By Beth Germano

COHASSET (CBS) – This is one forecast WBZ Meteorologist Joe Joyce could have never predicted. A wild turkey crashed right into his home in Cohasset on Thursday.

“All of a sudden, I heard shattering glass like I never heard before,” said Joe’s wife Jennifer Joyce. “I saw it standing on the table, its wings fanned out and it was hissing at me.”

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

The animal smashed through a picture window and into the family’s home.

It wasn’t long before Joe arrived home, just in time to see the turkey huddled on the bookcase.

“I turned around the corner and there it was,” he said.

“It was like (huffing and puffing)… bleeding, obviously not happy where it was and very defensive and ready to attack,” said Joe. “I was not about to mess with it.”

“It was like a rumble going on in the house. Bang, bang, lamps are crashing down like a big fight in the house,” said Joe.

It would take an animal control officer and the help of a trusty umbrella to handle the leftovers.

All in all, everyone involved was just glad when it was over.

“I’m sure poor thing didn’t want to be in our house anymore than we wanted him in our house,” said Jennifer.

Comments (29)
  1. peter says:

    Who the hell is writing and EDITING these articles?? Words left out, spelling, grammar. Awful.

    1. Des says:

      I think WBZ-TV is using either college interns or poorly paid amateurs to write its Web reports.

    2. stevesaleeba says:

      Hi Peter, I am the person who was entirely responsible for writing and editing this article. Please specify where you see these missed words, misspellings and gramatical errors. I take pride in my work and will gladly make corrections when appropriate. However, I seem to be missing whatever it is you are referencing.

      1. TPN says:

        I believe he was referring to the brief article that appeared here before the expanded one. There were a couple of errors originally.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I couldn’t agree with you two more.
    I’m just glad they didn’t refer to Cohasset as the Cape again.

    1. Quizplz says:

      I have seen plenty of errors in the past, but found none in this article. Maybe they saw your post and fixed them.

      I do recall them getting Cotuit mixed up Cohasset once before. I am wondering if this was the story you were referring to.

      1. Jennifer says:

        No it was an article about teens on the Cape drinking but it was about Cohasset.

  3. A.D. says:

    what …their isnt anything wrong with the way this is written, its captivating to me.
    and i can relate, last yr a turkey gave my double doors a sideways karate kick and i thought , oops…but luckily it didnt break it. they seem to be more agressive in the past few yrs, and…bigger. and more out of the woods. the joyces were lucky no one was grabbed by its claws, ive seen them act like vultures past year….jumping into the small trees and onto cars ( scratches , yikes )…over the roof of my place, and being at least 40 or more at times. its scarey to go out in the early am, they rule….but what is their agression about, …a reflexion in the glass perhaps…so take the story at its face value, and beware of the wild animals, eaven, our featherd friends.

    1. K.O. says:

      Check the calendar – it is the Spring mating season for wild turkey…they are very hyped up. Again in the fall it occurs…animals act differently when they are looking to mate, naturally. It is simple biology. By the looks of this turkey it either is a young male (jake) or a hen, because there is no visible protruding beard from its chest. If you want to learn more, check into the National Wild Turkey Federation.

  4. KP says:

    Plus, they did not say whether the turkey survived and in what condition. Poor thing.

    The easiest solution is the simplest. Open the door wide and leave the area. The turkey would have used the draft to find its way out. Works fine with bats.

    1. David says:

      Butt than their wood bee know storie.

  5. dismayed says:

    What is it with you folks? Criticize, criticize, criticize. Couldn’t you just enjoy the darn story?

    I’m glad no one was harmed, and hopefully the house wasn’t in shambles when they finally removed the poor thing.

  6. joejoycewbz says:

    All the doors were open. The Turkey was going nowhere. Scared stiff and very defensive. He sat perched on the bookshelf for an hour and a half before animal control was finally able to steer the turkey out the window. What a mess!
    2,000 dollars in damage because of a neighbor’s dog!
    Turkey escaped but was wounded seriously…it will be hard for it to survive judging by all the blood in my house. So gross.

    1. Willow says:

      Joe, I can only imagine the terrible mess. You and your family were lucky not to be harmed because a hurt animal is very dangerous. The poor thing probably went off to the woods and died. Just cleaning up the blood in the house must be horrific, not to mention the rest of the damages to the house. Not a very happy way to begin a holiday weekend.

  7. CheriB says:

    Well, nothing left to do but watch the woods and get the cranberry sauce ready!

  8. Tim Kelley says:

    So sorry I was not there to help you. and to make a YouTube Video for the ages.
    Glad The Joyce Family is all good.
    Best, SurfSkiWeatherMan

  9. joejoycewbz says:

    Could have been so beautiful Tim. Right up your alley!

  10. david mcleod says:

    don’t clean the windows so much birds fly into my windows all the time

  11. BookWorm says:

    //Who the hell is writing and EDITING these articles?? Words left out, spelling, grammar. Awful.//

    Peter it’s the web. If you want top-notch spelling, go to the library.

    Get over it!

  12. Jim Jones says:

    Moved west a couple of years ago when the last kiddo finished college. In our back yard we get bobcats, havelina, deer, and any number of snake species all the time…but nothing as edible as this guy…having raised chickens, geese, and turkeys, while a MA resident, for years… i would say…Great picture and, since in the house…a bird in hand..and all that….. how did you miss the opportunity to take ownership of your Memorial Day Dinner..right in front of you…sounds like you missed an opportunity….sorry, however about the damage..

  13. Ed says:

    Peter is the Captain of the Grammar Police. Get a f’g life!

  14. Adriane Gilder says:

    Jo, I’m glad you and your family are all safe. It was an adventure. As long as you are safe that’s all that matters. BTW, I’m a grammar police officer too. Things are different FROM not THAN. None of them WAS hurt not WERE. LIke my grandmother said, “dun’t vurrie fa sthingk”.

  15. Adriane Gilder says:

    Ooops! my bad, I should have typed “Joe” not just Jo.

  16. emom says:

    Like spelling is the end of the world,, have you heard how the kids speak.. I mean really there is some extremely poor grammer their, A lot worse than most. Yeah truely get over it..

    1. RocketScientist says:

      There, not their.

  17. Bets says:

    Joe Joyce is a hottie.

  18. shotime says:

    Joe, I’m glad to hear that you and the family are doing OK after such a fright! These birds get really aggresive when they’re trapped! I’m not surprised that it just did not walk out the open door. Not the brightest of birds :) We had one stuck in our backyard about a month ago and it just paced back and forth for over an hour. Silly thing… it found it’s way into my yard, you’d think it would have left the same way! I ended up having to lure it out by throwing bread along an escape route, and it did enventually follow the food path to freedom (or someone elses backyard).

    1. shotime says:

      Sorry if I offended anyone with my typos and misspelled words!

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