QUINCY (CBS) – The Red Line was shut down at the Wollaston MBTA station in Quincy Monday following a deadly accident.

An inbound train hit and killed a man. His name was not released, and the cause of the crash is not known.

The accident lead to some major delays on the Red Line. For a time, passengers had to be shuttled between North Quincy and Quincy Center.

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  1. The Rider says:

    Total chaos for the commuters who had to get off at North Quincy T. There were no T officials to help, no police, no nothing. No shuttle buses for a long time.

    1. Scott K. says:

      A man died for crying out loud. Your safety was not in jeopordy as you were not the one under the train. I am sure the conductor and staff were traumatized by what they witnessed. Your inconvenience will soon be eased. The pain of that man’s loved ones will linger. Get over It!

  2. red line rider says:

    I was on the inbound train-the train stopped short of the platform. In the minutes following, passengers heard ambulances, but no information from the MBTA crew of what was going on. It would have been nice to know SOMETHING from the crew, even if they just told us to stand by.

    After 15 minutes of sitting on the train, they told a couple cars to evacuate, but even that instruction was very disorderly. There was chaos upon getting into Wollaston Station-no direction from Transit Police, Local Police, or MBTA Crew. Passengers were told 10 buses were coming to shuttle passengers, but no police or crew could say where or how far the shuttle buses were going.

    I feel remorse for the man and his family. Terrible handling of the on the MBTA and Transit Police’s part.

  3. Tom 3 says:

    I’m sorry there was a loss of life – but shouldn’t the story read – Train struck by pedestrian, I mean who was in the wrong place, when are people going to wake up and take responsibility for their actions?
    Every time there is an accident with a pedestrian or a car – who is at fault – seems to me the tracks are pretty obvious, but then again most have lost common sense……

  4. Primetime Editorials says:

    why in the hell did this happen?
    who was drunk the victim or the conductor?

  5. emom says:

    Many questions need to be answered. Was he drunk, having a seizure, heart attack a medical issue, was there lack of paying attention or suicide.. So many reasons , we may never know the truth, The family will and they will struggle with the truth,….. We see this every year and each is jaw dropping.. I have read about a young person twice it happened that they had headphones on listening to music By passed the gate while it was down and then got hit by a train… WHY comes to mind…. Some are drunk, some a medical condition, many more suicide.. Cars go around the gate , and get hit, Many seem to NOT use proper judgment, feeling this is an inconvenience and well you know the rest. Safety at the rails seems to me needs to be upgraded ,, in some way maybe a fence or rails, baby carriages seem to roll over the platform edges,, kids get way to close to the edge.. As a parent I kept my child very close to me at all times and never got near the edge until the train showed up……. To many stand right there at the edge, a strong wind will blow them over, Lack of COMMON SENSE has been LOST.. To many seem to use some other form of sense,,,, But not sure what that is. Maybe its an APP on their smart phones, IPODS, Droids, or their kindles. In wither case its not a real sense of anything, its all blocked by technology which seems to be blocking the common sense wave lengths from penetrating their minds.
    In any case this is yet another sad story to hear and This persons family will have a hard time coming to grips with what happened,,. I pray it was an accident.

  6. L.Gillespie says:

    Perhaps one of the reason for the slow police response is that NQHS was graduating and there were a lot of police there. My condolences for the famiily.

  7. Richard Feinberg says:

    It was definitely a suicide – I was there, about 30 feet from the guy. I only saw him for about two seconds – he was standing nonchalantly near the edge and hopped, at the moment the train pulled in. There couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 feet between him and the train. He rolled under, the train ground to a halt, with him somewhere under the first car. Don’t know if he hit the 3rd rail or not. The driver, understandably, was pretty shaken up, people were saying. You know, I can’t imagine the turmoil that drove this guy to kill himself, but that’s not the way to do it – traumatizing the driver, making a huge public mess of yourself. Plus, it’s not necessarily a sudden death. People have ended up without legs as the train passed over their torso and head. There were actually rumors that he was alive for awhile, though I’m not sure how accurate. Someone mentioned bones protruding…disgusting.

    As for the T response, yes, there was no one really in charge, or making announcements (unless you’re new to the T, this isn’t exactly a shocker). But the details spread pretty quickly through word of mouth, and we heard within ten minutes that shuttle buses were coming. Maybe 20 minutes later, the first buses arrived. Again, not a big shock – when Wollaston Station floods every few years they have to send out shuttle buses and it generally takes about that long. God knows where they keep those buses, but you know, it was rush hour, whatever. I think I was more appalled by the behavior of my fellow passengers, cutting in line, pushing, shoving, to get onto the buses. I figured maybe they had some critical appointment to get to. Also interesting how as we were all standing around talking about what happened, there was a temporary dropping of social barriers, young, old, black, white, asian, male, female, all interacting, offering their thoughts. (Don’t worry, by today we’ll be back to our chilly Bostonian ways!)

  8. John B says:

    Sorry you witnessed that man. That guy shoud have done himself in another way rather than expose people and children to that scene. He must have been in a really dark state of mind to do that. I ride that red line and there are some shady characters you catch riding on it. Some will just sit there and stare at you and you can tell they are not thinking nice thoughts… obviously suffering from some degree of dellusional thoughts. It doesn’t help when other people just sit there with their heads burried in their books and smart phones obviously attempting to ignore everyone else. Sometimes you feel like you are in the ‘twilight zone’. It sets a bad tone for the entire tip and sends the wrong message to young people.

    1. :) says:

      Your an ass, i know the family and you have no right to say that! you have no idea what the man might have gone through so just shut your mouth before you hurt someone and they do the same thing!

  9. Clare says:

    I also know the family. This was a desperate act by a desperate man. He was was a beloved son, father, brother, uncle, and friend. Please leave it alone so that the family need not suffer viajudgment and speculation. The whole thing is terrible, there is nothing good to be said, so please just leave it alone. Please.

  10. Todd says:

    I just heard about this from a close friend of the family & quite frankly I’m disgusted by strangers passing judgement. In a situation like this, you should keep comments like these to yourselves and let the family mourn without having to hear or read about such malicious statements.

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