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Does Osama Bin Laden’s death explain why Prince William and Princess Kate delayed their honeymoon? Did our country extend a confidential courtesy to the Queen of the upcoming events because of the Royal Wedding?  – Eileen, Franklin

Whoaa.  Conspiracies everywhere.

There’s nothing we can find to suggest that the U.S. tipped off Great Britain about the bin Laden raid.  The Royal Family says the Prince needed to go back to work…he’s a rescue helicopter pilot in the Royal Naval Air Force.

Hmmm….a helicopter pilot?

  1. graywolf says:

    Since England is one of the key locations where there could be retaliation, I wondered if the attack on Bin Laden was scheduled for after the wedding. The question about the delayed honeymoon is a good one although it seems that there were only a select few who did know about the plan so perhaps it was coincidence. Both of the princes are key figures in England’s military. So, I don’t know why helicopter pilot is a surprise.

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