BOSTON (CBS) – An ad criticizing Sen. Scott Brown is causing a bit of controversy.

The ads criticize Brown for his votes on the Clean Air Act.

Allan in Holbrook Declared his Curiosity, writing:

“This ad appears to be well funded. Who is really behind these ads?”

Watch video:

The state’s Republican Party also wants to know. It filed a complaint Monday with the Federal Election Commission against the League of Women Voters, who is behind the ad.

The GOP said the League hasn’t revealed who paid for the air time.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Well funded and well promoted, so much so that it’s getting rather boring and redundant.

  2. graywolf says:

    The ad is reprehensible. The League of Women voters was at one time an upstanding group. The fact that they sponsor this type of advertising is upsetting.

  3. petem says:

    Wah wah wah…poor republican babies. never hear you crying when your side is behind tough ads.
    Your hypocrisy is transparent…

  4. Derek Smart says:

    Obviously Chicago players Deval Patrick and Barak Obama are working hand in hand in their efforts to defeat Scott Brown.

  5. graywolf says:

    @Petem… please don’t call me a republican. I used to be proud to be one. Now there are few in the party that resembled the republicans of old. I simply don’t like nasty tactics from either side.

  6. TT says:

    Anything that defeats a republican is fine with me. There are surrounding states for them to move to!

  7. Allan says:

    We live in a free country. Anybody with money can purchase a dirty ad and have it aired, so long as it does not contain libel. But that is not the issue here.

    The issue is that the League of Women Voters who is supposed to encourage education and discussion of ballot box issues in an unbiased format is behind this ad. They have deviated from their mission and no longer have my respect.

    1. graywolf says:

      Allan I agree

  8. Mark says:

    Every group seems to have lost sight of there founders initial ideals. I know all political parties have as well. They no longer want to discuss issues, they only want to play the blame game, pointing fingers at someone else to take the heat off of them. Nixon was famous for this stuff and it has become part of our landscape and filtered into everything we do. Politicians, media, and yes even ourselves have all stooped to this level. We have lost our compass as a nation and we deserve whatever we get.

  9. MattG says:

    Why is it “reprehensible” to publicize a Senator’s vote? It is a public service to let voters know if one of our representatives votes with big money and against the health of our citizens.

  10. TeeKay says:

    Graywolf – you’re absolutely right. REPREHENSIBLE ! The League of Woman Voters should be ashamed of themselves, insinuating Senator Brown is responsible for the illnesses and deaths of children in Massachusetts. If I were Scott Brown, I’d sue the L.O.W.V. for defamation of character.

  11. 1stackmack says:

    if the envro people had there way.gas would be $7 a galion.diesel wouldn’t exist any more.and everyone would drive toyota priuse golf carts.give me a hemi or detoit diesel.over 1 kid in 100’s who have breathing affence.scotts doing a fine job.

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