen a cow bite an 8″ diameter fence post cleanly in half with very litttle effort. The cop is lucky that everyone within earshot was not killed.

    1. Michael says:

      Now that is the funniest post yet. Thanks for the chuckle.

  25. Karen says:

    I am totally disgusted with all the comments and rude remarks from people who have no first hand experience, and were not there when the incident happened. Police take public safety very seriously. Show some respect. The owner should have been more responsible for keeping the cow contained properly and not causing a public safety issue.

    1. Anon says:

      You too, are one of those people making rude remarks. Maybe not about the police and how they dealt with the situation but about the owner.

    2. janice says:

      Police take their own safety seriously, the public be damned. That’s why they sneak around peoples’ back yards then bust through the front door at the wrong address. Many innocent people have been terrorized or ended up dead.

    3. Elsie Borden says:

      If you allow one cow to create a public disturbance, the whole herd will follow.

      1. JeddMcHead says:

        I dunno — the herd (surprisingly) abandoned Weiner.

    4. kimmm says:

      Karen, obviously you are not familiar with dealing with livestock. Do YOU know how to handle a cow or horse that has gotten out? Even the best fence is not escape proof. This was handled TOTALLY WRONG by the cops! the cow wasn’t the public safety issue, the inept cop was.

      A few years back, the horse of a friend of mine got out one night while she was at work (later finding out someone cut the fence). She came home and called myself and a neighbor to give her a hand. Instead of just letting one of us walk down the road to catch up with him (as he was just walking along the side), the idiot cop had to show off and he CHASED THE HORSE WITH HIS CAR AND HEADLIGHTS ON BRIGHT. This scared the horse to death and he started running at full pace in the road half crazed due to a car on his backside and birght lights on him. What started as a horse just wandering down the side of a country road turend into a horse that thought he was running for his life with a police car chasing him down. THAT could have caused an accident.

      Shall I give you a few other first hand experiences with cattle this time?

      We have too many cops in rural areas who do NOT know what to do on a livestock call. They are more of a liability and a danger than the animal is, as they usually end up making the situation alot worse that it should be, not to mention more dangerous.

  26. emom says:

    Bring back the cowboys on horses,,, They know how to rangle a heard even a wayward single cow. IS THERE A COWBOY IN THE HOUSE…… HHHMMMMM his name fits him well.,, HOUDINI….. seems like an escape artist…. He will flee again. this time Look for him down the road with the BULL on the other side of the road……She was trying to see her boyfriend when barney fife interferred… SADDLE UP

  27. drawlr says:

    Uniformed public thugs are always looking for a reason to play with their toys. Never call a cop; all they do is escalate and exacerbate a situation. There probably wasn’t any property damage nor danger to anyone before the cops showed up.

  28. tubaman says:

    well,if you don’t have a person to tase then i guess a cow is next best for those Barney Fifes

  29. rvans says:

    Let’s see…the cow escaped…ah the cow’s name is Houdini…anyone else see the irony here?

    1. anon says:

      The cow was named afterwards.

      1. rvans says:

        I don’t see that in the story….

      2. anon says:

        Other news articles have cited this.
        “The family named the cow Houdini in light of Saturday’s events, Bordeleau said.”

  30. dunce says:

    A cow is no public safety issue. Some bulls may be dangerous but i have never seen an aggressive cow.How many people are injured by pet dogs and how many cow attacks have you ever heard of for a little perspective.

  31. response says:

    It wasn’t that long ago when a young man hit a cow in the road (route 2 and 190) and was killed.
    Google it and you’ll see, this does happened a lot more than people think.
    Wonder if this is the first time this has happened?
    I know there are cows near here that escape quite frequently and the police have to get involved to protect the public. (traffic control)
    I’m sure they didn’t jump out of the cruiser with the taser in hand, I’m sure they thought the descision over prior to actuall tasing.

    1. response says:

      Mark, as I explained, any vehicle that hits a animal this size doesnt stand a chance.
      Imagine how badly the owner would have felt if someone actually had gotten injured or killed. This is a very busy street and the people/cow were on it. I’m sure if you were in the back of an ambulance you really wouldn’t want to wait for the cow to move.
      BTW…I have no “pig buddies” and I certainly hope you are never in a situation when you need assistance from an officer.

      1. Richard Carpenter says:

        If I ever need assistance from a police officer I will take my chances without it, thank you very much. A wise man said “There is no situation so dismal that a cop cannot make it worse.”

      2. Charles U. Farley says:

        Cow’s a rebel and she’ll never ever be any good.
        Cow’s a rebel and she’ll never ever be understood.

        And just because she doesn’t graze where
        All the other cows do, That’s no reason why
        She should be made into shoes…

        Don’t taze me, Moo…

      3. anon says:

        The road was blocked off while the cow was out. The cows would have eventually responded to the calls of the owners, I’m sure. The cops around here used to deal with cows freeing themselves all the time a couple of years ago, how come they’ve seemed to forget how they dealt with them back then?

