WEST ROXBURY (CBS) – A heartless crime has left a disabled dog without his wheelchair.

Dave Feeney told WBZ-TV someone stole the device that helps his 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd “Lucky” get around.

The dog was hit by a car a few years ago and lost the use of his hind legs.

After Lucky had some outside play time out of the chair Sunday morning, Feeney realized it was missing and quickly called police.

“It’s really obvious what it is and that it was in front of the house. Today’s not trash day. Today’s not recycling day,” he said.

“For somebody to do this, they knew what they were doing.”

Police say they’re looking into it.

Feeney told WBZ he has had several offers for donations from around the country.

Handicappedpets.com of Nashua, New Hampshire has arranged to send one of its fully adjustable wheelchairs to Feeney Monday afternoon.

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  1. Willow says:

    How low can you go? What could the thiefs possibly do with it? How wonderful that the owner of this dog gave him an opportunity to have more quality years instead of having him put down after the accident. In my opinion, next to murderers, thiefs are the worst.

    1. lukuj says:

      My thoughts exactly!

    2. wulfman says:

      It was a meth head that was going to sell it for the metal.
      Poor dog.

  2. laura says:

    Can the owner set up a site to make donations to get a new chair for the dog?

    1. richard says:

      EXCELLENT IDEA! That definitely needs to happen!

    2. britton says:

      have him contact me. i live in Oregon and my daughter just completed a fund raiser to purchase a wheel chair for a police dog. i was donated several wheel chairs and would like to donate one to this owner

      my name is Britton 541-942-9135

      1. Martina says:

        Brittin i know some one here in Eugene that need a wheelchair bad for there bull dog can you help they can’t aford to buy one at the price of them

  3. e says:

    I’d like to donate also . . .

    1. sue says:

      i would love to donate this poor dog dosent know he cant walk im sure he felt completely normal sososo mean

  4. End_BSL says:

    I would definitely donate. Some people are truly heartless.

  5. chickenparm says:

    I’ll join in too..

  6. Chefkro says:

    What is wrong with people? And if you stole it, what the hell are you planning on doing with it? Not too many people have those for their dogs..Hope they find the person that took it, strap it to him/her for the day and have them “walk” around with it.

    1. Alix says:

      Why, just a day? Make them wear it for the rest of their life!

  7. john says:

    Thats all I can think to say…. So Sad.

  8. Scott Adams says:

    I will be glad to donate. Please advise as to where to do so.

    1. Marlo - Fairy DogParents says:

      I run an organization called Fairy DogParents.org that helps MA dogs stay with their owners and out of the shelter. Did you get a reply from anyone on where or how we can donate? We have a wheelchair that we can give Lucky.

      Marlo Manning
      Fairy DogParents.org

      1. David Neal says:

        He’s getting a new one from DogKarts.com

  9. Debbie Wilson says:

    i will donate too!!! Let us know where.

  10. IM says:

    Who does this? Unbelievable!

    I will donate also.

  11. Tom says:

    Let me know where I can send a donation.

    1. Martha Anderson says:

      I would also like to donate

  12. Gina Consentino says:

    I want to help. Please Please Please give us an address to send money to

  13. arlington says:

    Tell me where to donate and I’ll do so as well. Set up a paypal acct. that should be the easiest.

  14. Larz Blackman says:

    Let’s put a posse together and hang ’em high (after a thorough beating). Failing that, I’d like to donate.

    1. c says:

      I want to fist the thief in the ass with a sandpaper glove!

  15. Jason says:

    How do we help donate?

  16. e says:

    I think WBZ should set up the donation site or paypal account. That way we are sure the money is getting going to the correct place.

    1. Marlo - Fairy DogParents says:

      I run an organization called Fairy DogParents.org that helps MA dogs stay with their owners and out of the shelter. Did you get a reply from anyone on where or how we can donate? We have a wheelchair that we can give Lucky.

      Marlo Manning
      Fairy DogParents.org

  17. Arntz says:

    Watch for it on Craigslist. I’m gonna go way out on a limb and guess that the perp is not juggling recruiting calls from multiple MENSA chapters.

