BOSTON (CBS) – WBZ’s Dr. Murray Feingold takes a look at antidepressant treatment.

  1. emom says:

    As a growing condition… it seems to be an epidemic.. So many doctors seem to just hand a prescription to the patient , TAKE THIS AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BETTER…And instead of truely looking into WHY the patient is depressed they cast them aside and never think beyond the money they will gain for seeing them and not helping… We see stories every week and so many are diagnosed as DEPRESS.. they went off their meds, or they where trying to get help , BUT nobody was caring or helping.. However alot of that is so true, just take some pills, oh here is some more meds… go and talk to this doctor,, ( YEAH MANY ARE WACKOS) to help someone in a depression is difficult, however, not impossible.. Finding the right doctor is a huge challenge.. We dont need to be DOPED up to beat depression. I KNOW I BEAT IT . after my husband because gravely ill, never touch a pill.. never needed them , and Had a great support system including family.. the right doctor is the key.. stop feeding them meds.. Look at why they are depressed help them handle it …