    2. Mark Matis says:

      For pig-sucker response:
      The road was CLOSED. “Law Enforcement” does that REGUALRY when there is a problem. The only way a vehicle could have hit it is if someone as dumb as a pig had decided to force their way through. But y’all keep on suckin’ away there,dude!

      Richard Carpenter nailed it. The only good pig…

    3. Michael says:

      You are correct on the ‘traffic control’ part. I think the concern of a lot of people is that it’s in these ‘little’ incidents that we see the limitations of rote police training without the moderating influence of critical thinking and experience. I’d be interested in the experience-level of the cop. Young one’s in particular are dangerously ill-prepared for situations where they are NOT the answer to the problem. It takes experience and the reason and confidence that come with it to not just jump in and assert yourself as the solution to all things unusual. The proper response? Keep onlookers out of the way, let the animal settle, don’t add to it freaking out in unfamiliar environ’s and let the owners and their animal-knowledgeable friends work it. BTW – IF the animal TRULY posed a threat to innocents who could not be gotten out of the way, the only logical response would be to shoot it with a high-powered rifle through the lungs. Anything less will only add to it’s confusion, frustration, anger, and out of control behavior.

  32. Hank Warren says:

    Useless taser-happy cops, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  33. mark edward marchiafava says:

    there’s that word again, “control.”

  34. Johnny Calabro says:

    There is no situation that you could come up with that the government cannot make worse.

  35. Phillep Harding says:

    What would they do with a cow that’s knocked out or frightened into running? Either way, a pain in the neck to deal with.

    Just break out a white, plastic bucket and the cow will follow you anywhere. Voluntarily.

  36. edsb19612297 says:

    LMAO, the cow didnt feel a thing…. It must have been a JERSEY COW!! .. umm yo, ouch. LOL I hoped it dropped a nice warm patty on the officers shoe.

  37. LarryG says:

    That’s the east coast for you. Out here in the uncivilized west (Oregon) we deal with livestock differently. We use cowhands and horses, not tasers, the NAZI ‘s favorite implement of torment and pain.

    1. SockRayBlue says:

      The same goes for Texas.

  38. JJ says:

    I’d trust a cow over a PIG any day.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Got that right. The only good pig…

  39. Odins Acolyte says:

    Boys in blue. As ignorant as any city boy and not much better than those they chase. Its a sorry world full of adults who watched too much TV as kids. Sorry is the only word for this mess.

  40. Brien says:

    Why didn’t you let its’s owner handle the situation and put a rope around it’s neck and walk it back or put the cow on a trailer for transport. The police probablly caused to cow to break through the fence so they would have an excuse to experiment with their teasers to see the effect. Hell they teaser people in restraint why not a cow.

  41. John C says:

    “I have to do something to try and control this animal,”

    OK let’s go over it one more time. Got on an unruly person, called the officers with tasers. Got an unruly cow or horse, call a cowboy to rope him.

    Any questions?

  42. Mark Matis says:

    Filthy. Maggot. Pigs.

    May they rot where they belong for what they have done to this country.

  43. tom says:

    what is the big deal, a few month from now it will probably be shot in the head, just before it becomes hamburgher

  44. policethuggery says:

    You give 85 IQ thugs these “non-lethal” weapons and of course they are going to look for targets to use them on. Same logic that they apply before tasering the elderly, children, the mentally ill etc.

    “Yo boys, we got deese toys, let’s go taser somethin’.”

    The fact that they failed to realize that a weapon that delivers electricity in a “non-lethal” manner designed to incapacitate a 200 pound human wouldn’t have the same effect on an 800 pound cow doesn’t surprise me. These people are not known for their knowledge of science, biology, math, or just about anything else other than thuggery, corruption, and being adrenaline junkies.

    Police are a bunch of steroid taking, low IQ goons and parasites on the American tax payer. Remember this story the next time they taser a mentally ill, infirm, 80 year old to death.

  45. Maggie Fanelli says:

    How is it any worse than a cattle prod? People still brand their cows, too. Cows are thick-skinned. People need to relax and stop getting outraged over silly things.

    1. janice says:

      Are you outraged when tasers are used on human beings?

  46. sean says:

    Pretty sure everyone agrees the taser didn’t even phase the cow so what is the big deal? The cow is back on it’s land and is fine, let’s move on. This shouldn’t even be a story, but clearly this week has been slow for the news stations since a thunderstorm was breaking news for over an hour last night and today we’re talking about a cow that probably suffered the equivalent of us sticking our tongue on a 9 volt battery.

  47. hmph says:

    The American police state: shooting your dog, tasering your live stock, and molesting your children at the air port since 2008.

    1. Jim says:


  48. hebgb says:

    Sounds like it is time for a teaching beer and alphalfa summit, eh?