  18. caltop says:

    Lucky’s owners were such wonerful people for giving Lucky a second chance on life but it’s just too bad that someone has to be so cruel to take it from him. My husband/I have 2) 4 legged kids @ home & if you’re a dog lover you will know that dogs can bring alot of happiness & love. Whoever took his wheelchair I hope you do the right thing but if not remember karma. Please let me know where I can donate.

  19. Jason says:

    I am with you Joe.

  20. David Neal says:

    Made call to wheelchair mfgr to get the cart replaced. Hope to hear back from the decision maker shortly.

    1. Jason says:

      NIce work my good man!

      1. David Neal says:

        I spoke to Lucky’s owner a few minutes ago… this guy has had a rough few bumps in the road. I’m hoping the replacement of Lucky’s cart will help turn his tide a bit. I’m calling the cart company back now. Hopefully they will have good news.

      2. Vote Team Lucky says:

        Excellent! Keep us posted!

    2. Lisa says:

      David keep up the good work and please let us know on the outcome and if you talk to Lucky’s owner again please have them setup a donation account somewhere if the cart company is not willing to donate a new cart. We need to give this dog its freedome back.

      1. Matt says:


        Great job. I called the CBS affiliate and the police department to let Dave know there are people out here that will help donate to get a new cart. I spoke at length with the police department and they were going to call Dave to pass the information along before the CBS affiliate updated the website. Hopefully the cart company will come through for him, please keep us updated. If not like a lot of people on this board – I’ll donate to help Lucky out.

    3. John K says:

      David, Thanks for looking into this. I too would like to contribute and help out Lucky and his family. Would you please provide us with the contact information for the company? I’d like to see if they would accept contributions directly.

    4. END_BSL says:

      Thank you, David! As a person who works in animal rescue and sees some of the worst sides of the human race, it is refreshing and nice to see someone step up to help.

    5. thugs must suffer ultimate penalty says:

      let us know the costs. let’s start a donation…

      1. Sandra Romero says:

        I would love to donate too.Poor baby !!

  21. Weezer says:

    you are sick..

    1. Weezer says:

      that should have read ‘YOU ARE SICK jOHNNY dANGEROUSLY….

  22. Vote Team Lucky says:

    It doesn’t appear as though the dog is on its way out. Just because a dog is 12 years old doesn’t mean you automatically need to put it down. So people crying animal cruelty need to calm down. And regarding the replacement of the device, keep the faith. I’m sure the “low-life” will return the device as discretely as he/she stole it. I’m on TEAM LUCKY!

    1. Henry says:

      Animal Cruelty? This human cruelty to animals.

      If you think this POS will bring it back, keep hoping.

      1. Vote Team Lucky says:

        Henry, fix your grammar then we’ll have a discussion. GO TEAM LUCKY! Keep the faith little cherub!

      2. Henry says:

        I was with you, you moron.

      3. Vote Team Lucky says:

        To quote both my svelte Cougar and the late Michael Jackson, “..JUST BEAT IT.”

      4. Henry says:

        Boy are you clever. LOL

      5. IN MEMORY OF MARY JO says:

    2. Vote Team Lucky says:

      Lucky just informed me, once he’s up and running again, he’s going to take a fresh dump on trailer’s side lawn. Thar’She’Blows Captain!!!

  23. Tracy says:

    I will donate…absolutely

  24. Greg says:

    It was prob Menino

  25. kim p says:

    I am very upset over this news. We have a disable dog that has this exact same chair — these dogs depend on these chairs to get them around to feel good about themselves and someone steals it? That is low. I feel so bad for this family who like us, saved and bought a chair to make quality of life better for our dog. I feel horrible for this pooch and family.

  26. James van Etten says:

    Sad indeed, stealing from an animal. The police? they’ll do nothing.

  27. Jenny Bea says:

    I also hae money to donate. Please update this article with info on how to do so.

  28. James van Etten says:

    Police will do nothing, sad for the incident and sad for humanity

  29. Kozmicat says:

    i posted this on The Patrick Miracle’s facebook page, if any group of people can help out, it’s definitely them. I really hope we can help this poor dog get another wheelchair. this is such a senseless theft, and so cruel!

  30. pattie says:

    I would like to donate. Please post how you can donate.

  31. Oscar says:

    WBZ help us out with some info on how to dontate!!!!!!

