By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – At a certain age, many of us start fighting those little aches and pains; the sore knees, the aching back or the shoulder that just doesn’t move like it used to. You may be able to get relief without pain medication or a trip to the doctor. Believe it or not, there’s an app for that.

Kara Johnson uses an app called Motion Doctor to help guide her through a series of physical therapy exercises she does on her living room floor. She has gotten back to running and climbing stairs without feeling any pain. That’s a big change for her. “I couldn’t walk for five minutes without pain in my back and in my knee,” she said.

Kara was a high school athlete, playing both basketball and soccer. All that activity left her with a herniated disc and all sorts of knee issues. It bothered her for years until she tried the Motion Doctor. “It changed my life. It really did. If I start to hurt I just go to the Motion Doctor to find a couple of exercises that I know will strengthen whatever I need to do,” she said.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports.

The app was developed by physical therapist Desirea Caucci and it features over 60 demonstrations of exercises and stretches. “This is just a quick, easy way that anyone can have at their fingertips to prevent pain on their own,” she said.

Each video clip gives detailed instructions and demonstrates various moves that strengthen muscles and specific body parts.

“We felt there was a need to inform the public that there is (sic) basic exercises and stretches you can do for pain prevention,” Caucci said. She explained that the pain prevention comes from getting and keeping muscles strong and stretched.

Kara uses the runner app regularly to stay pain free. “It really is a miracle worker,” she said.

The Motion Doctor app is not meant to replace a physical therapist. If you have an injury you should see a health care professional.

Paula Ebben

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  1. mark says:

    Great app, just download it. Been looking for something like this!!

  2. Dadan Elanx says:

    Low back pain exercises are one of the most profitable remedies for back pain remedies. By performing exercise, you can care for the pain sensation that you will be currently going through, nevertheless, you …pain relief exercises for back pain

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