    1. Russ says:

      Or at least a spelling lesson, I’d say. “Alphalfa”??

  49. Alan says:

    Barney Fife for sure. A taser is not rated for an 1100 pound cow. What the heck did they expect to happen. When a cow’s loose, the last thing you want to do is scare or anger it. You need it to be calm and submissive and tasing it isn’t going to help in any way. If the cow is on or near a freeway and you need to protect the public, then shoot it. In this case, the cops acted like idiots.

  50. MikeM says:

    The only place this cop has ever seen beef is iat the store. Imagine the fun if he’d tried this on a large sow with a fresh litter. The trigger-happiness and lack of judgement this idiot displayed is breathtaking.

    For all of those who think the cop had to control the animal: Please learn a little about farming then come back. You haven’t got a clue about the subject and you only look foolish trying to defend the indefensible.

  51. Justin says:

    You idiots ever heard of a cattle prod. What a bunch of stupid people commenting on here about how awful it was to taser a cow. Grow up and face reality.

    1. Russ says:

      It’s not that it hurt the cow- because it didn’t – but because the cop was so determined to USE his taser on an animal that was not even a threat to anyone. That is the part that annoys me. Here comes Barney Fife, everyone!

  52. Really?! says:

    We simply take an empty feed sack and shake it in fornt of a cow, sheep, etc. and the animal will follow you wherever you go. Have people in N.H. never hear of this?

  53. Doug says:

    I bet poor old Buttercup won’t give any milk for a week!

  54. LEP71 says:

    Hey guys, we have a cow walking our streets…..time for some taser practice!

  55. HM Phobe says:

    If he had kept his cow on his property, this wouldn’t have happened – quit blaming the police

    1. Russ says:

      Jeez you sound like a real nitwit. Yes, a wandering cow may bite and attack and maul small children just like w mad pit bull — oh, wait, we are talking about a COW here.

  56. tom says:

    Why is it that the previously posted positive comments have disappeared on this post? Interesting how the media makes an event like this look the way they want it to. The PPD did what they had to do. And seriously- CATTLE PODS? PLease- imagine that going in the budget for the police department- Who would pay for those? Why does trhe town need those. Imagine if it was your family that hit an 800 pound animal because no one did anything to help out the owner. To sall you negative people- dont call the cops- let them do something for the people who actually need the help of law enfrocement. And good luck with that.

  57. Alan says:

    Livestock on a public road do constitute a safety issue, BUT……As someone who works with a County Animal Response Team and as many of you already noted, there are right and wrong ways to try to handle livestock. A Taser is not the right way and could have made things a whole lot worse had it been effective. I am truly surprised that the animal was not simply shot, as that seems to be the standard operating procedure for police who do not have any livestock handling knowledge.

  58. KevinP says:

    PPD could have shot a person with bullets- and there would not have been half of the press that is out there. Why is this such a big deal- The cow is at home and grazing happily. ?????? Anyone ? And didnt this happen a week or so ago? That makes me wonder too………………………….why now? Oh wait- seals are getting shot all over MASSACHUSETTS- !!!!!!

    1. Richard Carpenter says:

      The “big deal” is the stupidity and cowardice on obvious display!

  59. Robert Stengl says:

    First it was Shock the Monkey by Peter Gabriel.

  60. Rick Chandler says:

    Nice police work there, Chief Pickles

  61. JohnF says:

    The cow didn’t get hurt, no one was injured.

    No story here .. move along.

    1. Tom says:

      Finally!!!!!! Exactly my point Thanks

  62. regis49 says:

    Stupid ass cops. Just have to throw all that appointed “power” around on something or someone, don’t they?

  63. steve5150 says:

    This is a news story?
    A cow got loose from a pasture?

  64. rocko says:

    wendys cow shocked by pickle cop, hamburglar says he wasnt involved. video at eleven

  65. blackbear1 says:

    Doug, you really have things all wrong!!

  66. waycoolsnoopy says:

    I grew up on a farm and many times had to recover a wayward steer or horse. It’s not always easy but there was never a reason to “tase” the animal. More often than not that would only upset the animal further. Unless the animal is in a chute and you’re trying to load it in a trailer there is no reason to shock it. I agree with a couple of the other commenters though, at least the cops didn’t shoot it, which I have no doubt was their first instinct. You have to cut them a break…they’re generally low-IQ, imbecilic jackboots who have a predilection to hurt animals and people unable to defend themselves. And before you sycophantic sheep start attacking me for pointing out the truth, do an Internet search and see the hundreds if not thousands of reports of jackbooted THUGS killing people’s pets for no other reason than pure, unadultrated spite. Like I said…at least they didn’t shoot it.

  67. chris says:

    Police are just dumb for the most part. Only slightly smarter than criminals.

  68. rocko says:

    Sgt Pickles rescues local escape artist from angry mob, hell bent on curtailing his new found freedom. Video at eleven

  69. solo_poke says:

    Lucky cow, in Montreal cops just shot an innocent bystander and a mentally disturbed man who was attacking thrash with a plastic butter knife.