  32. J.Taylor says:

    I want to help. As someone with 5 dogs myself, I find this act lower than low. The indecency of some people never surprises me anymore. Let’s get this dog back up and moving.

  33. Oscar says:

    You are an idiot.

  34. Lisa says:

    Whoever did this is the lowest of the low. Stealing from a dog?? Hope this person rots in Hell.

  35. Johnny Dangerously says:

    I’m glad you agree with me Oscar, this guy is a dope.

  36. sherri says:

    I would also like to donate- I had a 3 legged dog who was dear to our hearts, lost him after12 years- I am very sad for this dog and his family. Hope they set up an account to donate.

  37. Johnny Dangerously says:

    With all of these donations “lucky” will be able to get a segway…

    1. Vote Team Lucky says:

      w/a GPS?

  38. Pam says:

    That poor dog…this story saddens me…I would donate but am currently unemployed. God bless that dog.

  39. Greg says:

    Was that an “Eddie’s Wheels”? Very good product, worked great for two dogs we adopted that were crippled.

  40. Sue says:

    What a cowardly act….God bless you Lucky, you have alot of people thinking of you. Shame on the person or persons responsbile for this act, you will get yours in the end!!

  41. Darlene says:

    II am picking up my dog’s cart on Wednesday. We had him measured two weeks ago and we can’t wait to get my little guy going again. I will be sure if my dog isn’t in the cart, it will be behind locked doors. Such a sad world we live in. By the way, this cart is costing us $500. For all of those who said you would donate to have this pups cart replaced…what a huge load off of this guys mind. God Bless!

  42. Jason says:


  43. Kristie Richardson-Mobley says:

    Johnny Dangerously I feel sorry for you, people like you are so miserable and lonley in your own pathetic world that you think it’s ok to behave like you do and say the things that you do, I pray to God you have NO children you are wha’t s wrong with the world today.

    1. Momo says:

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  44. Ryan says:

    I would love to donate to help out this pup. Setting up a PayPal account would be the easiest way, but I will leave that to the family to decide. Please let us all know.

  45. Christina says:

    There is a special place in hell for the cruel people who did this.

  46. John says:

    and where do you find stupid people?

    1. JeddMcHead says:

      I don’t know — where are they holding the DNC convention this year?

  47. Pablo Metta says:

    According to John Locke, the thieves action is a declaration of war against the individual stolen from. According to this philosophy, which I agree with, the person/s responsible for theft should expect to be shot if caught in the action. This story truly brought a tear to my eye.

  48. rvs says:

    JD should be shot and crippled

  49. JeddMcHead says:

    Once these PUNKS are caught and sent to jail I, too, would like to donate. I’ll give a carton of cigarettes to any inmate who beats the living tar out of the low-life, bottom-feeders who took this poor dogs’ wheelchair.

  50. EBinSA says:

    That is so sad that people have sunk so low as to steal a wheelchair from a poor helpless dog.

  51. Jamie Nickerson says:

    I am an inventor and would be more than happy to construct a custom chair for the dog please e-mail me at jbn90@live.com there will be no chareg when I will need to see the dog knows his weight and dimensions and other injuries and possibly a picture of the old chair

    1. Dee says:

      are you the same company that made the first one. Either way that is so nice of you. God Bless

  52. Gisselle M. Camacho says:

    Tons of people on Facebook wanting to donate as well. Please give us an address we can donate to! Thanks!

  53. longarm11 says:

    I say lets catch the guy,cut his nuts off and fry them up in a nice sauce for lucky!

  54. David Neal says:

    Ok… so I just got off the phone with DogKarts.com and they are going to be replacing the stolen wheelchair at no expense to the owner!

    1. Nancy Spain says:

      Fantastic news! Thank you for taking the time and effort to contact the company.

    2. Matt says:


      Way to go! I just called WBZ so they can update the story and give Dogkarts.com their due for the free dog cart.

    3. Lisa C says:

      Thats great news Dave. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you Dogkarts.com for your kind donation.

    4. Jason says:

      You the man! THAT IS AWESOME – lets make sure this company gets some pub out of this WBZ!!!! We know you will and I am sure be there when they catch this person.

  55. Wot New says:

    Wow that is really sad dude. Seriously.


