So……when Maria left the mansion in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A. (isn’t that where OJ used to hang out?) do  you suppose she said to Arnold……..”I will be baack?”    I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself.   Sounds like a major league mid-life crisis in the Swarzenegger family after 25-years.   I understand…….I’ve had a couple of those myself.

     It’s been fairly quiet on the recuperation front recently.  Starting to get mighty hot here in Florida, but I’m headed back to Massachusetts shortly for the summer.   Summer this year in New England I’m told will be the week of July 10th.  Check me on that.      I have been watching a fair amount of playoff sports recently and among other things, witnessed some of the worst bush-league play I’ve ever seen in the NBA, particularly from a team coached by Phil Jackson, one of the greatest of all time.    I’m not a huge fan of Jackson, but for his players to send him into retirement with the performance they put on in their last game was downright pathetic. Yes I know, most of those six-foot-thirteen guys are thugs and would be robbing Seven-Eleven stores if they couldn’t shoot hoops, but the cheap shot fouls they put on the Dallas players in the closing minutes of the 7-game sweep by Dallas, was an embarrassment to Jackson, the entire Lakers management and yes to the NBA.   Coaching legend Phil Jackson deserved a better goodbye.    Oh and speaking of the NBA, one quick positive note.    Want to watch a gutsy player with some class.    Rajon Rondo gets knocked to the deck, his elbow gets distended and knocked out of joint in the wrong direction and ten minutes later, Rondo is back on the floor, completing the game with the use of just one arm.   And if you do want to see him in action, better watch the next game or you might have to wait until next year.   I love the Celtics but golf season is fast approaching for them.