  70. Richard Carpenter says:

    Too many cops today are stupid and cowardly. They cover it up with phrases like “officer safety” and “feared for my life” but the reality is they are cowards. The flip side of cowardice is an unmanly desire to hurt the defenseless. The problem is, too many cops never got any respect on the playground or in high school, so they become cops hoping the uniform would do what their small size never did. They often become enraged when they do not receive the respect that big men naturally do. The other problem is the IQ limit for cops; it is WAY too low. Sure, smarter guys will get bored but they will think about why a Taser might not work very well on a cow.

  71. Chris says:

    If she doesn’t like how other people react to her wandering livestock maybe she should keep them inside the yard?

    1. Badger40 says:

      Cows get out of even the best fences.
      It’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talknig about.

  72. docfjs says:

    Did they Mirandize Houdini?

  73. Keith says:

    As a former cop, I’m embarrassed at how lazy, stupid, and afraid these cops are. Good lord fellas, is this the proudest moment you’ll tell your grandkids?

    How sad.

  74. RomneyAndObamaSuck says:

    Pigs are not here to help us. I repeat PIGS are not here to help us. All they do is cause harm and react with Violence. They are here to keep people controlled and limit our freedoms. If you don’t want someone to die, DO NOT call the “peace” officers. There is a problem in this country and part of it is these stupid pigs.

  75. Russ says:

    Idiot cop wanted an excuse to use his taser. JERK.

  76. Kik says:

    this cop just wanted to Tase a cow. What a sadist. He should be checked mentally

  77. diane says:

    They were probably TSA agents moonlighting as cops. We all know what common sense they have

  78. Dwight E. Howell says:

    Shooting a cow or any other large animal with a taser is not taking control. It is showing you are ignorant about what is going to happen. At best you scare the animal and have less control.

  79. paul says:

    this poor cow was just trying to tell the police that it just had escaped from UFO where the aliens where planning to mutilated it and then this is what the cops turn around and do to the animal

  80. JerkHater says:

    Them there cows be dangerous! The cops must be city folk. The cops should have just directed traffic and left the corralling to the owner and her friends. They would have gotten her back home just fine. The cops were out of line.

  81. Kate says:

    I generally side with the police in most things, but this time I believe tazering a cow four times was a litlle overkill.

  82. Spirit of '76 says:


  83. Ray says:

    The headline makes you think the police set out to torture the poor animal. Inreality, it seems that they used the lease harmful means to control an animal whose mass could have caused serious injury. I congratulate their judgement. Take a pill tree huggers, this is real life.

  84. Ray says:

    The headline makes you think the police set out to torture the poor animal. In reality, it seems that they used the least harmful means to control an animal whose mass could have caused serious injury. I congratulate their judgement. Take a pill tree huggers, this is real life.

  85. Emery says:

    The New Police State. “Don’t tase me bro” I hope they read him his Miranda rights first.

  86. luv bunney says:

    Typical stupid cop behavior, they just love to hurt things: people mostly, but cows or other defenseless animals when they can’t get humans, thats why most of these low-brow neanderthals became cops in the first place, they’re sadists! They’re just the kind of people you don’t want in law enforcement, unless of course you are getting geared up for a dictatorship and need a bunch of well trained nazi concentration camp guards.

  87. jim says:

    Too bad the cow didn’t jump over the moon to escape.

  88. Jack says:

    Sgt. Michael Pickles mpickles @

  89. thomas jefferson says:

    Tyranny is only possible with a complicit law enforcement to enforce the rules that are unconstitutionaly enacted everyday in America. I have no confidence whatsoever that they will choose to honor their oath of office to protect and defend the constitution. They will instead choose to brutalize society and do whatever their masters order them to do. America could be saved from tyranny if it were not for the pigs who enforce every law enacted by the lesgislatures around the country. ie….. name one single constitutional gun law that does NOT violate the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Just one out of thousaqnds on the books. LEO’s will continue to enforce anything their nazi bosses tell them to enforce.

  90. Pat says:

    What do you expect? You can’t be a smart police officer. Google it!! If a candidate tests too well or appears too smart, they will not be allowed to be a police officer. The belief is that smart people will be bored and dissatisfied with all the paperwork, and so they strive to hire dumb(er) people. So why are we shocked when the police do something stupid? Don’t take my word on this, look it up for yourself!!! Google “too smart to be a police officer” and pick one of the legitimate links. Learn.

  91. Dale says:

    Our county has a deputy who used a stungun on a fellow officer in front of the sheriff and other people just to see what would happen.

  92. Damie says:

    Lord, save us from stupid, bullying cops. Give us criminals instead. They have more sense.

  93. pogo says:

    Cows are among the most docile, harmless animals on the face of the earth.

    If these cops use unjustified force on harmless cows, imagine what they do to humans.