  56. Rusty says:

    I suspect Mitt Romney did it. He is mean to dogs. http://www.DogsAgainstRomney.com

  57. Red says:

    Is is true the cart will be replaced for free? Please update us so we know and if it’s not please let us know where we can donate!

  58. Karen Sureck says:

    karen-Iwould be happy to donate omey so the por dog can have achair. how hearless have we become as a society.

  59. Ronda says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how horrible people can be. Steel a dog’s wheelchair as a prank? Nice. Shows their place on the food chain. I’d also like to contribute to the replacement fund.

  60. Carl says:

    Stories like this are why I have no faith, trust or belief in soceity at all. The offers from people to help with donations show that there is at least some decency in the world, its just that its now the exception rather than the norm.

  61. Debra Hodgson says:

    I heard about this story on a dog website in the UK, I am delighted that the company will replace his transport. There seem to be no depths to which humankind will not sink, either in the US, or the UK, I really hope you get exactly what you deserve!

  62. Melissa Franklin says:

    Please let me know if you need help paying for a new wheelchair for Lucky, I would be more than happy to do a fundraiser. Message me on FB or email me at yeralosersmile@gmail.com

  63. Marlo - Fairy DogParents says:

    Fairy DogParents.org has a spare wheelchair we can donate to Lucky! Does anyone know how to get it to Lucky?

  64. David Neal says:

    I just got off of the phone with Lucky’s owner Dave and he spoke to Lisa with DogKarts.com and they will be taking Lucky a new cart to the house today. They are in NH and Lucky is in Ma… so not that long of a trip. Dave said thank you to all who have offered to help. Thank you Lisa with DogKarts for stepping up to the plate!!

  65. Don says:

    When they catch these aholes they should brake their hands with a hammer, and thats how we learn.

  66. Julie Eich says:

    Thanks to all who have offered donations. At this time, WBZ-TV is not organizing a donation drive for this man and his dog. It is our understanding that a pet wheelchair company is in the process of donating a new chair for Lucky.

  67. Paul says:

    I think this is a new low for thieves everywhere.

  68. yasmarell says:

    i’d like to break the legs offa the thief and then watch him crawl around with no wheelchair to see how he likes it.

  69. emom says:

    I like to take the moron who stole this dogs transportation, strap his butt into a wheelchair, then take his wheels of the chair and leave him or her to fend for themselves.,… How sick for someone to steal a dogs wheelchair,,, … to the wheelchair thief you jerk HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS, CAUSE YOU ARE TEACHING THEM THAT NOTHING IS SACRIDE. THAT ITS OK TO TAKE FROM ANYONE EVEN IF ITS AN ANIMAL.

  70. Reality Sandwich says:

    They should also take donations to hire a private investigator to track down that oxygen thief.

  71. noyb says:

    well who ever did take it is a budding serial killer.

  72. Jim K says:

    People that do such as this should be cut up and used for alligator bait.

  73. jacqueline cordoba says:

    Someone please help me get ahold of this person.. I WILL BUY NEW WHEELS FOR THIS DEAR ROXY…

    I have no prob. purchasing these wheels for this dear baby.. i had a boxer that also had wheels from EDDIES WHEELS..and bless her dear heart.. It changed her life so if this poor bby needs wheels hell I WILL BUY THEM AT no charge to the parents..

  74. Ed says:

    You can donate here, they have said they will give the owner a new wheelchair. http://handicappedpets.com/

    1. kt says:

      Eddie’s Wheels (eddieswheels.com) in Shelburne Falls MA made the original wheelchair/cart & is sending a replacement cart to Lucky. Gotta love ‘em. :o)

  75. Disgusted says:

    To all of you who wanted to help Lucky and his family but were beaten to it by this very generous manufacturer, please consider donating to a local humane society or rescue league. There are so many lost and forgotten pets and there can never possibly be too much help to go around! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one or more animals who have been in the care of one of these organizations were sent there at the hands of the same degenerate(s) who stole from Lucky and his family.

    To Lucky’s perpetrator: you are truly the lowest of the low. If justice doesn’t find you, may karma pay you back tenfold!

    1. Steven Senior says:


  76. positively weiner says:

    someone should check anthony weiner’s car trunk, he probably needed the wheelchair to cart around that big log in his shorts.

