By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

SALEM (CBS) – For sale: Historic Lynnfield single family house. Five beds, 1.5 baths, about 2500 square feet, and it’s recently been blessed, room-to-room, by a local witch.

Lori Bruno, a Salem-based psychic and witch, says when she first stepped into the Salem Street house, she felt “sadness … I says, ‘it can’t be.'”

So, she set about cleansing the circa-1840 property in a process involving holy water, kosher salt, a candle, incense, and much chanting.

The blessing cleanses the house and readies it for sale as well as prepares it for future occupants.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

Fifteen days later, the house, which had been under foreclosure, was sold.

That’s no surprise to Janet Howcroft of Five Star Realty, who has used Bruno’s skills about two dozen times in the last year.  The Peabody realtor says Bruno has a perfect record.

According to Howcroft, having a house blessed “kind of lifts the negative energy out of it. If it has been on the market, sitting, for several months, it immediately sells.”

In the case of this house, Bruno says the “sadness” she felt was from the previous owners.

“Their tears were here,” she explains. “I had to clear it. But I also blessed them, so that their way would be filled with joy and another chance would be given to them.”

Bruno is often told that she should get paid for the blessings, which are becoming increasingly in demand.

But she refuses to take any money. Instead, she asks people to donate to a local charity.

If they don’t have one in mind, she suggests St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, in part because the 71-year-old is herself a cancer survivor, but also because, “I want them to give back. The minute they give to a child – the owner, the recipient of the blessing – they are creating that energy force of giving.”

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  1. Rick Guhse says:

    I find it disturbing that a witch/psychic would be consulted by any professional particularly to ‘bless’ a home. The only person I’d ever let do this would be a Christian who has a solid relationship with Jesus Christ, preferably a pastor.

  2. EA says:

    Spiritual people have a solid relationship with everyone.

  3. Lillian says:

    Rick – there are many positive forces of energy in our world. Not everybody believes in Christianity, but that does not deny all the goodness around us, nor does it limit good things to happen to only those who are Christian.

    What is especially disturbing is how closeminded some people can be because of the word ‘witch”.

    We have been trying to sell our home too, I would be more than pleased to contact Lori to consult with us.

  4. Jacob Marley says:

    Anyone who would do business with a realtor who uses a self-appointed witch to check out the property they are trying to sell, needs more than their head examined. Does she talk to some of the dead owners from 150 years ago? Of course if she says she does, then anyone who would believe her deserves what they get. I would rather get a house inspector but that’s me.

  5. Susan M says:

    If it is working, then who are we to judge?

  6. ishmael says:

    Well Susan, you’re no one to judge since you seem to lack logical reasoning power. “If it’s working”? The “witch” blessed the house and it sold so that proves it? No wonder America is about last in scientific literacy.

  7. DeeGee says:

    yup get the Christians you know the ones who walked on water, turned water into wine, made the blind see. NOW that is all true. And don’t forget killed a giant with a slingshot. And if they don’t like you maybe they’ll tell you to turn away and everyone will turn to stone. Or something like that. Spirits in a house how dumb. Hope the priest doesn’t forget the alter boys when he shows up to bless the house. BACKup is always good to have. Take care of yourselves and each other.

  8. Ellen says:

    Hello, it depends on the financial mess on just how long it will take to recover from it. Not witches, novenas, saints or whatever.

  9. FireCat says:

    I’m happy that Ms. Bruno is not only helping homeowners sell their houses, she is also helping the children at St. Jude’s hospital. Good work, makes me proud to be Witch.

    1. j says:


      From a scientist (yes some of us believe in things that may go beyond some peoples reasoning ie: religion) Blessed Be.

  10. AlLandra says:

    I do not consider myself a witch but work with houses that are not selling. I am a very ordinary person who understands energy and design. Utilizing this I have had success repeatedly, A 16.5 million dollar property sold after it had been on the market for over a year after I did what I call an Attunement. It took only three weeks. Another 2.5 million dollar property sold within three days after I did an attunement. I have worked with houses, property and fishing vessels with repeated successes. I have traveled to Italy, San Francisco, Portsmouth, NH and several other distant places to assist with properties selling.

  11. I notice AlLandra has made a comment – I had her do an attunement on my house after my husband passed away. The change it made in my life was amazing to say the least. Peace and harmony returned and I would recommend this to anyone with issues related to the home, selling or otherwise. Most people wanted me to sell the house and move on, but now I have been able to stay in the home I love.

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