  94. Gordon Campbell says:

    No USA native Mad Cow Disease my azz:

    There was one case confirmed in the U.S., although the federal Centers for Disease Control believes the person got the disease while in the United Kingdom. No one is known to have contracted the disease inside the United States. U.S. government investigators have found two cases of mad cow disease. The first was in December 2003 in a Canadian-born cow in Washington state. The second was last June in a cow that was born and raised in Texas.

    1. Badger40 says:

      And what is your point? BSE is the least of your problems when considering food safety in this country.
      As a beef producer, I can tell you our food supply is very safe.
      Especially when compared to imported food.

  95. wmbest says:

    Lets look at it this way:
    A cattle prod is a stick kinda like a short hockey stick (without the blade) that’s used to guide and prompt a cow to get moving in the direction you want them to go and you dont always need to use a shock to get results
    A taser is gun like devise that shoots a couple of tiny barbed darts that are attached to taser by couple of fine wires that are use to deliver the electric shock from the taser”s battery pack .
    Now the question is….. do you want to guide the cow with a stick kinda like a hockey puck or do you want to to immobilize the cow with what little battery reserve is left in the taser til animal control shows up? My opinion is that I would not want to be attached to an 800 pound cow with just a couple flimsy wires. Because you don’t control the cow because it just moves away from the shock and if your in the way it’s a one cow stampede and you are not in control of the situation.

  96. Justamutt123 says:

    Good thing that gun crazed cop wasn’t hungry, He’d probably have shot the poor cow. Bet he saw that Texas Sheriffs blurb and thoughht the cow was a sovereign.

  97. Gomalio Fung says:

    Why do guys become cops? Too lazy to work, too dumb to steal without getting caught.

  98. Charles U. Farley says:

    Sgt Pickles vs the Mad Cow. Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

  99. T-bone says:

    It seems many comments by urban east coasters are based on seldom being out in the country much less being in proximity of beef on the hoof.
    As for the Barney Fife comments most of you likely have attorney on speed dial in case someone cuts in front of you at Whole Foods,And expect BF to come rescue you!
    Thanks for the laughs

  100. A Weiner says:

    Pigs tasing cows? What’s the world coming to?

  101. Galveston Tea says:

    Thank GOD we have the police to protect us. What would all of those men and women done without the police showing up?
    We need the police to be involved in everything we do and they must protect us from ourselves and our animals.

    Vote Ron Paul for president.
    I am a constituent and this guy is the real deal.
    We trust him with our lives and our checkbooks, the funny thing is he tells us we should never trust government and we should not be expected to do so.
    End the police state, vote ron paul

    1. Badger40 says:

      Go away. Ron Paul makes sense. Until you hear his foreign policy views.
      Then he sounds like the lunatic he is.

  102. TAJ says:

    Dumb ass cops. Shoot anything that moves…if they think they can get away w/ it.

  103. toldya says:

    A rowdy old man in a nursing home would have been tased at least 6 times. Considering “peace” officers’ record with tasers, I think the cow got off easy. At least they didn’t “accidently” pull a gun instead of a taser and shoot the cow.

  104. scott says:

    Cops are ALL out of shape so they rely too much on their weapons. In the military you have to maintain physical fitness to do your job but police UNIONS have removed that condition so now cops are FAT, LAZY and UNABLE to do their jobs. They end up on disability at 50, on the publics dime because thay are so fat and they sit all day, they develop back problems.

  105. chet says:

    I grew up herding cows, and it sounds like a clueless, overzealous cop took over despite the protests of the professionals around him. Dude, let the farmers that know what they are doing do their thing. It will be easier and safer. Trust me.

  106. Big Tex says:

    Dumb Yankee cops don’t know nothin’ about cattle wranglin’ no how.

  107. sbenard says:

    I agree with the cow. Police brutality against Daisy — I mean Houdini.

    I seems the cow earned her name!

  108. GIS Guy says:

    It scares me to no end that the cops thought it was a goood idea, and that the justified their actions in the name of saftey. morons…the lot of us.

  109. Karen says:

    I am so tired o dumb cops. What a bunch of rednecks.

    1. Badger40 says:

      If they were rednecks, they would at least have known how to handle an animal.

  110. Bryanabbott says:

    Bad Cop, No Doughnut

  111. YERMOVE says:

    I worked with police in a local town going into houses during an emergency so the residents werren’t home. We went into a house and there was a big very old dog in the house. As we entered the dog lifted his head (seemed he was hard of hearing) and looked at us as if to say “oh hi fella’s,” and didn’t do anything except watch us perform our work. He looked a little happy to have company. One officer unclipped his gun and started to pull it. I asked him what the matter and said that the dog was old and probably was confused and didn’t care that we were there” since I am a dog owner and recognized this. He said in half joking tone that if the dog got up he wouldn’t be an “old dog” anymore. I said “oh come on, he’s an old dog, do you really want to do that?” He said “I don’t care” and looked a little embarassed about it. I’m a legally licensed gun owner and have never pulled my gun or been tempted to…sometimes it comes down to maturity, fear and machismo. At my age… I’ve learned to not “try” the gun to see if it works. I know police officers who (after a few beers) will tell you that they “just want to see if it works.” Come on boys MAN UP!!