  77. Gonna Get You! says:

    I would love to catch the S.O.B. that did this and throw them in a vat of acid.

  78. James Felix says:

    This makes me wish I believed in Hell.

  79. Dog Lover in PA says:

    Whomever stole should be shot and p’ssed on!

  80. MaranathaMark says:

    Just when you get totally sickened by the a display of a purely sadistic act, I look down at all the comments and all the offers to donate money for a new cart or a cart, or someone offering to foot the whole bill for a new cart themselves. I salute you all who would offer to come to the aid of Roxy and her owner to enable Roxy to remain mobile, these last few years of her life. Thank you for showing a glimmer of compassion in this increasingly evil world!

    Blessings to you all!

  81. Steven Senior says:

    Some people say there is no place in heaven for dogs – I disagree. I do know that there is a place reserved in hell for animal abusers FOR SURE! Just ask Vick

  82. Steven Senior says:

    Some people say there is no place in heaven for dogs – I disagree. I do know that there is a place reserved in hell for animal abusers FOR SURE! Just ask Michael Vick

  83. Maranatha_Mark says:

    I would be nice if there was a organization set up to help families with pets that need a new wheel chair or life saving surgery. I know there is an organization that helps take care of miltary personal’s pets but no family and need to have somewhere to leave them while they are deployed over-seas, and in case they don’t come back from deployment. They need donations and volunteers to foster and in some cases to adopt these pets. Very worthy causes! The ASPCA and Humane Society are good organizations, but I have heard they get involved in politics sometimes, which I don’t think they should.

  84. deroy says:

    this is a simple one.
    when they find the guy and they will with this contraption.

    Remove his alleged manhood, that will cure him permanently.
    no court and no lawyers. Just a rusty knife.

  85. Sara says:

    Probably some punk welfare kid, their parents are too busy getting high or making more kids to bother parenting. My kids and my neices and nephews know better than this. They actually care about animals more than people. They also wanted to donate their allowances to help this poor furbaby out. I am so glad someone is sending a new wheelchair. I hope these jerks get caught and that the justice system actually does their jobs for once and punish these monsters. Useless humans

  86. Bob Jones says:

    Sadly most states have very weak laws when it comes to animal cruelty, some states have none. My best friend is my dog and the thought of someone being able to hurt my sweet dog and probably pay a fine or spend a weekend in jail sickens me. States need to make stiffer penalties for animal cruelty and enforce them. By the way 12 years old for a dog may seem old to some people, but I have a friend with a dog that just turned 23! and in perfect health!

  87. Brandon says:

    It’s so interesting to see how many of you are willing to donate to this, but did any of you donate to any of the relief efforts after any of the recent national disasters?

    1. Hester Stanhope says:

      Your question seems to imply you may have already decided what the answer is, and are judging these generous people. It is my experience that people who care for the least of our creatures on this earth are also very caring about humans who are in need.

    2. Red says:

      yes, i did. but why can’t people help animals without getting flack? they are better than humans…

      1. Violet says:

        I agree, animals are way better than humans!

    3. Maranatha_Mark says:

      The question is did you donate Brandon? To answer your question, YES, I have given a significant amount! I live about 5 miles from where folks in my county was affected by the Flood when the Flood started in KY, Southern IL and South-East MO. which folks seem to have forgotten once it got into MIssissippi and ner New Orleans. We take care of our own in this area. There is all sort of Federal and State agencies setup to take care of folks that have lost property in Floods, Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Still other folks have insurance to help out, but most folks don’t have insurance on their pets’ wheel chairs and such. It’s people like you Brandon that really tick me off! Why did you even bother reading the article, as you obviously don’t care about animals and their plight, based on your purely stupid respones here. Honestly dude, you need to do some serious soul searching before you start lecturing folks about how they give. Maybe even think before you type or open your mouth… wouldn’t that be a miracle.

  88. Patrick says:

    Wow, that is low. You steal not just a wheelchair but a dog’s wheelchair? They had to have known what it was for. I wonder if they had a grudge against the owner. I’d say watch your neighbors. It’s probably somebody he knows. there’s a special place in hell for thoughtless, malicious people like these. I’m glad people are offering to help out, these devices aren’t cheap. I hope they catch ’em.

