BOSTON (CBS) – Type 2 diabetes…it’s becoming more of a problem with teenagers.

We’ve heard the country’s weight problem is leading to more cases of Type 2 diabetes in adults, but now statistics are showing a spinoff to teens. Doctor Larry Deeb is a clinical pediatrics professor at Florida State University and he says he’s alarmed at how the numbers have jumped in the last 10-years.  There are even more teens who are on the cusp of getting the disease.

Deeb says even more troubling are the number of teens who have pre-diabetes.  He says if overweight teens are pre-disposed now, they’re more likely to get the disease in their adult years.

Doctor Deeb says it’s imperative young people become more active.  He says preventing diabetes is a lifetime commitment with the entire family getting involved.

According to the National Institutes of Health, once seen only in adults, Type 2 diabetes has been rising steadily in children, especially minority adolescents.


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