    1. kimmm says:

      Uhh…..I hope that particular cop has been relieved of his job……..

  112. Reality Check says:

    Sgt. Mike Pickles told WBZ he made the right decision.

    “It blew through a wooden fence right next to me. That was the time a decision was made. I have to do something to try and control this animal,” he said.

    “As a matter of public safety, that is a better option than just allowing things to happen and people get hurt.”

    This man is truly scary in both his ignorance of domesticated, grass eating, farm animals and his attempts to justify the use of ineffective violence.

    Add to this the fact he is armed with lethal weapons and authorized to use them on unarmed civilians if he feels, in his opinion, the civilians “threaten public safety” and you have a horror movie.

  113. Reality Check says:

    fearless said:
    “Stop blaming the police for avoiding a fatality on the road and for not having to euthinize the cow. How about a well deserved thumbs up to the PPD.”

    Sorry, but the facts reported in the article make the above statement false.

    The taser was ineffective on the cow and did not stop anything.

    The police were, by their own admissions, ineffective in controlling the cow.

    The cow returned home on it’s own, while “out of control”.

    The cow did not cause a fender bender, let alone a fatality, even though it was “out of control” and the police totally failed to “bring the cow under control”.

    People who drive through farm country learned a long time ago that you not only have to avoid hiting cars on roads, you also have to avoid hitting farm animals.

    You people trying to hype up the danger of an “800 pound, grass eating, domesticated farm animal” are a laugh riot.

    1. Tie Domi says:

      Police do like their “CONTROL.” Moronic Baaaaasidds! This isn’t a wil moose running around on a highway, it was a cow walking around and unaware of our human rules. Like someone else said “bored cops.” If taser did work and the cow became frightened and agitated and ran into the crowd the flat foot would have felt compelled to shoot it because that was the next level of force that he had. If he did go to shoot it and missed and hit someone then what? Stupid idiotic bored
      cop… Maybe he can go to work in Boston and shoot a young female sports fan in the eye with a rubber bullet!?!

    2. Badger40 says:

      And an 800 lb critter out in that country is probably just a pet yearling.
      A full grown cow, like a Hereford that this thing looks like, would maybe get to around 1400 lbs max.
      Most cows are pretty docile. As this one appeared to be. You are so right in that it is ridiculous to think the animals was causing problems.
      See a cow on the road in the daylight: slow down & drive around it.
      Very simple.

  114. Seal Team Six says:

    Title should read—Brave Police Officer Protecs Humankind from Vicious, mean, fat hairy cow. Thank God that we have brave officers like “Pickles” here to protect society from these well known killers. This is what happens with bored police in small towns.

  115. Alan says:

    I’d also like to know how they shot a taser at a 800 pound cow and they missed it twice. It’s amazing that they did shoot themselves in the butt. However, I guess they shot themselves in the foot.

  116. morris galloway says:

    After determining whether this Sergeant was actually born with testicles, someone needs to tell the candy-butt about a Rope — A Lasso — the thing Real Men throw around the neck of a Cow to control it. A Rope. This dumb cluck needs to watch a little Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy on T.V. Or go to a Rodeo and watch Real Men lasso real cows. Out here in Western Oklahoma we’d laugh that panty-waist all the way back to Fire Island.

    1. Badger40 says:

      To be honest, there’s no reason to rope it. I’m sure it could have easily been led to the ditch & through an open gate.
      You rope something you should know what you’re doing.
      Here in SW ND we don’t need to rope a cow that’s on the side of the road. Bcs if you just look around & watch the animal, chances are it’ll head back to where it got out.
      Very simple.

  117. C says:

    Why is a “man” who is afraid of a cow given any kind of authority at all? Why in the world would he be granted a badge that puts him in charge of any situation?
    If he is going to freak out in a situation that is easily and harmlessly handled by citizens, how is this “man” going to react when there is a hint of possible actual danger?
    Pathetic. And frightening.

  118. Yukiko says:

    Don’t taze me bro!

  119. Dave says:

    What do you expect from a private contractor from inter pol they don’t have any command sense they are just taught to write tickets,how to handcuff suspects and how to enforce unlawful and unconstitutional laws.

  120. bob says:

    Was the cow last seen eating grass or smoking grass ? This sounds like a drug related incident to me.

  121. Pat Magroin says:

    I understand that the most effective way to control a cow named “Houdini” would be to punch it in the appendix.

  122. JT says:

    What do you expect when cops get involved. They’re not exactly the “brightest bulbs on the circuit.”