  89. Tom says:

    Good to hear that the dog will have a new wheelchair.

    What kind of person would do something like that???
    How can someone boot that poor dog out of his chair and walk away with it.

    Where can we donate for a hit on this a-hole?

  90. RooRoo says:

    Dude! don’t leave leave stuff you don’t want stolen out on the lawn.

    Poor doggy.

    1. Maranatha_Mark says:

      RooRoo try this comcept out… STEALIING IS WRONG!!! It should matter if they left it unattended at city part or out side a mall, much less IN HIS OWN YARD (ever heard of “tresspassing”), if something doesn’t belong to you, YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO TAKE IT?!!! Did you mother even try to teach you that stealing is wrong, when you were growing up… if she did you must have been a thick-headed child! So just as a refresher…. Taking something that doesn’t belong to you is WRONG!!! Going ONTO someones property that isn’t a public business, and who hasn’t invited you is WRONG. There is not situation that validates someone stealing something, whether it’s their dog’s wheel chair or a pile of $100 bills laying in their yard! What type of moron tries to put this on Lucky’s owner for thinking he can leave the dog’s wheel chair in his OWN yard unattended while he allow the dog some time out of the chair. You only show your lack of morality to try and put this on Lucky’s owner.

      1. Come and get it - J says:

        I hear you and do know, but thanks for the 411. You are right, most do not know their rights and it is a shame. The foundation in which our country was buiilt on and founght for by many brave men and womem, forget their sacrafice and what this country is all about. These “sissy”/ “protective”/ “entitled” youths of this nation, are part of the reason why this society is so warped. As far as being put in jail, I am not concerned, I will fight for my family and property any day of the week. Thank for looking out! Keep up the fight!

    2. Come and get it says:

      That is fine you have the right to excercise free speech, however you tresspass and take things on my property, I will show you my 2nd amedment right, You idiot!

      1. Maranatha_Mark says:

        Thumbs Up! Great concept, but in Boston and most of the East Coast and a lot other places in the U.S., you shoot someone for tresspassing you will be in jail. Most places now give the criminals more rights than the victims, and that Bill of Rights you are quoting, isn’t worth the paper it is written on anymore. The 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments have all but removed by our liberal supreme court justices… just in case you missed it. Most people don’t even have a clue about their constitutional rights, including law enforcement! Truly a sad state of affairs! But what can you expect when the current administration sees Federal Law as a hinderance and only enforces it when it serves them.

  91. Primetime Editorials says:

    i feel sorry for this dog so pathetic
    whats sad is i am a human and i am half blind poor and ill
    i cant get a freaking home health aide nor can i get a freaking walking aid but a dog has a wheel chair
    to god be the glory
    poor dog

    1. Maranatha_Mark says:

      Primetime, I find your statement hard to believe. I know several dead-beats (not saying you are a dead-beat or anything) that have (state-provided) medical cards and run to emergency room any time they get a head-ache or are just bored, at no cost to them, other than time going there. If you are in need of medical help, there are plenty of agencies out there willing to spend tax-payers’ money on anything that is placed in front of you. If they will give in-mates very expensive sex-change operations, I bet you can get the walker and other “health aides” you need. So either you haven’t sought help or your making this up, cause I do know everything you listed above in your post, is available via government provided aid.

  92. sam says:

    What is wrong with people these days? Poor puppy, I hope he can be mobile again! A few months ago, someone had stolen a therapy dog from a man that was wheel chair bound. A month and a half goes by they were lucky to have found the dog alive. She was in poor condition and was living under a bridge. A passer by had picked her up. Thankfully the person recognized the dog. I hope karma comes and bites the person in the ass. This is extremely low and I hope they rot in hell.

  93. Timothy says:

    People died today. This is a story about a dog.

    1. Jury says:

      Yes they did, too bad it wasn’t you!

