By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – There have been plenty of passenger complaints over some of the security measures in place at airports to prevent terrorist attacks.

Well, this time, it’s TSA workers who say they’re being abused at Logan Airport and elsewhere. Despite Many passengers accused in those attacks are still being allowed to board their flights.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Transportation Security Officers say their job has never been easy but now it’s becoming unsafe. They want the TSA to step up and protect them from angry passengers who are verbally and physically assaulting them, yet still being allowed to fly.

On Wednesday at Logan Airport, an organizer of the American Federation of Government Employees talked about one recent incident where a woman was attacked while screening a passenger. “She was punched in the shoulder three times,” said A.J. Castilla. ”All she was doing was her job.”

Police let that passenger go because the incident was not caught on tape. That passenger was allowed to board a plane.

Workers say this was hardly a secluded incident. TSA workers say, in the past year, they’ve been punched, screamed at, thrown to the ground and spit on. At one airport in Indiana, a t-s-a officer was actually head-butted.

“I do get verbally assaulted quite constantly,” Patrick Mannion, a TSO union representative told WBZ-TV. “I’m just trying to do my job.”

The TSO has sent a letter to the TSA requesting that any passenger who is verbally abusive or violent on officers should be banned from flying for the day.

The TSA acknowledges the problem but has not indicated whether it plans to change things. “The airport is a high stress environment and, all too often, travelers unfairly take their frustrations out on TSA’s security officers,” the government agency said in a statement.

The union says their main concern is that these attacks stop and their workers are protected.

Paul Burton

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  1. SSGT Steve says:

    Whether or not an individual is “just doing their job,” the organization as a whole is not. Consider the MULTIPLE cases of flagrant theft from passengers’ luggage. Or the TSA screeners who cut deals with drug smugglers to allow their baggage through. Or the female TSA worker at DFW who concealed a handgun and went through security FIVE TIMES without detection? Or Mythbusters’ Adam Savage, who accidentally made it through screening with THIRTEEN INCH RAZOR BLADES! How is that doing your job? Point, it isn’t. Period.

    If I have to go through an airport with my daughter, we WILL opt out. And if searched, I WILL object. And if screeners cross where I believe the line of decency to lie, they WILL be subject to greivous injury at my hands. Don’t like it? Tough. You want to play hardball, so do I. Bring it on.

    By the way, UpsetTSO? Don’t try to claim knowledge of the “contsatution (sic)” if you can’t even spell it.

    You “officers” don’t know the MEANING of danger. Soiled underwear? Used condoms? Boo mofricketty-hoo. Have you ever dragged a friend out of the line of fire? For that matter, have you ever ACTUALLY experienced combat? Not likely. If you want to put yourself in a big boy’s boots, go earn them. Otherwise those of us who have are just going to continue getting angry, and we WILL take it out on you. Deal with it or find a better job.

    1. Common Sense Frequent Flyer says:

      Why is it that people have such extreme personalities? If selected to go through a scanner, how can security work if you say “No thanks, I’ll go through the metal detector instead”… That would make it TOO easy for anyone with anything other than metal.

      I could have a bomb strapped to my back.
      You say “Go through the scanner”
      I know the bomb will show up and say “No thanks”
      And they say “Okay, just go thru the metal detector instead” and there I go happy as a pig in the mud.

      How does that make sense?

      That is the reason why if you object you have to be patted down. I can’t think of any other reason. I thought that was actually quiet obvious.

      I think all of them seem to be trying to find jobs but it isn’t easy to find a job right now that has benefits if you don’t have a degree. Most of the ones I have met are trying to finish school to get out or just waiting to retire. I don’t see how they deserve punishment. I think people are too self centered and angry.

  2. Jimmy Denton says:

    Another reason why we have to vote in the union!

    1. j.r. says:

      Another reason we have to disband the TSA and jail the perverts.

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