  123. Get Real! says:

    Dont tase me , Mrooooooo

  124. Eugene M Milqtoast says:

    I heard that the police tasered it because she didn’t comply with their repeated order to get on her knees and put her hooves behind her head.

  125. Peggy says:

    Looks like Barney Fife is alive and well and living in New Hampshire — and has also been cloned. No, I take that back. Barney would have just flung a rope over Houdini’s head and tied her to a tree until her owner could come and take her back home.

  126. tsandl says:

    What exactly was he planning to do if he HAD stunned it? Throw it over his shoulder and carry it away?

  127. MikeTheHammer says:

    No surprise here. Cops all over the country are OUT OF CONTROL and are behaving like Hitler’s Gestapo. If the populace weren’t armed, we would be in even more trouble as civilians. These gun-toting cowboys need to be stopped.

  128. daryl d duke says:

    Houdini was more of a steer (steaks) than a cow (milk). Looked like a pet than a free range animal. Offer her a apple or something and she would have been your pet for life. The policeee man. Stand back folks, this a wild animal and dangerous and rabid.To show who is bossi”ll taze it. Well that didn’t work and you missed it twice. The drama of it all.

  129. Badger40 says:

    As a rancher in ND this really amuses me. People really are simpletons.
    I can tell you that the danger was people not knowing how to handle a cow.
    Cows get out all the time. And often they go back in on their own.
    If you do not know how to direct a cow, then don’t try.
    It’s very simple. Be calm, watch its head, and calmly direct it where you want it to go. There’s no need for yelling or wild gesticulations.
    It was probably more of a pet if she’s only got like 30 cows.
    I have several hundred. And I can direct the whole herd from the ground on foot.
    I am really amazed how stupid people are.

  130. JC Williams says:

    Does this woman not realize this cow could have bolted out in front of a vehicle and caused some real damage and possibly killing someone.

    1. Badger40 says:

      Relax. Cows get out all the time across America. Cows do not act like deer & bolt in front of cars.
      If you hit a cow, chances are it was dark or you didn’t slow down.
      The tasing was not necessary.

  131. watcherinthebushes says:


    pull out a laptop and force the cow to watch “jersey Shore.” Not only will it run back to the barn, but the shock will cause it to not give milk for at least a month.

  132. RonPaul2012 says:

    Idiot cops, they ought to be fired for being incompetent.

  133. longun45 says:

    They obviously need bovine sensitivity training.

  134. no sheep says:

    These police officers should be hit about the head and shoulders repeatedly with their night sticks for their actions! Miserable cowards! Its little wonder that the American people applaud the dismissal of incompetent police officers on a regular basis.

  135. jon says:

    this officer sure garners a lot of negative attention. seems like hes on a power trip.

  136. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    More degenerate moron cops with no idea about how the world works and that should be charged with animal cruelty. Fricking mental deficient slobs that collect their pay through the forced taxation of those with the threat of violence. Don’t pay the taxes for these idiot’s salaries and other room temperature IQ creeps in costumes show up. Resist these 24/365 Halloween costumed monkeys and they kill you .. on your expense.

  137. Andrew says:

    Put some feed in a bucket, rattle it a few times, and she will follow you wherever you go. Cops are getting freaking dumber and dumber in this country. And are getting more and more violent. Surprised they didn’t shoot her 60+ times like the guy in AZ. There is a reason why people don’t trust the police, and this is one of them. Gung ho to hurt people/animals.

  138. deb gibbons says:

    This is the same cop who claims the Black Lab Bosco should be put down after the dog took over his police cruiser in Feb. This dog is still awaiting trial for his execution. Pickles claims the dog was in the street and he tried to take him into custody and the dog bit him. Dogs have very good sense of how people are…this dog knew he had to protect himself from this dope.

    1. kimmm says:

      Well, I would say this cow episode then should free that poor dog. This cop is obviously very inept in handling animals and most likely cause the dog problem himself. Sounds to me like this idiot has no clue as to how to deal with any animal properly.

  139. Jackie says:

    Considering a police officer was killed after an injured cow charged him while he was directing traffic around it in my town a few months ago I completely understand where they are coming from. He was in a coma for 3 or 4 days before he passed away. A wife and 3 kids.

  140. Joe Drager says:

    A bullet would have worked better; then steake for dinner.

  141. Ralph Malph says:

    The next thing that we will read will be that the cow was busted for eating grass- commie bovine!

  142. d. smith says:

    cops are just plane stupid…all of them should face a reduction in pay, a fine and charges for animal cruelty

  143. John says:

    “…a matter of public safety…”? Really? A cow in NH endangering the public? Angry bull, maybe, but a cow?

    Poor judgement. Bad cop, no donut!

  144. Rich Pope says:

    I’m so glad the police didn’t get hurt by that big, bad, scary cow! My goodness they must have been terrified to death. But their great training came to the rescue and they saved an entire town. From a cow. That was just walking around. Doing nothing. Nice job.