    2. Maranatha_Mark says:

      Timothy, Yes… people died, as did dogs, cows, elephants, dolphins, snakes and birds… etc. etc. We can do nothing to help those folks that died, or the animals that died, but Lucky the dog, we can help, so we do what we can, when we can. I truly pity folks like you Timothy… folks who can’t seem to understand why folks should be furious these example of how truly malice folks have become. It is very likely someone either stole the dog’s wheel chair to sell for drug money, OR they are doing it because they wanted to cause pain for Lucky’s owner… getting at him through Lucky, which is even worse in my opinion than stealing it for drug money. Folks who attack folks through their pets or other family members, are on a whole lower level than folks that take their complaints directly to the person they have a gruge against. If that is the case, what a special kind of coward they are!

  94. Kelley says:

    All I have to say is some people are slime. Once the perpetrator is found they should be prosecuted like they stole a wheelchair from underneath a human. They probably put it on e-bay or craigslist so keep an eye out in those spots also. I hope Lucky will be rolling soon…this is a real shame and one of those times I am ashamed to be human…dogs would never do this to one of their own now would they?

  95. Bobby Hand says:

    I’m a retiree living on a fixed income – tell me where to send a contribution!!

    1. Maranatha_Mark says:

      Bobby, not sure why you included that you are on a fixed income, but you should keep your money… there are plenty of donations here, as well as the manufacturer of the chairs has agreed to donate a new chair, so no donations needed. If you are sincere about wanting to help, bless you, if you are being sarcastic I pray you find a heart..

  96. Shredderofmass says:

    There is a special place in hell for people like this.

  97. MeMe says:

    How ’bout we start donations for a fenced in yard so he doesn’t get hit by another car….

  98. Travis says:

    Anyone else notice that crimes lately have been getting weirder and weirder?

  99. J Walczak says:

    People are just so WRONG these days. Here in the Chicago area a few weeks back, a child’s custom electric wheel chair was stolen in the same manner. Some claimed because it was garbage day and because it was within 20 feet of the curb, the garbage men must have taken it. Come on!! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Now to steal a little handicapped dog’s wheelchair??? Some crack head took it to buy his/her drugs. If there was a donation site to get him a new chair I WOULD definetely try to help. We as a people here in the US should be ashamed of ourselves letting this kind of stuff happen. Over in Japan, they have people volunteering their own lives to work on the reactors for FREE just to save the lives of others and over here we have people stealing little dog’s wheelchairs. SHAME on us!!

  100. SHERRY PRINCE says:

    How low can a person get to steal a dog’s wheelchair?
    I feel bad for this poor baby :(

  101. taxpayinghorse says:

    I’m a little suspicious of the story. Sounds as if they left the device outside in the yard or next to the house. If this is true the owner was negligent in not keeping it inside the house.

  102. Hard knox says:

    I will donate my time to teach people to not leave valuables unattended in places where they could be easily swiped….

    1. Maranatha_Mark says:

      Hard Knox, why not teach folks not to steal instead… what a novel ideal, as I have said before. I don’t think we should kill anyone for this crime, but a good old fashion horse whip or cane’ing would be in line here. The only time I think that a Muslim might have a good ideal when it comes to stealing… they take a hand… the hard way, if you are caught stealing. Not surgical mean… just an ax and and block of wood, and Wha-La! One less hand to steal with. If you lost a hand like that for stealing, I wonder how many theives we would have? You’d know them when you saw them! I am just kidding about lopping off a hand for stealing, but I am serious about the use of a horse whip or cane’ing.

  103. kt says:

    Eddie’s Wheels (eddieswheels.com) in Shelburne Falls MA made the original wheelchair/cart & is sending a replacement cart to Lucky. Gotta love ’em. :o)

  104. jeff says:

    Find the guy…..break his legs……and dont give him any crutches

  105. Martina says:

    i beleave to it was some druggie,,,it is turly sad ,what a buitliful dog, and i know how much you must love him, and how helpless it make you feel ,i would too be very upset , that person who did this is very heartless,we can’t leave nothing outside are home ,now days ,, its realy sad that someone would scoop so low,,, let Britton from Oregon help you i live in oregon and their is alot of good careing people here ;i live in Eugene and druggies here steel as well, as everywhere, i hope you are able to get your dog a new wheelchair very soon, hope they find the person that took it .

  106. Barbara Gross says:

    I knew we animal lovers would come through for this poor animal.Please let us know where to donate.and please keep us posted on the outcome of this situation.

    Big animal lover

  107. lastminute tuerkei reisen says:

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