SALEM (CBS) – A man out on parole, despite being sentenced to seven life terms, will not be going back to prison.

In February, Charles Doucette was arrested on charges he assaulted his girlfriend.

But a jury just acquitted him on the new assault charge, so Doucette is once again a free man.

Doucette was let out on parole in 2007 after serving time for a 1991 murder and two home invasions.

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  1. Dan says:

    Only in a liberal state like Massachusetts can someone be sentenced to 7 life terms and be allowed to go on parole. And they wonder about crime,,,,didn’t the parolee who killed the cop in Woburn sentenced to numerous life terms?

    1. msw says:

      It’s not just Massachusetts – it’s across the country. Look at CA, they’re releasing 33,000 convicts due to overcrowding. They need to use some of our tax dollars to build more prisons (which will also create jobs between building and staffing) and stop early release and parole. If someone’s sentenced to life, let them stay in for life

  2. Matt says:

    Once free on parol they should be forced to live in Cambridge. Maybe then this embarrassing State will get tought on crime. Liberals are ruining this country.

  3. emom says:

    Oh great a killer amongst us… why did he get out… stupid law system

  4. jaygee says:

    Not for anything but how many life sentences would it have taken for him to actually be incarcerated for life? We should rename the phrase “justice system” into something more believable. This is one of those individuals who would be a good prospect for, dare I say it, vigilantly justice. 100 years ago he would have already been hanging from a tree.

  5. Willow says:

    I don’t understand how a person sentenced to life for murder can be released on parole in the first place, never mind 7 life sentences. Why bother sentencing them in the first place? Just tell them not to do it again and send them on their way. Isn’t that exactly what’s happening here?

  6. mark says:

    Only when a judge’s family member or a politician’s family member is raped,molested,murdered or brutalized will the system change.Until then,remember that every individual has the right to defend themselves up to and including killing someone who is putting you in fear for your life.The only way to stop recidivism is to re-instate the death penalty.If a violent criminal is sentenced to death he WILL NOT commit the same crime again! It’s not being a vigilanty if the politicians and judges are letting innocent people become victims.

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