WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – A heartless crime has left a disabled dog without his wheelchair.

Dave Feeney told WBZ-TV someone stole the device that helps his 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd “Lucky” get around.

The dog was hit by a car a few years ago and lost the use of his hind legs.

After Lucky had some outside play time out of the chair Sunday morning, Feeney realized it was missing and quickly called police.

“It’s really obvious what it is and that it was in front of the house. Today’s not trash day. Today’s not recycling day,” he said.

“For somebody to do this, they knew what they were doing.”

Police say they’re looking into it.

Feeney told WBZ he has had several offers for donations from around the country.

Handicappedpets.com of Nashua, New Hampshire has arranged to send one of its fully adjustable wheelchairs to Feeney Monday afternoon.

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  1. Bobby Hand says:

    I’m a retiree living on a fixed income – tell me where to send a contribution!!

    1. Maranatha_Mark says:

      Bobby, not sure why you included that you are on a fixed income, but you should keep your money… there are plenty of donations here, as well as the manufacturer of the chairs has agreed to donate a new chair, so no donations needed. If you are sincere about wanting to help, bless you, if you are being sarcastic I pray you find a heart..

  2. Shredderofmass says:

    There is a special place in hell for people like this.

  3. MeMe says:

    How ’bout we start donations for a fenced in yard so he doesn’t get hit by another car….

  4. Travis says:

    Anyone else notice that crimes lately have been getting weirder and weirder?

  5. J Walczak says:

    People are just so WRONG these days. Here in the Chicago area a few weeks back, a child’s custom electric wheel chair was stolen in the same manner. Some claimed because it was garbage day and because it was within 20 feet of the curb, the garbage men must have taken it. Come on!! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Now to steal a little handicapped dog’s wheelchair??? Some crack head took it to buy his/her drugs. If there was a donation site to get him a new chair I WOULD definetely try to help. We as a people here in the US should be ashamed of ourselves letting this kind of stuff happen. Over in Japan, they have people volunteering their own lives to work on the reactors for FREE just to save the lives of others and over here we have people stealing little dog’s wheelchairs. SHAME on us!!

  6. SHERRY PRINCE says:

    How low can a person get to steal a dog’s wheelchair?
    I feel bad for this poor baby :(

  7. taxpayinghorse says:

    I’m a little suspicious of the story. Sounds as if they left the device outside in the yard or next to the house. If this is true the owner was negligent in not keeping it inside the house.

  8. Hard knox says:

    I will donate my time to teach people to not leave valuables unattended in places where they could be easily swiped….

    1. Maranatha_Mark says:

      Hard Knox, why not teach folks not to steal instead… what a novel ideal, as I have said before. I don’t think we should kill anyone for this crime, but a good old fashion horse whip or cane’ing would be in line here. The only time I think that a Muslim might have a good ideal when it comes to stealing… they take a hand… the hard way, if you are caught stealing. Not surgical mean… just an ax and and block of wood, and Wha-La! One less hand to steal with. If you lost a hand like that for stealing, I wonder how many theives we would have? You’d know them when you saw them! I am just kidding about lopping off a hand for stealing, but I am serious about the use of a horse whip or cane’ing.

  9. kt says:

    Eddie’s Wheels (eddieswheels.com) in Shelburne Falls MA made the original wheelchair/cart & is sending a replacement cart to Lucky. Gotta love ’em. :o)

  10. jeff says:

    Find the guy…..break his legs……and dont give him any crutches

  11. Martina says:

    i beleave to it was some druggie,,,it is turly sad ,what a buitliful dog, and i know how much you must love him, and how helpless it make you feel ,i would too be very upset , that person who did this is very heartless,we can’t leave nothing outside are home ,now days ,, its realy sad that someone would scoop so low,,, let Britton from Oregon help you i live in oregon and their is alot of good careing people here ;i live in Eugene and druggies here steel as well, as everywhere, i hope you are able to get your dog a new wheelchair very soon, hope they find the person that took it .

  12. Barbara Gross says:

    I knew we animal lovers would come through for this poor animal.Please let us know where to donate.and please keep us posted on the outcome of this situation.

    Big animal lover

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