  145. Jay Peterson says:

    Cows are like Democrats-they are stupid and only follow their base instincts. A Taser is nothing more than a cattle prod. The officer Tasered the poor, defenseless, exploited bovine only to act like a Conservative-that is, keep it from turning itself into roadkill, or acting like a Liberal and destroying someone elses property. Jeez, get a grip. You Yankees are STILL idiots.

  146. Eyeball says:

    It seems to me if they were able to get close enough to taser the cow, then they could have easiily roped it. Sounds like they were just playing with their tasers. Maybe no one in N.H. can rope. Pathetic.

  147. CopsAreCowards says:

    LMAO….. cops in the US are overweight, scared, cowardly, mammas boys. “To protect and serve”……. what a joke.

  148. Raymond says:

    Pelham Police should’ve realized that Cow Hide is thicker than Human Skin! Shooting A Taser Wouldn’t had ANY EFFECT! The Police Officer in Question only experience with a Cow is buying it from a Supermarket! The Cow had MORE BRAINS than the Police Officer!

  149. Louis says:

    Way to go cowboys!!! rolf

  150. John Campbell says:

    Word of advice to the city boys wearing uniforms. If you don’t know squat about cattle just stay away. Farming/ranching is best done by people who do it every day and cattle are creatures of habit. You DON’T taser a cow! You head a cow. If you don’t know what heading is then you don’t belong anywhere near them. Quite often cows can be lead when raised that way and others can be lead with a little more persuasion, but not after some idiot uses a taser on them. Also, don’t use the cows weight to try to hype your position. I just makes you look like more of an idiot than you already are.

  151. Bob says:

    I consider myself an expert on this matter. I grew up on a farm and raised cattle with my family. I also have been shocked with a cattle prod and it’s painful only in the area where you are shocked.
    1. Cattle prods are best used when moving an animal along a cattle chute made of a metal fence. It’s not useful in trying to corral a cow except if you are trying to wave it in which case a stick is just as useful.
    2. Cops don’t carry cattle prods in their cars. You can imagine liberal TV news would have a field day if they saw cops carrying cattle prods near people.
    3. Everyone should be calm; an animal can be easily spooked. They should form a joined wall, give it plenty of space, and slowly herd it toward the open gate or open fence. If the animal gets around you, you try again. Use cars as blockades. No honking horns or shouting unless everyone is shouting from the wall they form. Everyone shouting from different directions only confuses the animal.

  152. Scott D says:

    Yet another example of the monkeys that carry badges and guns and spread violence rather than curb it.

    A wandering cow is dangerous.

    These “police” are selected because of their low IQ’s and desire to make violence somehow heroic. People raised by television and bad “authority” figures.

    Violence and “technology” , or lack thereof, is their antidote for life.

  153. Angus Jersey says:

    Why didn’t they just call Cow Patty? Holy cow man she’s always dependable when the chips are down.

  154. FarmerGuy says:

    Coward city cops were obviously scared and ignorant about cows, but felt entitled to “take control” of the situation despite everyone telling them to stand down. Typical of the shoot first mentality of today’s police. These men are nothing more than uneducated, armed men wearing blue costumes. Authority is an illusion.

    When cows break out of fencing, which happens all the time, you simply get a couple of men to yell “Ha!” and wave your hands. This absolutely works to scare the cow back into the corral. Cows are only dangerous when spooked, like when cops electrocute them. CIty cops don’t have a clue.

  155. ken7 says:

    This is another sad incident (to me) in the way that it all occured. A panic-like flares up and then the “tool” of the trade that once again (works for humans or would appear to stop ’em (and sometimes dead) in their tracks…unbelievaby non-lethal taser but CAN be deadly.

    Since the subject of the cow is what brought us to the commentary-here, I was thinking about COWS (a lot lately it seems) and has to do with looking at what is happening with agribusiness and the GM farming that seems to be on the move and ever growing…
    Also, this is a little off the subject of this article, but does have to do with COWS…If anyone hasn’t seen and is interested, there’s a real good video on You Tube, entitled “the corporation” and the particular clip is about 2 ex-Fox News reporters that was fired during the mid to late 90s for their attempt to expose the rBGH – bovine growth hormone . . .

  156. Jenna Thalia says:

    “Pelham Police Zap Wandering Cow With Taser, Owner Furious”

    Follow up story: “Furious Pelham Cow Owner ALSO tasered 4 times by police”

  157. Paul says:

    When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks suspiciously like a nail.

  158. JeddMcHead says:

    The initial charge released by a stun gun is high, it’s true, but it drops to a much lower charge once an electrical connection is established.

    From “Don’t taze me, bro” to “Please don’t taze the cow” — strange days are these.

  159. Michael says:

    It is very clear what this situation needed; same thing we all do…MORE COW BELL! :-)

  160. Don says:

    Cops are cowards.

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